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Podyssey Picks (Aug 16): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! In case you missed it, check out our Podcast Deep Dives on “Three Amazing Stories About Our Bodies” and “Who Killed the Women of Juárez?” curated by iHeartRadio Podcasts.

The Daily’s Michael Barbaro grills Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, on Twitter’s flaws.

Is Dorsey one the most powerful men on earth? Should Trump be banned from Twitter? Dorsey answers these hard questions in this episode:

danny recommended:Aug 8th

Woah, some tough questions from Michael.

Jack Dorsey on Twitter's Mistakes

by The Daily

The dismembered body of a college student was found by her helicopter parents at The Orange Tree.

Jennifer Cave missed her first day on the job and wasn’t picking up calls. Two student journalists from the same college investigate in a new true crime pod.

alishiamarie recommended:Aug 14th

I remember this case so very well from a Dateline episode years ago. It stuck with me and always made me feel icky. Listen to this. It’s heat breaking, Fascinating. And infuriating

Episode 1: The Orange Door

by The Orange Tree

This episode will crack you up!

Comedian Ali Wong sits with Conan O’Brien for a chat about her father’s love for pajama pants, the art of not giving a fuck, and how she writes jokes.

aninatd recommended:Aug 10th

Love Ali Wong, this episode was great 😂

Ali Wong

by Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

An AI robot auto-generated this podcast and you wouldn’t even know it.

How do you sell a haunted house?

A family learned to coexist with the pleasant ghosts residing in the house. But as the children grow up, it’s time to put the house on the market...

jennx recommended:Aug 14th

An amusing little episode about how a family living in a haunted house is planning to sell it. The family’s indifference and casual reactions to the ghost sightings were unexpected and hilarious. It also gets into the law of selling stigmatized properties.

Episode 145: How to Sell A Haunted House

by Criminal

Malcolm Gladwell fails too.

The bestselling author and host of Revisionist History reveals three of his most profound failures.

mm recommended:Aug 12th

Honest and raw conversation about failure with one of the most successful authors and podcasters. I loved the story about Gladwell rediscovering the joy of running as an adult because winning isn't everything.

S7, Ep2 How to Fail: Malcolm Gladwell

by How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

The scamming crypto queen is back!

Dr. Ruja launched a new cryptocurrency that scammed people out of billions and suddenly disappeared. The BBC unearths the latest discoveries in one of the craziest white collar crimes of all time.

mijustin recommended:Aug 10th

Wow! I can’t believe how much new information they unearthed. So many twists and turns in this story. The Cocaine King?!!?

Episode 9: Follow the money

by The Missing Cryptoqueen

Start with episode one from this insane series here:

Looking for great business and finance podcasts?

Check out this podcast roundup of some of the best from iHeartRadio Podcast network:

The US was built on conspiracy theories, claims these podcast hosts.

They uncover how conspiracy theories were instrumental to shaping American history, politics and culture.

rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 2nd

Really fascinating! I have read/listened to other things that have also discussed the role of conspiracy theories in the American Revolution, but this was a really well-produced summary. It’s also a bit scary because I feel like we currently live in a similar age of conspiracy theories. However, the...Show More


by Throughline

For more about conspiracy theories, check out this podcast playlist:

This Is (NOT) A Conspiracy

6 episodes

Curated by:cesarm

Hear a cute romance audio drama about a doctor struggling to find love.

After countless lackluster dates...one guy is a little different from the others 💖

For more audio dramas from podcasters of color, check out this playlist:

Audio Dramas of COLOR

22 episodes

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: Below the Radar

This week, we want to highlight one of our podcast partners from Simon Fraser University, our co-founder Danny’s alma mater!

SFU’s Below the Radar amplifies ideas that fly below the radar. Hear rich conversations about environmental and social justice, arts, culture, community-building and urban issues with special guests.

Below the Radarkeyboard_arrow_right

SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement


👉 Episode Highlight: Ever get the feeling that assholes are taking over the world? Sit down with the filmmaker of the “Assholes: A Theory” film to investigate “asshole culture” and why it thrives:


𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧. 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧. 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐢𝐭. Get actionable advice from the brightest minds in the world, hosted by Hala Taha.