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Podyssey Picks (Sept 27): Top Community Recommendations

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Check out this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! With a second wave of COVID-19 hitting many countries and the season of Autumn anxiety, remember to take a moment to take care of your mental health. We’ve included a podcast deep dive on mental health to help you nourish your mind.

Why was Ruth Bader Ginsburg such a badass? This is the tale of the notorious RBG:

mm recommended:Sep 20th

RIP RBG. This wonderful episode is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg being as badass as ever! The story of the brilliant ACLU women’s lead who drove a legal Trojan Horse into Sparta (literally) and got equal rights for women in a way that is “counterintuitive” to popular thinking at that time. This is strat...Show More

Sex Appeal

by Radiolab Presents: More Perfect

To learn more about RBG’s life, legacy and the latest on who will fill her seat, check out this podcast playlist:

The Life & Legacy of the Notorious RBG

13 episodes

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Hear the untold stories of the women's suffrage movement fighting for the right to vote.

jhawthorne recommended:Sep 7th

One of several history serials/conversations honoring a century since the 19th amendment

The Cult of True Womanhood

by And Nothing Less: The Untold Stories of Women’s Fight for the Vote

Texting in all lowercase is an aesthetic and a personality trait. Hear why:

jennx recommended:Sep 19th

This light fun pod asks: Who do people purposefully fight autocorrect and text a certain way?

Why do you text like that?

by Why'd You Push That Button?

Learn how the founder of Khan Academy built the beloved teaching platform that helped 30 million students with their homework.

ian recommended:Sep 23rd

Khan Academy is such a valuable resource for students. Sal Khan has a great story and it’s inspiring to see his dedication to building Khan Academy as a nonprofit.

Khan Academy: Sal Khan

by How I Built This with Guy Raz

A serial killer enters the field of medicine to play god, but ends up killing hundreds of patients.

Medieval witch hunts killed many innocent women...and still continues to this day.

rmmiller364 recommended:Sep 14th

Another great episode of this new podcast I just started listening to. I teach images of witches in my Renaissance art history course specifically because students always think of witch hunts as being a medieval thing (I blame Monty Python), and they are SHOCKED when I tell them that the witch craze...Show More

The Witch Craze

by You're Dead To Me

For great history podcasts about sci-fi, war and politics, check out this podcast playlist:

Best History Podcasts of 2019

21 episodes

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Plants can make cool music with their bio data.

kelseycueva recommended:Nov 19th, 2019

So... does anyone wanna start a plant band? 🎤🌱

#69 | Plants that Sing

by Twenty Thousand Hertz

Get to the bottom of QAnon’s identity and the madness behind it all.

michelle_ebooks recommended:Sep 19th

oh boy, what a juicy episode. PJ gets to bottom of WHO QAnon really is and shares a whole lot of well-reported context to all the madness

#166 Country of Liars

by Reply All

Should you keep business separate from family? Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff dishes on her fights with her CEO brother.

cesarm recommended:Aug 23rd, 2019

New show alert! The concept is interesting. Two host debate a topic on business. In the pilot episode they discuss a real case about if you should work with relatives? Then they bring a guest to make the final decision. In this particular episode is a famous fashion entrepreneur that open her compan...Show More

"Should You Work with Family?" with Rebecca Minkoff

by Hush Money

An anonymous letter claims the government is conducting top secret experiments involving teleportation and human lab rats.

Hey Office fans! Prepare to laugh out loud about how they filmed the hilarious scenes with Michael guest lecturing at Ryan's business school.

Why are geminis the most controversial astrological sign? This pod puts astrology science to the test.

mijustin recommended:Sep 23rd

So good. Was not expecting the surprise near the end!

Astrology: Are Geminis the Worst?

by Science Vs

3 business owners open up about dealing with imposter syndrome and share tips that would’ve helped them support their success.

fwecanada recommended:Aug 22nd, 2019

Be a true fly on the wall and hear how three friends have overcome imposter syndrome and handling the stress of launching and running a business.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Break the Stress Addiction Loop, and Accelerate Your Success with Alexi Panos, Emily Gallagher, and Natalie Ellis

by The BossBabe Podcast