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David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most ...Show More

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Ep. 302 - Stanley McChrystal

1:03:39 | Jan 24th

Stanley McChrystal is a retired four-star general in the U.S. Army who led America’s Joint Special Operations Command and NATO forces in the War in Afghanistan. He joins David to share his view of Trump’s military policy both abroad and domestic, the...Show More

Ep. 99 - Steve Kerr

59:23 | Nov 23rd, 2016

Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, sits down with David to discuss his upbringing in the Middle East, his father’s assassination in Beirut, his reaction to President-elect Trump’s victory, his future in coaching, and much more.

Ep. 51 - Samantha Power

55:01 | May 19th, 2016

Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, chats with David in New York about growing up in Ireland, how she went from a sports reporter at Yale to writing a Pulitzer Prize-winning book on U.S. foreign policy, and her take on the Obama ad...Show More

Ep. 313 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (TV)

1:16:31 | Mar 3rd

Elizabeth Warren is the Senator from Massachusetts and a Democratic presidential candidate. She joins David for the Axe Files on CNN in this extended conversation about her life, her candidacy, and much more.

Ep. 312 - Bill Kurtis

1:03:46 | Feb 28th

Legendary broadcast journalist and news anchor Bill Kurtis joins the show to talk about the history he's witnessed from his many years covering the news, from being threatened by Charles Manson to his investigative work on the effects of Agent Orange...Show More

Ep. 311 - Claire McCaskill

56:03 | Feb 25th

Claire McCaskill, former Democratic U.S. Senator from Missouri, joins David to talk about the 2018 midterms race she narrowly lost in a state swept by Donald Trump by nearly 19 points in 2016. She also shares her take on governing and campaigning in ...Show More

Ep. 310 - Michael Smerconish

59:22 | Feb 21st

Michael Smerconish, is a journalist and host of the eponymous ‘Smerconish’ on CNN, as well as the host of “The Michael Smerconish Program” on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel. He joins David to talk about his early start in talk radio, the impact of the medi...Show More

Ep. 309 - Lisa Madigan

58:22 | Feb 18th

Lisa Madigan is the former State Attorney General for Illinois. She joins the show to talk about teaching in South Africa during the rise of the anti-apartheid movement, the Jason Van Dyke case in Chicago, her investigation into abuse in the Catholic...Show More

Ep. 308 - Kirsten Powers

1:03:16 | Feb 14th

Kirsten Powers is an author, columnist for USA Today, and frequent contributor on CNN. She joins David to discuss her far-flung upbringing in Alaska, the personal struggles which she discussed openly in her columns, working for AOL during the dawn of...Show More

Ep. 307 - Nate Silver

1:15:03 | Feb 11th

Nate Silver, statistician and founder of FiveThirtyEight, joins David to talk about how his early love of sports fused with a passion for statistical modeling, the bridge from sports modeling to predicting political races, the 2008 projections that c...Show More

Ep. 306 - Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

1:02:18 | Feb 7th

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is the head of the House Democratic Caucus. He joins the show to discuss his reaction to the State of the Union address, how Democrats plan to respond, what he's looking for in a Democratic candidate in 2020, and mu...Show More

Ep. 305 - Josh Shapiro

1:01:13 | Feb 4th

Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, joins David to discuss the Pennsylvania grand jury report revealing child sex abuse by Catholic priests and the elaborate cover-up scheme—one of the broadest inquiries into church sex abuse in U.S. hist...Show More

Ep. 304 - John Delaney

1:05:11 | Jan 31st

Former Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney joins the show to talk about his journey from a blue collar family to the founder of two publicly traded companies, his candidacy, and the issues facing the country.

Ep. 303 - David Leonhardt

1:04:48 | Jan 28th

David Leonhardt, author and op-ed columnist for The New York Times, joins David to discuss the state of the American economy, Democratic hopes in 2020, the prospect of impeachment, and much more.

Ep. 301 - John Kerry (TV)

1:34:04 | Jan 20th

Former Secretary of State John Kerry joins David for a televised version of the Axe Files to discuss the state of American foreign policy under Donald Trump, whether he’s considering a run for the White House in 2020, what he learned from a life of p...Show More

Ep. 300 - Sherrilyn Ifill

59:28 | Jan 17th

Sherrilyn Ifill is the President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She joins David to talk about how growing up in the heat of the civil rights movement inspired her to practice law, the impact of the present rever...Show More

Ep. 299 - Miguel Cervantes

1:02:39 | Jan 14th

Miguel Cervantes, star of the blockbuster Hamilton play in Chicago, sits down with David to talk about the years he spent auditioning prior to landing the leading role, the cultural phenomenon the play has become, and his daughter’s unexpected diagno...Show More

Ep. 298 - Ivo Daalder

1:05:39 | Jan 10th

Ivo Daalder is the President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the former U.S. ambassador to NATO. He joins David to talk about the decline of American influence abroad and current vacuum in global leadership, the cost of abdicating intern...Show More

Ep. 297 - Gov. J.B. Pritzker

1:05:23 | Jan 7th

J.B. Pritzker, governor-elect of Illinois, joins David to discuss the unique challenges facing the state and his priorities moving forward, what surprised him upon meeting Donald Trump during the December governors meeting, and – despite his family’s...Show More

Ep. 296 - Rep. Eric Swalwell

1:04:40 | Dec 20th, 2018

Congressman Eric Swalwell represents California's 15th district and serves on the House Intelligence Committee. He joins the show to discuss the House investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, what the incoming Democratic majority in...Show More

Ep. 295 - Howard Wolfson

1:05:57 | Dec 17th, 2018

Howard Wolfson is the former Deputy Mayor of New York City, counselor to former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-chief strategist and communications director on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and currently leads the Education division o...Show More

Ep. 294 - Al Hunt

1:01:17 | Dec 13th, 2018

Political journalist Al Hunt, formerly of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, joins David to discuss his time covering Watergate, similarities and differences between Trump and Nixon in light of potential impeachment, and his own future in journal...Show More

Ep. 293 - Rahm Emanuel (TV)

1:20:29 | Dec 9th, 2018

Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, joins David for a televised edition of the Axe Files to discuss how Democrats should take on the Trump administration, the biggest challenges of leading the Windy City, the Emanuel family dynamics that impelled him to ...Show More

Ep. 292 - Bryan Stevenson

1:00:41 | Dec 6th, 2018

Bryan Stevenson is a lawyer, activist, author, and founder/executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides legal aid to prisoners lacking effective representation. He joins David to talk about his experienc...Show More

Ep. 291 - Jeff Zucker

1:09:01 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, sits down with David to talk about how a rejection from Harvard Law School paved the way for his meteoric rise as a media executive; his break up with NBC; the health scares that nearly claimed his life; and his unique ...Show More

Ep. 290 - Amanda Carpenter

1:03:37 | Nov 29th, 2018

Amanda Carpenter is a conservative commentator, author, and former senior communications advisor and speechwriter to Senator Ted Cruz. She sits down with David to discuss the challenges of being raised by a single mother, the sports injury that fatef...Show More

Ep. 289 - Chris Dodd

1:08:12 | Nov 26th, 2018

Chris Dodd is the former and longest-serving U.S. Senator from Connecticut. He joins David to talk about the influence of his late father, Sen. Thomas Dodd; the formative friendships he forged and lessons learned throughout his nearly four decades of...Show More

Ep. 288 - Barack Obama (Live)

1:16:38 | Nov 20th, 2018

Former President of the United States Barack Obama sits down with David in Hyde Park for a special live taping of the Axe Files. Their conversation touches on the Obamas' life in the Hyde Park community, the sacrifices his family made for his politic...Show More

Ep. 287 - Sonia Sotomayor

1:02:03 | Nov 18th, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor joins David on the Axe Files on CNN to discuss the shifting dynamics on the bench after Brett Kavanaugh’s bitter confirmation battle, her personal ties to Puerto Rico and whether the response to Hurricane Maria w...Show More

Ep. 286 - Mark Salter

1:05:15 | Nov 15th, 2018

Mark Salter is a longtime advisor and speechwriter to Senator John McCain. He joins David to talk about the early literary influences that shaped both his and his late boss’s political philosophies, the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s vice presi...Show More

Ep. 285 - Gloria Borger

59:06 | Nov 12th, 2018

Gloria Borger is a political pundit, journalist, and columnist who currently commentates as a chief political analyst for CNN. She sits down with David the day after Tuesday’s midterm elections to share her take on the outcome and why she believes we...Show More

Ep. 284 - Jen Psaki

59:15 | Nov 8th, 2018

Jen Psaki is the former White House Communications Director and White House Deputy Press Secretary under President Obama. She joins David after the midterms to discuss the implications of the results and their impact on the political landscape as wel...Show More

Ep. 283 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

1:14:36 | Nov 4th, 2018

Bodybuilder, actor, and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger joins David for the Axe Files on CNN to talk about his rise from a humble Austrian village to an American cultural icon and his views on contemporary politics, the #MeToo mov...Show More

Ep. 282 - Steve Brill

1:03:26 | Nov 1st, 2018

Author and journalist Steve Brill joins David to talk about his new project NewsGuard, which uses journalism to fight fake news, as well as his long career in business and journalism.

