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The Case of the Missing Hit!



Marketing at Podyssey Learning stuff via audio 🦾 I listen to art & design, mystery, music and interview podcasts

Amber Johnson


Bring me your non-fiction investigative journalism serialized podcasts

Podyssey Podcast Hangouts


This account is a roundup of recommendations from attendees of Podyssey’s virtual podcast hangouts. Check out “following” or “followers” for attendees of the hangouts to connect with them. For upcoming podcast hangouts, visit

Joshua Byrd


Listens to podcasts and writes code.



Binger of really really good content

Kimberly Huynh


Nerd for learning. I enjoy listening to self development, business, technology and podcasts about facts that I probably did not need to know.

The Democracy Group


A network of podcasts about democracy, civic engagement, and civil discourse. Visit to learn more.



Podcast listener since forever. Love history and stories.

Jason Horton


LA. Comedian. Ghost Town Podcast. Strange Year Podcast. True Crime. Weird History. IG: