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How We Podcast

47:40 | Nov 27th, 2019

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Many believe that podcasts -- authentic, intimate -- are organic conversations without editing. But most of the work often happens before and after the conversation itself, in everything from the prog...Show More


shivaprakash recommended:Dec 16th, 2019

As a podcast host, I learnt so much from this episode. It paints a good picture of all the work that goes into releasing an episode - need to make my boss listen to this 😅 he thinks podcasting is super easy..

jossbiggins recommended:Dec 11th, 2019

General takeaways: Podcasting is the evolution of human story telling. We really shouldn’t have intermediaries to convey information anymore. Create Ethnographic pieces (first person) to really talk with the expect themselves Takeaways for hosting and editing a podcast: Three parts of a podcast. Pre/during/post Each episode is a feature story - ask yourself 1. What is the argument or topic 2. What’s the take/fresh view 3. Who’s the person to have that discussion The topic or angles we take are really just a lens to look at the world through. When we think thematically with that lens, we come up with some cool stuff Look for THE expect, not A expect. When looking for a guest. There are Three turns in nuance (is it pertains to podcast story line) Cult like conversations show (Joe Rogan) are the only differentiator as it pertains to interview shows, there’s something called insights per minute or IPM First 5 to 10 minutes must have high insights per minute Look at the drop off space when you look at listenership, find ways to add more insights per minute at that point If it is a popular guest with a big following. Start with their story. If it’s a sersmart guest who nobody knows. Start with in interesting info and move into their story Always identify the story line and the course of the narrative. Audio is a living breathing organism, so every time you make a change (editing) introducing a new dynamic Ideal time for a Podcast is exactly proportional to the persons work out or commute time generally 20 to 40 minutes Podcast audiences convert extremely well, because their self selected, highly engaged, and generally very intelligent.

mmDec 11th, 2019

@jossbiggins I loved the IPM insights per minute concept they introduced in this episode. It makes so much sense. Can apply to other mediums and presentation forms outside of podcasting too.

danny recommended:Dec 7th, 2019

For anyone that has their own podcast, this was great context ex) don't need + prep with your guest before your show, you often refer back to that convo when you're live.

aliceko recommended:Dec 3rd, 2019

Every podcaster needs to listen to this podcast. I'd write out detailed notes as I usually do... but that would be cheating and I want every podcaster to improve so... listen!

mm recommended:Dec 2nd, 2019

Fabulous episode about one of the top business podcasts out there by the kickass editor Sonal. Someone said that a16z is actually an editorial house that does investment on the side 😄

mmDec 2nd, 2019

@matresstester @aliceko @jossbiggins @danny Relevant listen.

alicekoDec 2nd, 2019

@mm is this better than the original a16 podcast episode?

jossbigginsDec 2nd, 2019

@mm Added to the list!

mmDec 2nd, 2019

@aliceko Yes! It’s about a16z’ own podcast production behind-the-scenes.

alicekoDec 3rd, 2019

@mm AMAZING episode.

mavislightyear recommended:Dec 2nd, 2019

It just tells everything we want to say for ourselves and teaches anything else that we need know to make more progress. Thought provoking and exciting. A killing episode.

mmDec 3rd, 2019

Loved this episode and the PR one that came before this one too. Terrific behind-the-scenes look at a16z. Thanks for echoing @mavislightyear!

mavislightyearDec 3rd, 2019

@mm thanks for reechoing :)))