Ep. 281 - Steve Schmidt

1:10:40 | Oct 29th, 2018

Steve Schmidt is former Republican campaign strategist, who notably ran the 2008 John McCain campaign for the presidency. Since the election of Donald Trump he has left the Republican Party to become independent and appears as a commentator on MSNBC....Show More

Ep. 280 - Jonah Goldberg

1:04:32 | Oct 25th, 2018

Jonah Goldberg is an author and columnist for the National Review. He joins David to discuss his roots in journalism, how a family tragedy shaped his view on the War on Drugs, and his criticisms of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Bonus Pod - Underdog: Beto vs. Cruz

28:23 | Oct 24th, 2018

The first episode of Underdog: Beto vs. Cruz. To hear future episodes from this podcast, find it in your podcast app and subscribe or visit

Ep. 279 - Jeff Weaver

59:18 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Jeff Weaver was the campaign manager for Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. He joins the show to discuss Sanders' unique appeal to voters, what it was like to run against Hillary Clinton, the landscape of 2020, and more.

Ep. 278 - Mary Katharine Ham

1:00:12 | Oct 18th, 2018

Mary Katharine Ham is a journalist and conservative commentator on CNN. She joins David to discuss fake news, Nikki Haley, the cultural issues dividing the country, and the Republican Party's Faustian bargain with Donald Trump.

Ep. 277 - Khizr Khan

1:06:36 | Oct 15th, 2018

Khizr Khan is a Gold Star father best known for his iconic speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention honoring his late son, Humayan Khan, a U.S. Army captain killed in the Iraq War. He joins David to discuss what led him from poverty in Pakis...Show More

Ep. 276 - Ana Navarro

58:21 | Oct 11th, 2018

Ana Navarro, GOP strategist and political commentator for CNN, joins David to talk about how her Nicaraguan upbringing shapes her view of U.S. immigration policy, the impact of the evolving landscape of the Republican Party and what she dubs the “Tru...Show More

Ep. 275 - Steven Pearlstein

1:03:42 | Oct 8th, 2018

Steven Pearlstein is a Pulitzer Prize-winning business and economics columnist for The Washington Post. He joins David to chat about his beginnings in business writing, how to interpret the country’s record levels of deficit and present state of the ...Show More

Ep. 274 - Chuck Todd

1:02:50 | Oct 4th, 2018

Chuck Todd is a longtime political journalist and current host of NBC's Meet the Press. He joins David to talk about his father’s struggle with alcoholism and the impact of his premature death; the celebrification of politics and the 21st-century med...Show More

Ep. 273 - Gov. Steve Bullock

1:01:33 | Oct 1st, 2018

Montana Governor Steve Bullock joins the show to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, how Democrats can win back voters in rural states, his work on the opiod epidemic, money in politics, and more.

Ep. 272 - Roberta Jacobson

1:05:05 | Sep 27th, 2018

Roberta Jacobson is an American diplomat who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico until May of 2018. She joins David to discuss the diplomatic tension between the U.S. and Mexico, the Trump administration's relationship with the United Nations, he...Show More

Ep. 271 - Peter Sagal

58:15 | Sep 24th, 2018

Peter Sagal is the author of The Incomplete Guide to Running and host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. He joins David to discuss a variety of topics including getting passed on by the Harvard Lampoon, appearing on Jeopardy as struggling writer in ...Show More

Ep. 270 - Bob Shrum

1:01:28 | Sep 20th, 2018

Bob Shrum is a longtime Democratic campaign strategist and speechwriter. He joins David to discuss his new Institute for the Political Future, volunteering for Citizens for Kennedy as a college student, how to marry a candidate with a message, and mu...Show More

Ep. 269 - Deval Patrick (TV)

1:16:17 | Sep 16th, 2018

Deval Patrick, former Governor of Massachusetts and civil rights lawyer, author, and businessman, sits down for a special televised edition of The Axe Files on CNN. He talks with David about his upbringing in the South Side of Chicago, the significan...Show More

Ep. 268 - Susan Glasser

1:04:29 | Sep 13th, 2018

Susan Glasser is a preeminent political journalist with nearly three decades of reporting experience spanning foreign policy, domestic politics, and war correspondence. She joins David to talk about her experience as co-chief of the Washington Post’s...Show More

Ep. 267 - Jon Lovett

1:03:37 | Sep 10th, 2018

Pod Save America co-host and former speechwriter for President Barack Obama Jon Lovett joins the show to talk about the art of speechwriting, his experience working with Hillary Clinton prior to joining the Obama White House, and what the future hold...Show More

Ep. 266 - Austan Goolsbee

1:03:34 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee joins David to discuss the major economic policy decisions under Bush and Obama, the ongoing trade negotiations with Mexico, how the government can effectively intervene in a changin...Show More

Ep. 265 - Rep. Mike Quigley

1:04:20 | Aug 27th, 2018

Mike Quigley is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 5th congressional district, serving on the House Intelligence and Appropriations Committees. He joins David to talk about the importance of local politics, the challenges of working in a highly p...Show More

Ep. 264 - Dean Baquet & Marty Baron

1:30:00 | Aug 19th, 2018

Dean Baquet and Marty Baron, the Executive Editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post respectively, join David for the Axe Files on CNN to discuss the challenges of covering the Trump presidency, the unprecedented attacks on the free press...Show More

Ep. 263 - Ace Smith

1:00:18 | Aug 13th, 2018

Averell “Ace” Smith is a political opposition researcher whose career has spanned campaigns for Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, and the Clintons. He sits down with David to talk about the ways in which political research is an essential craft to get righ...Show More

Ep. 262 - Judy Woodruff

1:04:04 | Aug 6th, 2018

Judy Woodruff is a longtime broadcast journalist and current anchor and managing editor of the PBS NewsHour. Judy sits down with David to talk about the regional blind spots afflicting network news, the relationship between Trump and Fox News, and wi...Show More

Ep. 261 - Anne Burke

59:30 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Part two of our Special Olympics series. Anne Burke, founder of the Special Olympics and a Supreme Court Justice in Illinois for the First Judicial District, joins David to talk about how coming to terms with her own disability undergirded her decisi...Show More

Ep. 260 - Tim Shriver

1:00:50 | Jul 30th, 2018

Part one of this week’s two episode series honoring the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics. Timothy Shriver is the Chairman of the Special Olympics and son of legendary public servants Eunice Kennedy and Sargent Shriver. He sits down with David...Show More

Ep. 259 - Mitch Landrieu (TV)

1:05:36 | Jul 22nd, 2018

Former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu rejoins the show in this extended version of a conversation from the Axe Files on CNN.

Ep. 258 - Dan Pfeiffer

1:04:42 | Jul 16th, 2018

Dan Pfeiffer is a former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama, co-host on the Pod Save America podcast, and author of the book Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump. He joins David to discuss his time in the Obama White House...Show More

Ep. 257 - John King Jr.

1:01:21 | Jul 9th, 2018

John King Jr., U.S. Secretary of Education under President Obama, sits down with David to talk about losing his parents at a young age, the impact of the Trump administration's affirmative action rollback, and how getting booted out of his high schoo...Show More

Ep. 256 - Nneka Jones Tapia

58:37 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia is a clinical psychologist who in 2015 became the Executie Director of the Cook County Jail, the largest jail in America. She was the first mental health professional to run a jail in the US. The Cook County Sheriff calls the ja...Show More

Ep. 255 - Mike Barnicle

59:23 | Jun 28th, 2018

MSNBC contributor and former columnist Mike Barnicle.

