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molinos echoed:Dec 6th

Why in the USA a drug costs 55.000$ and in Europe the same drug costs 200$? The story of the unbelievable drugs´prices in the USA goes back to the 70´with a mother fighting for a treatment for her son´s disease and a huge TV star.

3. How one drug got its $500,000 price tag. (With 99 Percent Invisible)

An Arm and a Leg

molinos echoed:Nov 29th

Stop whatever you´re listening to and play this 3 miniseries from The Daily with an incredible story. This is one of those master pieces from The Daily apart from the political episodes. I highly recomend after listening to the full three episodes to go to the website to see the photographs. Enjo...Show More

The Jungle Prince, Chapter 1: The Railway Station

The Daily

molinos echoed:Nov 23rd

This is one of the podcasts of the year but this episode is just a masterpiece. And Jane Fonda is in it.


Dolly Parton's America