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Hi everyone! I’m listening to politics, news, nature, wildlife and conservation, photography, and inspiring stories.

Joaquin Figueroa


Podcast host and enthusiast. I look to podcasts for entertainment and learning. Owner of Asylum Studios

Thiago ̨Motta Sampaio


Cognitive Scientist and Psycholinguist @ Unicamp Science Podcaster @ Portal Deviante / Scicast Science Blogger @ Unicamp Science Blogs (Science Blogs Brasil) Botafogo and Nintendo Fan!



Creator. Social justice advocate. Writer. Traveller. Women’s woman. Hungry for more. She/her.

Lin Em Bee


Since working from home I've been listening to podcasts more than ever. Fave topics include mental health, agnostic spirituality, role playing games, humour, writing, feminism, sociology and philosophy.



Writer for and erratic blogger at Omnivorous listener: interviews, pop culture, history, feminism, parenting, relationship, confessional, storytelling, business, self-improvement, comedy, crime.

Felice Hardy


Action Packed is a travel podcast where you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Listen to interviews with people who’ve had some incredible travel experiences.





The Case of the Missing Hit!



Marketing & outreach at Podyssey. Learning stuff via audio. I listen to art & design, true crime, music and interview podcasts.

Amber Johnson


Bring me your non-fiction investigative journalism serialized podcasts

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