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Gentry Lane


I like thought-provoking science, deep tech & intelligence-related podcasts. Also I offer a 4-figure reward to anyone who can set me up on a lunch date with Ira Glass.

Episode Recommendations (14)

gml recommended:Mar 6th

This episode goes in my top 3 of greatest episodes ever

#158 The Case of the Missing Hit

by Reply All

gml recommended:Dec 3rd, 2019

PROTIP: listen to the 3d & 4th acts first and you’ll here Ira Glass say “flacid cock” out loud on the air (!)

252: Poultry Slam 2003

by This American Life

gml recommended:Nov 27th, 2019

I haven’t stopped thinking about Ep 3 since I heard it. This podcast is just good solid reporting/writing & treats a difficult-to-discuss subject with the right tone, amount if detail disclosure & respect. My vote for most important podcast episode of the year

Episode 1: Hacker vs. Hacker

by Hunting Warhead

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