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HumaNature is the podcast that explores where humans and our habitat meet. The show tells real stories about human experiences in nature. Along the way, we’ll meet people whose encounters help us reflect on our own place in the natural world.


07:24 | Mar 25th

When Tarik Moore became an Outdoor Afro leader, the first hike he planned wasn’t a traditional one. He took his group down city streets to commemorate Philadelphia’s Osage Avenue bombing. (more…)
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11:37 | Mar 11th

Cindy Ross wanted to keep pursuing her long-distance hiking passion after she had kids. But she didn’t know how to make that happen. Then a chance encounter with a llama breeder opened the path to the...Show More

19:31 | Feb 26th

Brandon Kuehn survived the Iraq War. But after he got home, he struggled with nightmares and addiction. Then he found trail running…and the Pacific Crest Trail. If you like HumaNature, help us tell m...Show More

31:08 | Feb 12th

Christopher McDougall is famous for starting the barefoot running craze with his book ‘Born to Run.’ And now he has an unusual new running partner.     If you like HumaNature, help us tell more s...Show More
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