List of followers for @jspinelle



I listen to a lot of podcasts.



I love listening to podcasts of all genres

Kimberly H. Wolfson


CRM and Productivity Software geek and growth consultant. Music obsessed (including live music). Organic food (cooking and dining). Paleo, keto, hiking, tennis, Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.

Olof Lindholm


Swedish. Optimistic. Loves podcasts with all the feels.

Adela (Podcast Brunch Club)


The founder of Podcast Brunch Club, which is like book club but for podcasts. We have 60+ chapters on 6 continents.

Ana Serrano


Politics, Food, Tech, Culture



We’re a podcast hosted by Adam, Marci and Robin! We wanna learn as much as we can about film and TV and hopefully teach others as we go. We have a lot of fun, too!



A 15 minute podcast show design specifically for the “Binge Listener” covering random and sometimes off the cuff, but relevant topics such as relationships, current news, and everyday life issues.

Ian Smith


Software developer and maker. 💻🛠



trained in the university for a monastic life

Christopher Dana Lynn


Anthropologist, cohost of The Sausage of Science podcast

Daniel Mathews


Co-founder of this app. Love learning new things. Reply all + revisionist history is my jam atm.