Ep. 254 - Sen. Marco Rubio

1:11:36 | Jun 24th, 2018

Senator Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, joins David for the Axe Files on CNN to discuss the ongoing battle at the border, the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy, the Mueller investigation, and Republicans’ relationship with the Pr...Show More

Ep. 253 - John Farrell

1:04:07 | Jun 21st, 2018

John Farrell, award-winning presidential historian and journalist, joins David to chat about why local newspapers now struggle for survival, his work on the Boston Globe’s famous ‘Spotlight’ team, and why he thinks our current political climate is a ...Show More

Ep. 252 - Rachel Maddow

1:08:46 | Jun 18th, 2018

Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, joins David to talk about growing up as a liberal activist in a conservative town, her unique philosophy on newscasting in the Trump era, and lessons she’s learned from her lifelong battle with c...Show More

Ep. 251 - Ray Mabus

1:07:54 | Jun 14th, 2018

Ray Mabus, former U.S. Secretary of the Navy and Governor of Mississippi, joins David to talk about his upbringing in the heart of the South during the Civil Rights movement, what Mississippi‘s shifting political landscape portends for 2018 and 2020,...Show More

Ep. 250 - Tom Donilon

1:07:01 | Jun 11th, 2018

Tom Donilon, former National Security Adviser to Barack Obama, chats with David Axelrod about his experience running President Jimmy Carter’s delegate operation during Ted Kennedy’s 1980 convention challenge as a 23-year-old, why he believes the U.S....Show More

Ep. 249 - Ronan Farrow

1:07:04 | Jun 7th, 2018

Ronan Farrow is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New Yorker, former State Department official under President Barack Obama, and author of the new best-selling book War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence. He ...Show More

Ep. 248 - Savannah Guthrie

1:02:30 | Jun 4th, 2018

Savannah Guthrie is a journalist, attorney, and co-anchor of the NBC News morning show Today. She recently sat down with David to talk about the impact of losing her father at a young age, how her Christian faith undergirded her journey from high-sch...Show More

Ep. 247 - James Clapper

1:04:08 | May 31st, 2018

James Clapper is the former Director of National Intelligence and the author of a new book, Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence. His long career in military intelligence spans some of the most significant national security challe...Show More

Ep. 246 - Sally Yates

1:01:09 | May 27th, 2018

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, in an extended conversation with David Axelrod from the Axe Files TV show on CNN, talks about her formative experiences in the law as well as her tenure as acting Attorney General and the legal travails of ...Show More

Ep. 245 - Michael McFaul

1:08:21 | May 24th, 2018

Michael McFaul is the former U.S. ambassador to Russia and author of the book "From Cold War to Hot Peace," which chronicles U.S.-Russia relations during the Obama administration. He joins David Axelrod to talk about his path from Montana to Moscow, ...Show More

Ep. 244 - Steve Israel

1:00:26 | May 21st, 2018

Former congressman and novelist Steve Israel joins the show to discuss his new book on the gun lobby, the future of gun reform, the Democratic Party's chances of retaking the House, and more.

Ep. 243 - Jose Andres

59:39 | May 17th, 2018

Renowned chef and humanitarian Jose Andres joins David to talk about his love of cooking, the political situation in Catalonia, his disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and much more.

Ep. 242 - Tom Price

1:04:44 | May 14th, 2018

Former HHS Secretary Tom Price on his path to politics and healthcare in America.

Ep. 241 - Jeffrey Toobin

1:03:14 | May 10th, 2018

Staff writer for the New Yorker Jeffrey Toobin joins David to talk about working as a prosector in the Oliver North trial, covering the O.J. trial as a journalist, the Mueller investigation, and more.

Ep. 240 - Vladimir Kara-Murza

1:06:15 | May 7th, 2018

Journalist and Russian Pro-Democracy activist Vladimir Kara-Murza discusses Putin’s Russia, the Magnitsky Act, hope for a democratic Russia, and more..

Ep. 239 - Kelly Ayotte

1:04:25 | May 3rd, 2018

Former Senator from New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte discusses her decision not to endorse Donald Trump, her early career as a prosecutor, counseling Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation process, and more.

Ep. 238 - Michael Avenatti

1:03:25 | Apr 30th, 2018

Michael Avenatti, the high-profile attorney representing Stormy Daniels, joins David to chat about how the loss of his father’s job when he was a teenager fueled his own ambitions, his passion for racecar driving, the slew of hard-hitting legal cases...Show More

Ep. 237 - Tom Perriello

1:09:14 | Apr 26th, 2018

Former Congressman Tom Perriello joins David for a conversation on the direction of the Democratic Party, big ideas for 2021 and beyond, lessons he learned in Sierra Leone, and more.

Ep. 236 - Mark Murray

1:01:30 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Senior Political Editor at NBC News Mark Murray joins David to discuss the nationalization of politics, Paul Ryan's departure from Congress, what's in store for Republicans during the 2018 midterm elections, and more.

Ep. 235 - Gov. John Hickenlooper

1:08:06 | Apr 19th, 2018

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado joins David to discuss the hardships of governing under a Republican administration, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, his bipartisan blueprint to fix health care, and much more.

Ep. 234 - Zalmay Khalilzad

1:04:08 | Apr 16th, 2018

Former U.N. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad joins David to discuss his childhood in Afghanistan, what went wrong after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the future of conflict in the Middle East, and more.

Ep. 233 - Ed Miliband

1:07:30 | Apr 12th, 2018

Labour MP and former party leader Ed Miliband joins David to discuss the political climate in Britain, his ongoing battle with Rupert Murdoch, lessons from his 2015 defeat, and more.

Ep. 232 - Stephanie Schriock

1:02:02 | Apr 9th, 2018

President of Emily's List Stephanie Schriock joins David to discuss how growing up in a mining community influenced her politics, her groundbreaking work on the Howard Dean campaign in 2004, and the wave of women running for office in 2018.

Ep. 231 - Major Garrett

1:05:25 | Apr 5th, 2018

Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News, chats with David about the most important story he ever covered, his time at Fox News, the sources of friction in Trump's White House, and more.

Ep. 230 - Charles Barkley

1:03:38 | Apr 1st, 2018

NBA Hall of Famer and TV analyst Charles Barkley joins David to talk about his journey from the segregated South to the NBA, why Trump-era politics “disgust” him, and whether NCAA athletes should get paid.

Ep. 229 - Andrea Mitchell

1:03:45 | Mar 29th, 2018

Andrea Mitchell, anchor and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News, joins David for a conversation about upheaval in Trump's State Department and the new dynamics that will govern Trump's foreign policy moving forward, looking ahead to a po...Show More

Ep. 228 - Michael Phelps

59:43 | Mar 26th, 2018

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps joins David to talk about what it took to become the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, his battles with depression, and more.

Ep. 227 - Chris Cuomo

1:02:18 | Mar 22nd, 2018

CNN television host Chris Cuomo joins David for a wide-ranging conversation on his decision to go into journalism, how his family name held him back, his father's legacy, and more.

Ep. 226 - Peter Wehner

51:30 | Mar 19th, 2018

Pete Wehner, author and former speechwriter for George W. Bush, joins David to discuss Trump's relationship with the Evangelical movement and the weaponization of faith in politics.

Ep. 225 - Ana Marie Cox

1:03:24 | Mar 15th, 2018

Ana Marie Cox, host of the podcast "With Friends Like These," joins David at South By Southwest to discuss her career in journalism from Wonkette to MTV and how an attempted suicide seven years ago in Texas changed her life and led her to turn to fai...Show More

Ep. 224 - Jon Favreau (Live)

56:45 | Mar 12th, 2018

Pod Save America host Jon Favreau joins David for a live show in Austin to discuss his time as a speechwriter for Barack Obama, looking ahead to 2020, the future of progressive politics, and more.

Ep. 223 - Jay Roach

1:05:27 | Mar 8th, 2018

Film director and producer Jay Roach joins David to talk about his transition from directing comedies to political films, #TimesUp in Hollywood, converting to Judaism, and more.

Ep. 222 - Sen. Jeff Flake

1:21:57 | Mar 4th, 2018

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake joins David for the Axe Files on CNN to discuss what drove him out of the Senate, how his Mormonism informs his views on the Muslim ban, whether he thinks Trump will face a primary challenge, and more.

Ep. 221 - Jay Carney

1:07:57 | Mar 1st, 2018

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney joins David to talk about covering an attempted coup in Russia, how the job of press secretary has changed under Trump, his current role at Amazon, and much more.

Ep. 220 - Michael Gerson

1:08:29 | Feb 26th, 2018

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson joins the show to talk about his battle with cancer, a wake-up call for the GOP, his work on PEPFAR, and much more.

Ep. 219 - Mayor Marty Walsh

1:05:42 | Feb 22nd, 2018

Boston mayor Marty Walsh joins the show to talk about his past struggles with addiction, labor unions in the 21st century, his commitment to DACA recipients, gun control, and more.

Ep. 218 - Lawrence O'Donnell

1:08:23 | Feb 19th, 2018

Lawrence O'Donnell, journalist and host of MSNBC's The Last Word, joins David to discuss his rough encounter with the Boston Police Department, the car accident that changed his life, his work on The West Wing, his new book, and much more.

Ep. 217 - Jake Tapper

1:04:38 | Feb 15th, 2018

Journalist and CNN anchor Jake Tapper joins the show to talk about cartooning at Dartmouth, his date with Monica Lewinsky that helped launch his journalism career, moderating the second Republican primary debate, his new novel, and more.

Ep. 216 - Anthony Scaramucci

1:06:40 | Feb 12th, 2018

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci joins David to talk about is upbringing on Long Island, how the economy has impacted communities like his home town, what went wrong during his tenure in the White House, the Rob Porter sc...Show More

Ep. 215 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

1:06:59 | Feb 8th, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joins David at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics' fifth anniversary celebration for a conversation on growing up as the son of a prime minister, the tragic death of his younger brother, his mother...Show More

Ep. 214 - Whoopi Goldberg

1:04:59 | Feb 4th, 2018

Award-winning actress, activist, and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg joins David for the Axe Files on CNN to talk about her personal history with President Trump, her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, her film career, and the Hollywood friendships that...Show More

Ep. 213 - Sen. Mark Warner

1:06:26 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Virginia Senator Mark Warner reacts to the State of the Union address, discusses the latest developments in the Russia investigation, and shares his thoughts on the economic challenges that will define our future.

Ep. 212 - McKay Coppins

59:49 | Jan 29th, 2018

McKay Coppins, author and staff writer for The Atlantic, joins David to talk about his bizarre journey with candidate Donald Trump, Mitt Romney's Mormonism, his recent profile of Mike Pence, and more.

Ep. 211 - David Gregory

1:01:00 | Jan 25th, 2018

Journalist and CNN political analyst David Gregory joins the show to discuss his interview with Joe Biden, covering the Bush administration, his career after Meet the Press, the OJ trial, and more.

Ep. 210 - Ross Douthat

1:04:59 | Jan 22nd, 2018

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat joins David to discuss his faith, why Trump loves the New York Times, Trump's brand of racism, and much more.

Ep. 209 - Norm Ornstein

1:01:56 | Jan 18th, 2018

Author and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute Norm Ornstein joins David to discuss the impact of mental illness in his life, the prospect of political reform post-Trump, the loss of Congressional norms, and more.

Ep. 208 - Condoleezza Rice

1:05:29 | Jan 14th, 2018

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice joins the Axe Files on CNN to discuss her tenure in the Bush administration, foreign policy under the Trump administration, her advice for Oprah, and much more.

Ep. 207 - John Bouman

1:00:41 | Jan 11th, 2018

John Bouman, president of the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, joins David to discuss fighting poverty through the court system, the prospect of welfare reform under President Trump, the Affordable Care Act, and more.

Ep. 206 - Rep. Cheri Bustos

1:05:59 | Jan 8th, 2018

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos joins David to talk about representing a district that voted for Trump, how Democrats can reach out to rural white voters, the state of Democratic leadership, and much more.

Ep. 205 - Jake Sullivan

1:07:04 | Jan 4th, 2018

Jake Sullivan, senior policy advisor to Hillary Clinton's 2016 election campaign, chats with David about his role in negotiating the Iran nuclear agreement, the Steele dossier, deconstructing the Clinton campaign, and more.

Ep. 204 - Adam Nagourney

58:31 | Jan 1st, 2018

Los Angeles Bureau Chief for the New York Times Adam Nagourney joins David to talk about his lifelong love of politics, journalism in New York City, Trump's relationship with the New York Times, and more.

Ep. 203 - Card. Blase Cupich

1:07:10 | Dec 21st, 2017

Cardinal Blase Cupich, archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago, joins David to talk about his journey to the highest levels of the Catholic church, visiting Puerto Rico in aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the impact of the recent tax bill, gun violence...Show More

Ep. 202 - Laura Haim

1:04:10 | Dec 18th, 2017

Laura Haim, journalist and former communications strategist for Emmanuel Macron, joins David to talk about the state of democracy in Europe, covering conflicts around the globe, what she saw in Donald Trump before the Republican primary, and more.

Ep. 202 - Laura Haim

1:04:10 | Dec 18th, 2017

Laura Haim, journalist and former communications strategist for Emmanuel Macron, joins David to talk about the state of democracy in Europe, covering conflicts around the globe, what she saw in Donald Trump before the Republican primary, and more.

Ep. 201 - Rick Santorum

1:17:41 | Dec 14th, 2017

Former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum joins David to talk about his years in both the House and Senate, his path to his Catholic faith, his views on President Trump, and the consequences of Roy Moore's defeat in Alabama.

Ep. 200 - Ed Gillespie

1:22:03 | Dec 11th, 2017

Former Chair of the RNC Ed Gillespie joins the Axe Files to talk about his failed bid for Governor of Virginia, the controversial ads he ran during that race, the candidacy of Roy Moore and the state of the Republican party.

Ep. 199 - Eric Garcetti

1:03:31 | Dec 7th, 2017

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti joins David to talk about the potential impact of the tax bill on his city, the way forward for the Democratic party, his own political future, and much more.

Ep. 198 - Preet Bharara

1:03:57 | Dec 4th, 2017

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara joins David to discuss the latest in the Russia investigation, Michael Flynn's decision to plead guilty to lying to the FBI, controversial appointments the federal judiciary by the Trump administration, his career a...Show More

Ep. 197 - Tom Hanks

1:18:13 | Dec 3rd, 2017

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks joins David to talk about how his career began, films as a part of historical record, the sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood, his views on the Trump presidency, and more.

Ep. 196 - Pete Souza

1:03:59 | Nov 30th, 2017

Former Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza chats with David about serving under two presidents, his first encounter with Barack Obama, working as a photojournalist during the war in Afghanistan, and more.

Ep. 195 - David Sanger

1:02:17 | Nov 27th, 2017

Chief Washington Correspondent of The New York Times David Sanger joins the show to talk about how we arrived at the crisis point with North Korea, the new frontier of cyber warfare, and the state of journalism, and more.

Ep. 194 - Steve Kerr

1:07:07 | Nov 26th, 2017

Head coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr rejoins David for the Axe Files on CNN to talk about his life, his struggles with chronic pain, and his political activism following the election of Donald Trump.

Ep. 193 - Kathleen Sebelius

1:07:46 | Nov 22nd, 2017

Former HHS Secretary and two term Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius discusses her family's legacy in politics, sexual harassment in America, and the future of Obamacare under the Trump administration.

Ep. 192 - Donna Brazile

1:07:29 | Nov 20th, 2017

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile sit down with David to discuss her early work with Rev. Jesse Jackson, moving up through the ranks of the Democratic Party, systemic issues in the DNC, the accusations in her new book, and more.

Ep. 191 - Tony Blair

1:04:12 | Nov 16th, 2017

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair joins David in London to talk about the implications of Brexit, the Trump/Brexit connection, his dealings since stepping away from British politics, and more.

Ep. 190 - Christiane Amanpour

59:00 | Nov 13th, 2017

CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour joins David in London to discuss growing up in Iran during the revolution, her experience covering the first Gulf War, her relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr., the refugee crisis, and much m...Show More

Ep. 189 - Fred Hochberg

58:00 | Nov 9th, 2017

Former Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg chats with David about the evolution of gay and transgender rights issues, his replacement at EXIM, trade issues in the United States, and more.

Ep. 188 - Susan E. Rice

1:17:15 | Nov 6th, 2017

Ambassador Susan E. Rice joins David to talk about lessons learned from Rwanda to Syria, the threat from North Korea, the need for American leadership in the world, the Tuskegee Airmen, and much more.

Ep. 187 - Gov. Terry McAuliffe

1:01:52 | Nov 2nd, 2017

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joins David to talk about the races in Virginia, his winning formula in a Southern state, what Democrats need to focus on in 2018, the Mueller investigation, and more.

Ep. 186 - Bakari Sellers

1:02:01 | Oct 30th, 2017

Former South Carolina State Representative Bakari Sellers joins the show to talk about his family's involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, the Orangeburg Massacre, politics in the South, voting rights, and more.

Ep. 185 - Karen Tumulty

1:00:11 | Oct 26th, 2017

Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty joins David to talk about growing up in military family, Trump's controversial call with a military widow, the many changes in the field of journalism, and more.

Ep. 184 - David Miliband

57:20 | Oct 23rd, 2017

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, joins the show to talk about the refugee crisis, the forces shaping European politics, his work at the IRC, and more.

Ep. 183 - Ta-Nehisi Coates

1:03:04 | Oct 19th, 2017

Author and writer for The Atlantic Magazine Ta-Nehisi Coates sits down with David to talk about his upbringing in Baltimore, his early forays into journalism, race and politics in America, his reflections on the Obama presidency, and much more.

Ep. 182 - Sen. Michael Bennet

1:03:06 | Oct 16th, 2017

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet chats with David about securing the future of our democracy, making tough choices as a a school superintendent in Denver, his work on the DREAM Act, and more.

Ep. 181 - Rep. Nancy Pelosi

1:07:03 | Oct 14th, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joins the Axe Files once again to talk about her negotiations with President Trump on the Dreamers, the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, her hopes for women in public service, and more.

Ep. 180 - David Rubenstein

58:14 | Oct 12th, 2017

Financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein joins David to talk about his modest beginnings in Baltimore, working in the White House for Jimmy Carter, the importance of civic education, and more.

Ep. 179 - David Litt

1:05:35 | Oct 9th, 2017

Former Obama speechwriter David Litt discusses his early days as a field organizer for Obama in 2008, his botched interview with the CIA, and other lessons learned during his ongoing career in politics as told in his new book, "Thanks, Obama: My Hope...Show More

Ep. 178 - Jason Kander

1:03:35 | Oct 5th, 2017

Jason Kander, Missouri politician and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, joins David to discuss gun control in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas, charting a path forward in the Middle East, fighting voter suppression, and more.

Ep. 177 - Jeff Roe

1:02:35 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Republican campaign strategist Jeff Roe sits down with David to talk about working his way up in politics, the defeat of Luther Strange in Alabama, the urgency in the White House to notch a policy win, and how Trump impacts Republican candidates in 2...Show More

Ep. 176 - Jim Baker

1:14:37 | Sep 30th, 2017

James A. Baker III, Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan, joins David to talk about decision-making in the aftermath of an assassination attempt on Reagan, the ongoing anthem protests in the NFL, imposing discipline in a Trump White House, the coarsening ...Show More

Ep. 175 - Bill Bradley

1:05:46 | Sep 28th, 2017

Former Senator and Hall of Fame basketball player Bill Bradley talks with David about fighting for a player's union in the NBA, the prospect of tax reform, creating compromise in the Senate, and more.

Ep. 174 - Gayle King

59:10 | Sep 25th, 2017

CBS This Morning host Gayle King sits down with David to discuss her formative years in Turkey, the divisions in America today, her friendship with Oprah, raising two kids as a working mom, and more.

Special Episode - David Axelrod

1:19:20 | Sep 21st, 2017

The tables have turned as David joins hosts Katie Couric and Brian Goldsmith on the Katie Couric podcast to talk about his career in politics and journalism, what the election of Donald Trump means for the country, how he feels about the attempted un...Show More

Ep. 173 - Rep. Seth Moulton

1:02:02 | Sep 18th, 2017

Congressman Seth Moulton sits down with David to talk about his military service, President Trump's shortcomings as commander-in-chief, the situation in North Korea, helping more veterans get elected to public office, and more.

Ep. 172 - Sen. Joe Donnelly

1:03:47 | Sep 14th, 2017

Senator Joe Donnelly joins David to talk about the challenge of making tough votes in Congress, why he thinks the Dream Act will get to the Senate floor, the opioid crisis, the future of the Democratic party, and more.

Ep. 171 - Gov. Jay Inslee

58:55 | Sep 11th, 2017

Washington Governor Jay Inslee sits down with David to talk about the DACA decision, the importance of electing more Democratic governors, the future of the green economy, climate change, and more.

Ep. 170 - Sen. Patty Murray

1:03:08 | Sep 7th, 2017

Washington Senator Patty Murray joins David to discuss President Trump's brinkmanship in North Korea, the importance of female leadership in Congress, and her path from a mom in tennis shoes to the most powerful woman in the Senate.

Ep. 169 - Don Rose

1:01:38 | Sep 4th, 2017

Don Rose, legendary Chicago political consultant and former press secretary to Martin Luther King Jr., joins David to talk about his role in the civil rights movement from a very early age, how he helped organize the 1968 Democratic Convention protes...Show More

Ep. 168 - Penny Pritzker

1:03:36 | Aug 28th, 2017

Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker joins David to talk about her family's humble beginnings, what Trump's proposed immigration policies could mean for the country, the future of our economy, and more.

Ep. 167 - Rahm Emanuel

1:07:58 | Aug 17th, 2017

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reacts to Trump's controversial statements on Charlottesville, discusses the city's lawsuit over the Trump administration's immigration policies, shares his advice for the Democratic Party ahead of the 2018 midterms, and mo...Show More

Ep. 166 - Rep. Luis Gutierrez

1:05:43 | Aug 14th, 2017

Congressman Luis Gutierrez discusses his formative years in Puerto Rico, his political education in Chicago alongside Harold Washington, and his hopes and fears for immigration policy under the Trump administration.

Ep. 165 - Gary Hart

1:05:32 | Aug 7th, 2017

Former Senator Gary Hart joins David to talk about his rural roots in Kansas, his torpedoed presidential campaign, the implications Russia investigation for the Trump presidency, and how it feels to be portrayed by Hugh Jackman in an upcoming movie.

Ep. 164 - Rep. Adam Kinzinger

1:00:26 | Jul 31st, 2017

Congressman Adam Kinzinger joins David to discuss his early forays into politics as a college student, Trump's strained relationship with Congress, the evolving threat in North Korea, and more.

Ep. 163 - Mitch Landrieu

1:09:09 | Jul 24th, 2017

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu talks about his family's deep political roots in the South, rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, his decision to remove Confederate monuments from his city, and why Democrats can't write off another Trump v...Show More

Ep. 162 - Rep. John Lewis

1:11:55 | Jul 15th, 2017

Congressman John Lewis joins David in Atlanta to talk about his experiences during the Civil Rights Movement, how far America has come on the issue of race, his views on President Donald Trump, and his emotional reaction to an audio exhibit at the Ce...Show More

Ep. 161- George Stephanopoulos

1:05:58 | Jul 10th, 2017

Chief Anchor for ABC News George Stephanopoulos chats with David about his previous career in politics, the Trump administration's tense relationship with the press, and what the appointment of a Special Counsel portends for the White House.

Ep. 160 - Sen. Cory Booker

1:04:22 | Jul 3rd, 2017

Sen. Cory Booker joins David to talk about his humbling experiences in Newark, racism in America, his mindset ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and more.

Ep. 159 - Dana Bash

1:02:32 | Jun 26th, 2017

CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash sits down with David to discuss the Senate health care bill, her experience covering the 9/11 attacks from Capitol Hill, and the roots of political gridlock in Washington.

Ep. 158 - Bill Daley

1:01:14 | Jun 22nd, 2017

Bill Daley, former White House chief of staff to President Obama and Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, chats with David about his father's and his brother's tenures as mayors of Chicago, the consequences of NAFTA, the build-up to the Osa...Show More

Ep. 157 - Steven Greenhouse

1:00:36 | Jun 19th, 2017

Former labor correspondent for The New York Times Steven Greenhouse joins David to discuss the gig economy, the decline of unions, and his message for journalists in the Trump era.

Ep. 156 - Bob Dold

1:02:54 | Jun 15th, 2017

Former Rep. Bob Dold talks with David about being a Republican in a blue district, running a business during the recession, and the problems a Trump administration poses for moderate Republicans.

Ep. 155 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren

1:04:55 | Jun 12th, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins David to talk about the myriad challenges facing the middle class in the 21st century, her ongoing battles in the Senate, and her new book "This Fight is Our Fight."

Ep. 154 - Geoffrey Stone

1:06:51 | Jun 8th, 2017

Geoffrey Stone, University of Chicago law professor and author, speaks with David Axelrod about his impressions of his former law school student, James Comey; the likelihood that Roe v. Wade will be overturned in President Trump's term and the conseq...Show More

Ep. 153 - Sen. Tom Cotton

55:02 | Jun 5th, 2017

Sen. Tom Cotton, Republican from Arkansas, talks with David Axelrod about why he decided to join the Army and what he learned during his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan; his assessment of the evolving relationship between the U.S. and its Europea...Show More

Ep. 152 - Alfredo Corchado

1:00:50 | Jun 1st, 2017

Alfredo Corchado, author and journalist at the Dallas Morning News, talks with David Axelrod about the two chance encounters that inspired him to pursue a career in journalism, the dangers he and others have experienced while reporting on the Mexican...Show More

Ep. 151 - Brian Deese

1:01:56 | May 29th, 2017

Brian Deese, former senior advisor to President Obama, talks with David Axelrod about the instrumental role Deese played in the 2009 auto bailout, the consequences associated with rolling back financial regulatory reforms, and why he believes the Oba...Show More

Ep. 150 - Grover Norquist

1:05:09 | May 25th, 2017

Grover Norquist, political advocate and president of Americans for Tax Reform, talks with David Axelrod about how he envisioned his anti-tax pledge as a young boy, his hopes for tax reform under the Trump administration, and what it was like to win t...Show More

Ep. 149 - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

48:10 | May 22nd, 2017

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand talks with David about how her faith helps her forge relationships in Congress, how the Democratic Party can rebuild after the 2016 election, and what she thinks about the latest developments in the investigation into ties bet...Show More

Ep. 148 - Tony Blinken

1:04:20 | May 18th, 2017

Former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken discusses spending his formative years overseas, how his experiences during the Kosovo War impacts his understanding of the Syrian conflict, and the diplomatic challenges faced by the Trump administration...Show More

Ep. 147 - Gov. Jerry Brown

1:27:06 | May 14th, 2017

Jerry Brown, the governor of California, talks with David Axelrod about the lessons he's learned from a remarkable career in American politics, his advice for an embattled President Trump, what the Democratic Party can do to improve its standing in t...Show More

Ep. 146 - Chelsea Handler

59:05 | May 11th, 2017

Chelsea Handler, comedian and creator of the Netflix show "Chelsea," sits down with David Axelrod to discuss the work she's doing on behalf of Syrian refugees, why the election of Donald Trump compelled her to become more politically active, and how ...Show More

Ep. 145 - Jennifer Granholm

59:52 | May 8th, 2017

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, talks with David Axelrod about her searing experiences while governing through an economic crisis, why she thinks the Democratic Party needs to develop a comprehensive jobs plan, and how she prepared to...Show More

Ep. 144 - Gov. John Kasich

49:53 | May 4th, 2017

John Kasich, the governor of Ohio and former presidential candidate, talks with David Axelrod about his working-class upbringing in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania; his assessment of the opening months of the Trump administration; and what his political f...Show More

Ep. 143 - Rep. Ro Khanna

1:01:42 | May 1st, 2017

Rep. Ro Khanna, congressman from California, talks with David Axelrod about the need for the Democratic Party to develop an effective economic message that resonates in every part of the country, why he supported Bernie Sanders in last year's Democra...Show More

Ep. 142 - Shailagh Murray

1:04:29 | Apr 27th, 2017

Shailagh Murray, former senior advisor to President Obama, talks with David Axelrod about the decades she spent as a journalist before transitioning into government service, the changing nature of the President's bully pulpit in the 21st century medi...Show More

Ep. 141 - Dan Shapiro

1:08:41 | Apr 24th, 2017

Dan Shapiro, the former ambassador to Israel during the Obama administration, talks with David Axelrod about the prospects for Middle East peace, his assessment of the State Department's performance in the opening months of the Trump administration, ...Show More

Ep. 140 - Rep. Adam Schiff

1:04:46 | Apr 20th, 2017

Adam Schiff, congressman from California and leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, talks with David Axelrod about his committee's investigation into possible connections between the Russians who interfered in the U.S. presidential ele...Show More

Ep. 139 - Lisa Monaco

1:06:55 | Apr 17th, 2017

Lisa Monaco, the former homeland security adviser to President Obama, talks with David Axelrod about what she thinks are the greatest threats facing America today, why the Trump administration's travel ban hurts our counterterrorism efforts, and why ...Show More

Ep. 138 - Jason Benetti

1:03:07 | Apr 13th, 2017

Jason Benetti, play-by-play man for the Chicago White Sox, joins David to discuss how he overcame the effects of cerebral palsy to become a television broadcaster, his hopes and fears for people with disabilities, and the art of the call.

Ep. 137 - Jim Sciutto

1:02:53 | Apr 10th, 2017

Jim Sciutto, CNN's chief national security correspondent, talks with David Axelrod about the impact his Jesuit education had on his worldview, the complex nature of the U.S.-China relationship, the key question that world leaders and diplomats are as...Show More

Ep. 136 - Ben Smith

1:03:16 | Apr 6th, 2017

Ben Smith, the editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed, talks with David Axelrod about BuzzFeed's approach to journalism and how he responds to the organization's critics, why Donald Trump has reenergized the news media, why BuzzFeed decided to publish the Trump...Show More

Ep. 135 - Sen. John McCain

54:07 | Apr 2nd, 2017

Senator John McCain talks with David Axelrod about the threat Russia poses to Western democracies, why he is more worried now about America than he has ever been before, what he misses most about his early days in the House and Senate, and why Donald...Show More

Ep. 134 - Joe Maddon

1:03:33 | Mar 30th, 2017

Joe Maddon, manager of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, joins David before Opening Day to talk about his working class upbringing in Pennsylvania, his path towards an unconventional leadership style, the Cubs' prospects for a repeat, and more.

Ep. 133 - Julián Castro

1:02:14 | Mar 27th, 2017

Julián Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, talks with David Axelrod about why Housing and Urban Development programs are important to rural and urban communities and should be preserved; Donald Trump's strained relationship...Show More

Ep. 132 - Wendy Sherman

1:08:40 | Mar 23rd, 2017

Wendy Sherman, the former lead negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal, talks with David Axelrod about how her experience in social work prepared her for a career in politics and international diplomacy; the inner-workings of the Iran nuclear deal; and w...Show More

Ep. 131 - Jackie Calmes

1:06:01 | Mar 20th, 2017

Jackie Calmes, the veteran newspaper reporter, talks with David Axelrod about the pressures journalists face covering President Trump, her concerns for the future of the news business, her experiences covering three presidencies and the Gingrich Revo...Show More

Ep. 130 - Michael Froman

57:40 | Mar 16th, 2017

Michael Froman, the former U.S. Trade Representative, talks with David Axelrod about why technology and not free trade poses the biggest threat to middle class jobs and wages in America; what the U.S. stands to lose by withdrawing from the Trans-Paci...Show More

Ep. 129 - Pete Buttigieg

1:01:35 | Mar 13th, 2017

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, talks with David Axelrod about Donald Trump’s appeal in communities like South Bend; how urban economies can thrive amid the challenges posed by globalization; why he ran for chairman of the Democrati...Show More

Ep. 128 - Sen. Kamala Harris

1:02:12 | Mar 9th, 2017

Kamala Harris, the newly-elected senator from California, talks with David Axelrod about the prospects for criminal justice reform legislation in Congress, why she believes President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee must be approved with 60 votes, her a...Show More

Ep. 127 - Kasim Reed

55:39 | Mar 6th, 2017

Kasim Reed, the mayor of Atlanta, talks with David Axelrod about why President Trump often criticizes big cities like Atlanta, why Democrats must work through their internal differences and unite as a party, and why he believes President Trump plans ...Show More

Ep. 126 - Madeleine Albright

1:02:15 | Mar 2nd, 2017

Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State, speaks with David Axelrod about her experiences as a young political refugee in the 1940s and how that shapes her view of President Trump’s travel ban; the effect the Trump presidency is having on th...Show More

