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👩🏽‍💻 Marketing Brand & Web Designer 📍 Vancouver, Canada 🏡 New Zealand 🎧 Interested in: Design, Self Improvement, Relationships, Marketing, Business, Career Growth, Female Empowerment, Power of Positivity

Christina Plourd


Creator and host of @thecmppodcast 👻🩸❤️ True crime and paranormal enthusiast since 2004. I enjoy listening to true crime, paranormal, relationship, self-love, news, feminism, death, and politics podcasts.



Hi everyone! I’m listening to politics, news, nature, wildlife and conservation, photography, and inspiring stories.

Joaquin Figueroa


Podcast host and enthusiast. I look to podcasts for entertainment and learning. Owner of Asylum Studios



I like to listen to lots of different things.

Doug Butdorf


Learner | Listener | Speaker | Doer



Lover of the outdoors🌲 ➡️ Interested in all things tech, business, & science.

Thiago ̨Motta Sampaio


Cognitive Scientist and Psycholinguist @ Unicamp Science Podcaster @ Portal Deviante / Scicast Science Blogger @ Unicamp Science Blogs (Science Blogs Brasil) Botafogo and Nintendo Fan!

Emma Chiu


Here for all the news and all the feelings!

Savannah Locke


Check out my podcast: @wellnowwhatpodcast Vancouver, Canada






Podcast fan of fall things entertaining and insightful as well as the occasional bit of conspiracy.



Creator. Social justice advocate. Writer. Traveller. Women’s woman. Hungry for more. She/her.

Punyaslok Dutta


I think, Therefore I am.



Podcast kinda girl since 2010. Always found the concept cool. Listening to others talk about whatever comes to mind,always had me captive. I also have a podcast along side my co-host : soulgoodthepodcast. We drop shows every freak’n Wednesday. Ck us out!



disrupting reality.



Big fan of podcasts since 2015. Always looking for more recommendations on new, quirky stories, fresh perspectives on historical events or current news stories, and human stories

Lin Em Bee


Since working from home I've been listening to podcasts more than ever. Fave topics include mental health, agnostic spirituality, role playing games, humour, writing, feminism, sociology and philosophy.

The Washington Post


Experience the best of The Post's reporting in our podcasts -- get your daily news, deep dive on politics, or find your next binge-listen.



Just looking for some recommendations for some podcasts that I would like... I like the shows pretty little liars, and vampire diaries. I like to travel.