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A podcast about the true cost of digital disruption. Hosted by Mike Osborne and Leslie Chang.
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Episode 3: The Hippocratic Algorithm

26:51 | Oct 20th, 2015

Big data is revolutionizing health and medicine, from genomics to wearable technologies to precision health. But is our medical care system prepared for algorithms that can diagnose us and make decisions about treatment? And even more than that, what...Show More
Titan vs. Titan: A.I. & the Race for Global Supremacy

25:31 | May 2nd

There’s an epic struggle under way: a challenge to lead the world in A.I. — artificial intelligence. But this space race for the 21st century doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention from at least one of the world’s superpowers — the United States...Show More

26:49 | Apr 25th

When we think of killer robots, images of the Terminator, Robocop, and other dystopian movies often spring to mind. These movies usually don’t end well (for the humans, at least). So it seems crazy that we would even consider building machines progra...Show More
About Us, But Not for Us

28:50 | Apr 11th

Shoshana Zuboff doesn’t mince words when it comes to the data economy. According to Zuboff, author of the recent book *The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, *our very souls are at stake. But the seeds of surveillance capitalism were planted rather inno...Show More
Power from the People, Part II: A New Kind of Machine

19:51 | Apr 4th

At the start of the 20th century, the United States Census Bureau was in a bit of a pickle. The electric tabulating machines that had saved the census in 1890 worked beautifully — but they were expensive. And there was only one source: Herman Holleri...Show More
Power from the People

27:58 | Mar 21st

At the birth of the United States, the new nation faced a problem. How do you make a crazy new idea — power coming not from a king, but from the people — a reality? There was no handbook; the framers of the Constitution had to just kind of make it up...Show More
Meet Raw Data

02:28 | Mar 7th

On Raw Data, we take a look at the new source of power in the 21st century: data. Whoever controls data has power. But is this making things better? Worse? Raw Data is a show about how information becomes power. Find out more at

35:47 | Jul 26th, 2018

Silicon Valley and Washington DC have a showdown when Zuckerberg goes before Congress. Silicon Valley has grown powerful because it advances a vision for how technology will set us free. So what’s missing from the Silicon Valley story?

28:53 | Jul 19th, 2018

Technology is an almost god-like force that acts upon all of humanity. What does it actually want?

21:49 | Jul 12th, 2018

Can democracy survive the internet? What country will take the lead in shaping our online environment – and how?

26:29 | Jul 5th, 2018

The tech giants that control the internet have destroyed 20th century institutions and challenged the role of an independent press. Whither the 4th estate? Susan Athey, Frank Foer.
All the World's a Stage

38:40 | Jun 28th, 2018

Within 15 years, social media has become the dominant force shaping the Valley. What does it mean for individuals around the world and for society at large to be publicly performing in so many aspects of our lives? Andrew Smith, Alice Marwick.
The Garage

24:42 | Jun 21st, 2018

Silicon Valley reveres garage start-ups and the myth of the entrepreneur. But, in the wake of the dotcom crash, power dynamics shift. Have the entrepreneurs, these quintessential American characters,captured too much power? Steve Blank, Sarah Lacy.
Land of the Free Dotcom

36:09 | Jun 7th, 2018

Netscape’s IPO electrifies the dotcom era, and “New Economy” proponents insist that cyberspace will redefine the rules of prosperity. The data economy is born. Guests: Fred Turner, Kevin Kelly, Lou Montulli, Rosanne Siino, Tim Wu.
The Triple Fence

33:53 | May 31st, 2018

In the post-Watergate era, two academics battle the NSA and establish the technology that protects our online information. Cryptography remains a fundamental tool, but can it save us from entering a post-privacy world? Guests: Michal Kosinski, Whit D...Show More
The Looking Glass

39:39 | May 24th, 2018

The Valley comes of age as the center of innovation and personal computing. Doug Englebart delivers the Mother of All Demos. Steve Jobs makes a fateful visit to Xerox PARC. On The WELL, people learn what it means to socialize online. Guests: Leslie B...Show More
Drop City

36:53 | May 17th, 2018

Inspired by cybernetics and LSD, Stewart Brand creates the Whole Earth Catalog as a how-to manual for the commune movement. The catalog articulates a philosophy of tech idealism and individual empowerment. Guests: Fred Turner, John Markoff, and Kevin...Show More
Valley of Heart's Delight

30:58 | May 10th, 2018

Before tech, there were orchards in the “Valley of Heart’s Delight.” Federal funding for Cold War research changes everything, and the semiconductor industry brings silicon to the Valley. The Traitorous Eight create Fairchild Semiconductor. And the w...Show More
Monument to a Dead Child

37:16 | May 3rd, 2018

The seeds of Silicon Valley were sown long ago. The Gold Rush, the railroad barons, the founding of Stanford University, and myths of the American West still echo today.

06:10 | Apr 26th, 2018

Introducing the series. Silicon Valley’s power: how did we get here?
Season Finale: The Legal Codes

32:19 | Jun 27th, 2017

How are algorithms and data science making their way into the American criminal justice system? The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world, and it’s clear from the statistics that minorities – most notably, black American...Show More

30:31 | May 19th, 2017

There are A LOT of unanswered questions right now about Russia’s role in the 2016 election. Whether it’s actually hacking into the DNC servers or more subtly spreading misinformation online, there’s widespread meddling afoot. Online information was w...Show More
Newer Money

32:14 | Apr 2nd, 2017

It's been a minute since we've checked in on the world's favorite cryptocurrency – Bitcoin! And man oh man is there a lot of upheaval in Bitcoin-land. The price is soaring, the SEC is debating, and other crypto-coins are on the move. Will Bitcoin and...Show More
Propaganda Armies

34:58 | Feb 24th, 2017

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of bulls**t flying around on the Internet. But where is it all coming from? This week, we tackle fake news, propaganda, and misinformation from a few different angles. We talk to BuzzFeed’s Craig Silverman, who was one o...Show More
A New Day in Hollywood

27:09 | Jan 30th, 2017

There are massive changes underway in Hollywood – and a lot of the disruption is being driven by big data. In this week’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the ways companies like Netflix and Amazon are mounting a threat to the traditional studi...Show More
Attention is Money

30:33 | Dec 20th, 2016

On the Internet there’s a never-ending, epic battle to catch – and keep – your attention. We don't really think about it much, but attention is a precious and personal resource, and these days the name of the game is to monetize your attention throug...Show More
Data Confidential

24:29 | Dec 13th, 2016

It’s nearly impossible to know if you're having a truly private, unmonitored conversation today. Big data and online communications open the door for widespread surveillance. But even if you feel like you personally have nothing to hide, surveillance...Show More
Gold or Pyrite?

24:09 | Nov 29th, 2016

Welcome to Season 2 of Raw Data! There's been a lot of buzz about big data in the past few years. The success of companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon has helped fuel the growth of second generation data companies seeking insights in data like ...Show More
Upon Reflection: Season 1

28:55 | May 24th, 2016

We’ve reached the end of Season 1 of Raw Data! (Don’t worry, there’s a second season coming soon.) In this episode, producers Mike and Leslie break from the usual format, and sit down in studio for a conversation with Worldview Director Brie Linkenho...Show More
Episode 11: So... What's On Your Mind?

28:32 | Apr 5th, 2016

Language is a window into our minds. So with all the digital text trails we're creating these days, what can we learn about our inner psychology, mental health, and well-being? In this episode: how Twitter language correlates with heart disease, what...Show More
Episode 10: Love

32:11 | Mar 21st, 2016

LOVE!! Why is it so hard to find?! The seemingly endless options of online dating should make it easy, right? Is there data that can predict lasting love? Argh!! Maybe we just haven’t digitized the right information yet? Who knows. So many questions.
Episode 9: The Digital Afterlife

27:21 | Mar 3rd, 2016

What happens to our data when we die? Digital estate planning is becoming an increasingly important topic, though many of our laws have not yet caught up. These days, we leave behind entire histories of our lives online, which can hold both monetary ...Show More
Episode 8: All the News That's Fit to Feed

35:47 | Feb 11th, 2016

How do you get your news – and how do you think your news gets to you? The pathway of information flow involves layers of decisions that in many ways are opaque. So are we achieving the universal access to all knowledge that the early Internet ideali...Show More
Episode 7: The Big Data of Nature

34:59 | Jan 27th, 2016

As we hear over and over again, environmental issues are mounting, and the stakes are huge. So how might big data be used to tackle the issues of sustainability, climate change, habitat loss, and species extinction? And even more than that, can it of...Show More
Episode 6: Under the Influence

24:30 | Dec 21st, 2015

Are we addicted to the Internet? Is it even appropriate to use the language of addiction about smartphones and other digital devices? After all, tech companies intentionally appeal to human nature – our desire to connect with others, our boredom, our...Show More
Episode 5: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Data

32:12 | Nov 24th, 2015

Elections and political messaging are changing in the new media landscape. Campaigns are using big data to target voters with better precision, and tech companies are making decisions behind the scenes about how political information is being present...Show More
Episode 4: New Money

25:24 | Nov 3rd, 2015

Cryptocurrencies could revolutionize money and finance. But even more than that, they symbolize how trust is changing as we increasingly rely on technology rather than traditional institutions - like banks and governments - to handle some of our most...Show More
Episode 2: Work in the Crowd

22:15 | Oct 6th, 2015

What is the future of work? Today, all of our careers are being transformed by big data, from how we find it, to how we collaborate with others, to how our professional reputations are shaped. We explore both the opportunities and risks of moving our...Show More
Episode 1: Uploaded

22:03 | Sep 16th, 2015

Welcome to Raw Data! In this first episode, hosts Mike Osborne and Leslie Chang explore how normal, everyday digital footprints can reveal surprisingly intimate facts – like whether your parents are divorced, and whether you own a gun. This podcast i...Show More