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Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton and Jason Schreier talk about all things gaming and maybe more.

1:16:57 | Nov 14th

Episode 205: Jason, Kirk, and Maddy talk about a bunch of video games (Disco Elysium, the new Layton, Death Stranding, and so on) before jumping into some analysis of Disney's new Disney Plus streaming service and the Great Streaming Wars (33:32). Is...Show More

1:11:08 | Nov 7th

Episode 204: It's Death Stranding time! Kirk, Maddy, and Jason spend some time talking about BlizzCon and Luigi's Mansion 3 before jumping into discussion of Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima's new game (25:40), which all three of them have play...Show More
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1:07:26 | Oct 31st

Papa Jason is back from paternity leave and he’s got a bunch of newfound parenting knowledge to share… or at least, he played a bunch of games and watched a bunch of TV. He and Kirk talk in-depth about Disco Elysium and The Outer Worlds, two of the g...Show More

1:24:02 | Oct 24th

Maddy and Kirk talk about games they're playing, with Maddy trying out Sayonara Wild Hearts and Kirk still diving into the interlocking brain systems that Disco Elysium gives its protagonist. After that, we bring on Kotaku staff editor Natalie Degraf...Show More

1:12:42 | Oct 17th

Kirk and Maddy talk about games they're playing, which in Maddy's case is still Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3. Kirk beat Sayonara Wild Hearts, a music-focused game that he strongly recommends, and he just started Disco Elysium, a detective game with a ...Show More
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