New Fire from CBC Radio

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From remote reserves to bustling big cities, join Urban Native Girl Lisa Charleyboy as she brings you to the surprising heart of the conversations important to Aboriginal youth.

27:37 | Aug 26th, 2017

For the final episode of the New Fire season, millennials discuss how they are combining urban and Indigenous cultures.

26:44 | Aug 19th, 2017

Today, New Fire brings you into big moments when Indigenous young people overcome their doubts, collect their courage, and stand up to make their voices heard.
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27:36 | Aug 12th, 2017

Meet young people who are finding deeper meaning in music - and finding their voices along the way.

25:22 | Aug 5th, 2017

Meet Indigenous siblings who have thought hard about what it means to be a brother or a sister - and who are sticking close through good times and bad.

27:37 | Jul 29th, 2017

Meet four young, Indigenous women who have chosen to follow the path that their parents have helped set out for them.
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