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Nikki Boyer


Nikki Boyer is a vibrant, comedic on-camera personality who is labeled as the girl next door with a little edge! Nikki is a 3-time Emmy award winning TV host who created the Wondery hit podcast “Dying for Sex” about her friend Molly.

Episode Recommendations (4)

nikkiboyer recommended:Mar 23rd

I love this whole series but what I love this episode because it really addresses Dolly's Point of View about herself and how she's always ahead of the joke and doubles down. She loves the idea "getting things off her chest" about the jokes and then get to the REAL conversation.

Sad Ass Songs

by Dolly Parton's America

nikkiboyer recommended:Mar 23rd

This episode makes you feel less alone while going through heartache. We've all experienced it and it's nice to feel less alone in the drama. The combo of humor and self-help is refreshing.

How to Fix a Broken Heart

by Self-Helpless

nikkiboyer recommended:Mar 23rd

This episode really inspires us to look at our thoughts vs who we really are. Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves aren't serving us. This is something I find useful during stressful times.

Ep #287: Passing Through Neutral

by The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo