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British comedian Adam Buxton talks with interesting people. The rambly conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes more serious with funny bits. Adam records the intros and outros for most episodes while walking with his dog friend Rosie in the East...Show More

1:18:57 | Jul 13th

Adam enjoys a suitably rambly conversation with his school friends, Joe Cornish and Louis Theroux that takes in Louis' appearance on Desert Island Discs, school reports, the most recent remake of A Star Is Born (SPOILER ALERT: key plot details are re...Show More

1:11:04 | Jun 2nd

Adam talks with American musician John Grant about travel stress, island survival, languages, favourite documentaries, John's last record 'Love Is Magic' (2018), horror films and favourite soundtracks, and growing up gay in a religious American famil...Show More
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1:18:25 | Apr 19th

Adam talks with actor, writer, and British TV panel show king, David Mitchell about bad habits, bad driving, bad small talk at school gates, the technical challenges of filming 'Peep Show', David's comedy influences and other important stuff. Thanks ...Show More

1:23:03 | Dec 10th, 2018

Adam talks with British stand up comedian, actor and radio host Nish Kumar about football, communal baths, India, comedy, angry political exchanges and towards the end we take a deep dive into some of the music Nish has loved over the years, includin...Show More

1:09:43 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Adam talks to data journalist Mona Chalabi about therapy, sex, Seinfeld, biological determinism, orgasms, vaginas and statistics.  Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchel for production support and to Matt Lamont for additional editing. Music and jingles by ...Show More
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