I'm from Madrid, Spain. I have become as we said in Spanish "la loca de los podcasts", podcasts' crazy lady. Everyday I spent at least two or three hours listening to podcasts and I keep a diary of everything I listen to. I work on television.

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molinos recommended:Feb 29th

I´m loving so much this miniseries Make me over of You must remember this. Every episode brings us an amazing Storie of how the beauty industry has been linked to cinema and actress from the beginning but this episode with the story of Merle Oberon has everything to make you keep listening unti the ...Show More

155: Passing for White: Merle Oberon (Make Me Over, Episode 4)

You Must Remember This

molinos recommended:Feb 16th

What I like the most about this new season of MOTIVE is that it tells a story that happens sadly in Spain. Another story of a man taking advantage of young women, American students, that come to Spain to study. The dead of Lauren Bajorek opens the door to the discovery of a lot of students that h...Show More

1: Lauren Bajorek


molinos recommended:Feb 16th

Fourteen years selling fake art works for millions of dollars. What did happen when the fraud was discovered? Almost nothing. The primary seller, a Spanish woman, was convicted to three months in jail and that was all. The owners of the two big galleries who sell the art works presumably knowing the...Show More

Fancy Galleries, Fake Art