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Entrepreneur based in Vancouver. Lover of comedy, documentary and journalism Podcasts

Olivia Wong


Cofounder of Prototype Thinking Labs. I love podcasts about relationships, time management and personal development.

The Unconventional Route


Your resource for ditching complacency, challenging convention, and unleashing your life in extraordinary ways. More at



cohost of the tether radio podcast! night witch. audiophile. indefatigable.

Mimi Young | CEREMONIE


Shamanic healer and neurofeedback practitioner. Founder of spirit medicine brand, CEREMONIE, and neurofeedback clinic, OPEN MINDS Performance. I help others connect with spirits to support them in realizing their purpose.

Stefanni Brasil


Host of the hexdevs Podcast. Software developer, cat lover. Based in Vancouver, BC.

Kevin Wong


creative director - @selfhired - - @thinkspacepodcast

Kerri Donaldson


Improvisor, comedian, podcaster, twin, friend of your moms.



Professional photo judger👩🏻‍⚖️ and real(ly not) chill lady.



I enjoy books, audiobooks, TV, movies, travel, food, cocktails & wine, and podcasts! Host of the Shelf Addiction Podcast & TV pods on my network. Leader of the Metro Detroit Podcast Brunch Club. Find me in other places:

Zarah Feroz


Lover of all genres of podcasts, especially journalism, business, tech and entertainment. I also co-host a podcast - That’s What They Said - where two South Asians break down the Them vs. Us narrative behind today’s most relevant and important topics.

Maisha Badhon


Co-host of the podcast ‘That’s What They Said’. It’s about two brown immigrants girls (including myself) getting together to break down the them vs. Us narrative in this world. So what are you waiting for? Search ‘thatswhattheysaidca’ on Podyssey!