Ep. 125 - Jeffrey Goldberg

1:04:49 | Feb 27th, 2017

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic magazine, talks with David Axelrod about the prospects for Middle East peace during the Trump administration, the demands of leading a news organization in the Trump era, and what Trump’s foreign poli...Show More

Ep. 124 - Bill Kristol

1:07:57 | Feb 23rd, 2017

Bill Kristol, the neoconservative commentator and founder of The Weekly Standard, talks with David Axelrod about his experiences as Dan Quayle’s chief of staff, the unnerving first month of the Trump administration, and why he believes nation-buildin...Show More

Ep. 123 - Corey Lewandowski

1:06:14 | Feb 20th, 2017

Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager to Donald Trump throughout the Republican primary, talks with David Axelrod about the career he led prior to becoming a figure in national politics, his response to reports alleging that Trump campaign official...Show More

Ep. 122 - Mike Leavitt

59:02 | Feb 16th, 2017

Mike Leavitt, former governor of Utah, talks with David Axelrod about the Republican path forward on the Affordable Care Act, the health care lessons he learned serving as President Bush’s Health and Human Services Secretary, his views as a former EP...Show More

Ep. 121 - Nancy-Ann DeParle

1:02:03 | Feb 13th, 2017

Nancy-Ann DeParle, one of the lead authors of the Affordable Care Act, talks with David Axelrod about Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, the consequences for people and for the health insurance market if the law is repealed without an adequate l...Show More

Ep. 120 - J.D. Vance

1:01:34 | Feb 9th, 2017

J.D. Vance, author of the bestselling book Hillbilly Elegy, talks with David Axelrod about what it was that attracted working class voters to President Trump, why he’s so concerned by the clustering of homogenous communities in America, and what he t...Show More

Ep. 119 - Matt Bai

1:03:51 | Feb 6th, 2017

Matt Bai, the national political columnist for Yahoo! News, talks with David Axelrod about the intersection between politics, media, and celebrity; the media’s role in Donald Trump’s political rise; and how news organizations can effectively cover Pr...Show More

Ep. 118 - Carl Bernstein

1:08:47 | Feb 2nd, 2017

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein talks with David Axelrod about his memories as a young copy boy at The Washington Star, the details of the landmark reporting he did that exposed the Watergate cover-up and led to President Nixon’s resignation, how...Show More

Ep. 117 - Natalie Jaresko

1:00:29 | Jan 30th, 2017

Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine's former Finance Minister, chats with David Axelrod about her Ukrainian-American upbringing in Chicago, how Russia’s violation of international norms could portend global upheaval, and the potential costs of a Trump administr...Show More

Ep. 116 - Cody Keenan

57:35 | Jan 26th, 2017

Cody Keenan, former chief speechwriter to President Obama, talks with David Axelrod about his evolution from intern in the speechwriting department of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign to becoming the President’s chief speechwriter; how President ...Show More

Ep. 115 - Cecile Richards

59:21 | Jan 23rd, 2017

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, talks with David Axelrod about growing up in deep-red Texas as the daughter of prominent Democratic activists, the gains made in women’s health over the past eight years, and in what ways that progres...Show More

Ep. 114 - Thomas Friedman

1:04:50 | Jan 19th, 2017

Thomas Friedman, three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, talks with David Axelrod about the prospects for the Middle East peace process in the Trump era, the rapid changes transforming society which he chronicles in his la...Show More

Ep. 113 - Theo Epstein

1:12:14 | Jan 16th, 2017

Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations for the World Series champion Chicago Cubs, chats with David about growing up in Massachusetts, becoming general manager of the Boston Red Sox at only 28 years old, how his use of advanced analytics help...Show More

Ep. 112 - Chris Wallace

1:01:38 | Jan 12th, 2017

Chris Wallace, the longtime journalist and host of Fox News Sunday, talks with David Axelrod about why Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign was the best he ever covered; why he thinks the Obama administration could have done better at outreach ...Show More

Ep. 111 - John Brennan

1:01:57 | Jan 9th, 2017

John Brennan, the outgoing CIA Director, talks with David Axelrod about the consequences that could arise from devaluing the intelligence community, the Russian hack into the Democratic National Committee’s computers, the many geopolitical challenges...Show More

Ep. 110 - Sean Spicer

49:33 | Jan 5th, 2017

Sean Spicer, incoming White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for Donald Trump, talks with David Axelrod about what he hopes to achieve in his new job, Trump’s skepticism toward the intelligence community’s assessment of the Russian h...Show More

Ep. 109 - Mark Shriver

55:23 | Jan 2nd, 2017

Mark Shriver, the author and children’s rights advocate, talks with David Axelrod about the enduring legacies his parents left on the nation and on the wider world, why losing a Congressional race became a great personal development for him, what com...Show More

Ep. 108 - President Barack Obama

58:07 | Dec 26th, 2016

President Barack Obama sits down with David Axelrod to discuss their shared history together, how President Obama managed to stay grounded during turbulent moments of his childhood and adolescence, why the Obama presidency struggled to overcome the p...Show More

Ep. 107 - Eli Attie

1:03:44 | Dec 22nd, 2016

Eli Attie, writer for The West Wing and former political speechwriter, talks with David Axelrod about how he went from being a speechwriter to writing television scripts for one of the most notable shows on American politics, his recollection of bein...Show More

Ep. 106 - Tammy Duckworth

58:47 | Dec 19th, 2016

Tammy Duckworth, the U.S. Senator-elect from Illinois, talks with David Axelrod about her childhood in Southeast Asia, the harrowing day in Iraq when the helicopter she was co-piloting came under attack, her concerns with Donald Trump’s reliance on t...Show More

Ep. 105 - Denis McDonough

1:04:13 | Dec 15th, 2016

Denis McDonough, the White House Chief of Staff, talks with David Axelrod about how growing up in a house with ten brothers and sisters was good preparation for life, why he thinks it would prove difficult for the next administration to undo aspects ...Show More

Ep. 104 - Alex Castellanos

1:02:22 | Dec 12th, 2016

Alex Castellanos, longtime Republican consultant, talks with David Axelrod about his childhood experiences in Cuba, the importance of storytelling and authenticity in politics, why he thinks Donald Trump could be an effective president, and what he b...Show More

Ep. 103 - Sen. Harry Reid

48:12 | Dec 8th, 2016

Harry Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, sits down with David to talk about the changes he’s seen in Washington during his 34 years there, what he views as the greatest professional joy of his life, and how Democrats should approach a Donald Trump pre...Show More

Ep. 102 - Davis Guggenheim

1:00:35 | Dec 5th, 2016

Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim chats with David about the growing negativity of political media, working with Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth, and the shared pathology between D.C. and Hollywood.

Ep. 101 - Alex Wagner

55:14 | Dec 1st, 2016

Alex Wagner, the journalist and political commentator, talks with David Axelrod about her early exposure to politics as the daughter of a Democratic field organizer, what lessons the news media and voters should draw from Donald Trump’s election, and...Show More

Ep. 100 - Doris Kearns Goodwin

1:02:41 | Nov 28th, 2016

Doris Kearns Goodwin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, talks with David Axelrod about her love of baseball, the power of storytelling in politics, why being tested by adversity is an important experience for our leaders, and much more.

