When in Rome

Matt Smith

A regular podcast series about place and space in the ancient Roman Empire. “I found Rome built of sun-dried bricks; I leave her clothed in marble.” - Augustus.

29:56 | Dec 23rd, 2019

How has what we know of ancient Rome influenced by fascist Rome? Mussolini admired the Rome of the emperors and used it to further his own vision of Italy, changing how we interpret many of the monume...Show More

29:35 | Nov 28th, 2019

One of the seven hills of Rome, the Palatine is associated the mythical origins of the city and the very wealthy elite. It was here, starting with Augustus, that the Emperors made their home, looking ...Show More
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28:11 | Nov 1st, 2019

Rome didn’t get a permanent theatre until the late republic, but when they finally did it impressed all who saw it. The theatre of Pompey stood in the campus martias and entertained Romans for hundred...Show More

26:29 | Sep 23rd, 2019

The Vestal Virgins carried out some of the most important rituals in the Roman Empire, and their temple was revered and unique in its structure and function. You can still see the remains of it in the...Show More

26:05 | Aug 31st, 2019

Towards the Tiber River is one of the more stranger tombs found in the city of Rome. Giaus Cestius built his pyramid when Rome’s interest in Egypt was at its peak, and it now stands as the only remind...Show More
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