The Purrrcast

Exactly Right

Hosts Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris, producer for “My Favorite Murder,” talk to cat people because they can't talk to their cats.Theme song by Analise Nelson and Dax Schaffer Artwork by Jillian Yoffe

44:52 | Nov 13th

On episode TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven come to you from My Favorite Murder’s My Favorite Weekend! Live, and on stage at the Arlington Theatre, we talk about how our cats react to us being gone, Halloween costumes for pets...Show More

1:06:10 | Nov 6th

On episode TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE of The Purrrcast, Cindy aka @foster_kittens is back and this time we’re at her house playing with kittens! We talk about her latest batch of fosters, the science behind cat coloration and patterns, her bathtub birthi...Show More
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1:06:04 | Oct 30th

On episode TWO HUNDRED TWENTY of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven come to you from Seattle’s Sea-Meow Con 2019 to celebrate National Black Cat Day! Live, and on stage, we go through cinema and television’s favorite black cats (including tuxedo cats), a...Show More

1:15:33 | Oct 23rd

On episode TWO HUNDRED NINETEEN of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven welcome Nathan The Cat Lady to the show! He talks about his four cats (Pickles, Ginger, Annie, Princess), creating a stylish cat-friendly apartment, how he got started making cat video...Show More

1:20:14 | Oct 16th

On episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven welcome comedian Channing Apodaca to chat his cat Julia! He tells us “NoHo” Julia’s origin story, how he and his roommates share cat-watching duties, about his childhood filled with re...Show More
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