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gndv recommended:Jan 4th

Interesting series on what was really happening inside of NXIVM & how this cult posed as an “Executive Success Program” (not so different from Landmark Forum) but was actually an mlm that reinforced misogyny & even began to brand women in the group.

S1 E1: The Branding


gndv recommended:Jan 2nd

“Deadlines force you to hear yourself.“ From truck driver to art critic & writer, Jerry Saltz is a refreshing reminder to just be yourself in your creative work.

Episode 311: Jerry Saltz, art critic at "New York"


gndv recommended:Jan 1st

White Coat Black Art brings the human experience back into the healthcare narrative & is not afraid to point out areas where our healthcare system needs to improve. Can every health care worker listen to this podcast. This episode is a great example of seeing where the healthcare has system failed...Show More

Screened Out: Do Canada’s breast cancer screening guidelines put 40-something women at risk?

White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio

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