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Sex: (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it—except at BedPost Confessions, a live storytelling series based in Austin, Texas. Whether the featured performers are funny, informative, political, or completely personal, the anonym...Show More

24:53 | Jan 17th

Chola Magnolia's piece "Stand Femme" speaks to femmephobia and femme invisibility within the queer community and how it spreads to society and vice versa. “Femme” is a lesbian identity that was create...Show More

26:26 | Jan 10th

Journalist, wedding and funeral officiant, rancher, domestic abuse survivor, and avid knitter Spike Gillespie digs deep into a relationship dynamic in her piece "How Do I Look?"Learn more about BedPos...Show More
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25:20 | Dec 27th, 2019

Adam Maurer, who as an adolescent went on mission trips and led Bible studies, shares a story of misadventures and heartache as a Christian in the closet in “Saint Adam Of A Sissy.”Learn more about Be...Show More

25:00 | Nov 29th, 2019

"Thirty-seven cents represents the hatred I felt about my body my entire life. Just this thing I carried around in my pocket and would think about only occasionally," describes retired standup comedia...Show More

22:10 | Oct 25th, 2019

In “The Miseducation of Simon,” Simon Studd shares how, by chance, he discovered an unexplored side of his sexuality and then found community. Simon is a kinky sadist who also happens to be a kind and...Show More
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