Ep. 98 - Larry Summers

54:01 | Nov 21st, 2016

Larry Summers, U.S. economist and former Treasury Secretary, talks with David Axelrod about growing up in a family of renowned economists, shares his view of what did and did not cause the financial crisis in 2008, and forecasts the economic implicat...Show More

Ep. 97 - Douglas Alexander

53:43 | Nov 17th, 2016

Douglas Alexander, former British Labour politician and U.K. Cabinet Minister, chats with David Axelrod about how the closure of a car plant ignited his interest in politics, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, Donald Trump’s victory in t...Show More

Ep. 96 - Michael Morell

1:08:56 | Nov 14th, 2016

Michael Morell, the former acting director of the CIA, reflects on George W. Bush and Barack Obama after serving both presidents for years; shares his harrowing experience of being with President Bush on 9/11, and the subsequent decisions that he bel...Show More

Ep. 95 - Van Jones

1:01:42 | Nov 10th, 2016

Van Jones, political activist and CNN commentator, talks with David about Tuesday’s election results and the cultural chasm that exists in America, his childhood in rural Tennessee and the important relationship he had with his father, and why he won...Show More

Ep. 94 - John Weaver

53:10 | Nov 7th, 2016

John Weaver, veteran Republican strategist, talks to David about how he sees the election unfolding and what the result will mean for governing in Washington, what he thinks John Kasich will do next, and how a career in politics takes a personal toll...Show More

Ep. 93 - DeRay Mckesson

59:37 | Nov 3rd, 2016

DeRay Mckesson, one of the most prominent leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement, talks to David about his decision to endorse Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, his organization’s work to end police violence, the importance of public education, and hi...Show More

Ep. 92 - Carl Hulse

55:27 | Oct 31st, 2016

Carl Hulse, chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times, reflects on how Congress has changed during his years covering the institution, discusses what Paul Ryan’s political future may hold, and provides some insight into how Merrick Garlan...Show More

Ep. 91 - Sec. John Kerry

1:01:36 | Oct 27th, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry talks to David about his service in Vietnam, why he chose to concede quickly after losing the 2004 presidential election, and his time in the U.S. Senate and how the institution has changed in recent decades.

Ep. 90 - Tim Kaine

46:40 | Oct 24th, 2016

Tim Kaine, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee and senator from Virginia, talks to David about his experience doing missionary work in Honduras with the Jesuits and the liberation theology he was exposed to there, why Congress should pass a new ...Show More

Ep. 89 - John Heilemann

1:08:24 | Oct 20th, 2016

John Heilemann, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics and best-selling author of Game Change, talks with David about Trump’s electoral end game, his own short but momentous stint as a political aide, and why his personality traits were ultimately ...Show More

Ep. 88 - Ron Brownstein

58:56 | Oct 17th, 2016

Ron Brownstein, columnist at The Atlantic and longtime political journalist, talks to David about working for Ralph Nader in the 1970s, the intersection between Hollywood and Washington, and the demographic realities that will likely determine the pr...Show More

Ep. 87 - Maureen Dowd

1:00:45 | Oct 13th, 2016

Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, talks with David about growing up in Washington, D.C., how newsrooms have changed since she became a journalist in the 1970s, and how she views the presidents and would-be preside...Show More

Ep. 86 - Gary Johnson

58:05 | Oct 10th, 2016

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, talks with David about his foreign policy vision, the Johnson administration’s approach to illegal drugs, and his infamous Aleppo moment.

Ep. 85 - Fareed Zakaria

1:03:47 | Oct 6th, 2016

Fareed Zakaria talks to David about some of the most intractable problems around the globe—including how America should respond to the social and political upheaval in the Middle East, and to escalating tensions with Russia.

Ep. 84 - Lin-Manuel Miranda

44:41 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton," talks to David about what he learned from meeting Stephen Sondheim in high school, what would surprise the Founders about our politics today, his advocacy for Puerto Rico as Congress...Show More

Ep. 83 - Tom Brokaw

1:07:27 | Sep 29th, 2016

Tom Brokaw, the legendary NBC News journalist, talks to David about his humble roots in South Dakota, covering the last days of the Nixon White House, the experience of being a news anchor during national tragedies like the Space Shuttle Challenger e...Show More

Ep. 82 - Barney Frank

1:02:34 | Sep 26th, 2016

Barney Frank, longtime former congressman from Massachusetts, talks with David about his involvement in the civil rights movement, the challenges he faced as a gay man in public life in the 1970s, his work on the landmark Dodd-Frank financial reform ...Show More

Ep. 81 - Michael Steele (Live)

1:05:40 | Sep 22nd, 2016

Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, talks with David about the three years he spent in a Catholic seminary, his first job in politics working for Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, and the challenges he faced as le...Show More

Ep. 80 - Karl Rove

1:02:57 | Sep 19th, 2016

Karl Rove, former White House senior adviser and deputy chief of staff, and the mastermind behind President George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns, sits down with David to discuss his early passion for politics, his assessment of the Bush years,...Show More

Ep. 79 - EJ Dionne

58:29 | Sep 15th, 2016

EJ Dionne, long-time op-ed columnist for The Washington Post and author of “Why the Right Went Wrong", chats with David about his start in journalism, the Catholic Church under Pope Francis, what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need to do to win the...Show More

Ep. 78 - Peter Hart

1:00:01 | Sep 12th, 2016

Peter Hart, a veteran U.S. pollster who has helped produce the NBC-Wall Street Journal poll for the last three decades, speaks to David about the odds of Donald Trump winning in November, what he thinks Hillary Clinton should do to defeat him, the hi...Show More

Ep. 77 - Caroline Kennedy

49:45 | Sep 8th, 2016

Caroline Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, sits down with David to discuss her memories of the White House, her mother’s strength in the wake of her father’s death, her wide-ranging career from the New York City Dept. of Education to her current rol...Show More

Ep. 76 - Graham Moore

1:04:13 | Sep 6th, 2016

Academy Award-winning screenwriter of 'The Imitation Game' Graham Moore sits down with David to discuss what motivated him to speak publicly about his struggles with mental illness, why he likes writing historical fiction, his love of science, his ne...Show More

Ep. 75 - Fr. Michael Pfleger

1:00:14 | Aug 29th, 2016

Father Michael Pfleger, senior pastor at Saint Sabina Church and social activist on Chicago's South Side, sits down with David to discuss violence and police accountability in Chicago and across the nation, the influence that Martin Luther King Jr. h...Show More

Ep. 74 - Robert Gibbs

1:11:10 | Aug 22nd, 2016

Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary for President Obama, sits down with David to discuss his childhood in Alabama, his experience working for Sen. Fritz Hollings, Obama's 2008 campaign, life in the White House briefing room, and more.

Ep. 73 - Sec. Tom Vilsack

1:07:20 | Aug 15th, 2016

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack joins David to talk about his humble beginnings in Iowa, his relationship with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party's struggles in rural America, and more.

Ep. 72 - Deval Patrick

1:02:21 | Aug 8th, 2016

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick joins David to discuss his upbringing in Chicago, his experience studying in Darfur, police-community relations, and more.

Ep. 71 - John Dickerson

1:01:01 | Aug 1st, 2016

John Dickerson, host of “Face the Nation,” sits down with David at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to talk about the genesis of the Trump campaign, the death of real news, his new book, and more.

Ep. 70 - Paul Simon

1:03:36 | Jul 28th, 2016

Legendary musician Paul Simon sits down with David at the DNC in Philadelphia to chat about the 1970 breakup of Simon & Garfunkel, this fall's presidential election, and why he’s not retiring just yet.

Ep. 69 - SE Cupp

59:47 | Jul 25th, 2016

SE Cupp, CNN commentator and conservative columnist, talks to David about why she won’t vote for Donald Trump in November, her time as a professional ballet dancer when she was a teenager, her battle with depression and an eating disorder, her views ...Show More

Ep. 68 - Mark McKinnon

1:00:27 | Jul 21st, 2016

Mark McKinnon, a veteran GOP strategist who was chief media advisor for President George W. Bush’s campaigns in 2000 and 2004, sits down with David at the Republican national convention in Cleveland to discuss his switch from the Democratic to the Re...Show More

Ep. 67 - Hugh Hewitt

1:03:55 | Jul 18th, 2016

Hugh Hewitt, columnist and radio host of "The Hugh Hewitt Show," talks to David about his time as a young researcher to President Richard Nixon, how he went from describing Trump as a “stage-IV cancer” to supporting his candidacy, his thoughts on Hil...Show More

Ep. 66 - Jeffrey DeLaurentis

52:55 | Jul 14th, 2016

Jeffrey DeLaurentis, chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, sits down with David to discuss his career at the State Department, his three posts in Cuba, the Obama administration’s push to normalize relations between the two countries, ...Show More

Ep. 65 - Newton Minow

1:14:54 | Jul 11th, 2016

Newton Minow, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, sits down with David to discuss the clandestine role he and his agency played during the Cuban missile crisis, his personal reminiscences of Lyndon Johnson, Adlai Stevenson and o...Show More

Ep. 64 - Maggie Haberman

53:32 | Jul 7th, 2016

Maggie Haberman, presidential campaign correspondent at The New York Times, chats with David about her family’s journalism background, her time on the City Hall beat, what it was like covering 9/11, the 2016 race, and more.

Ep. 63 - Paul Begala

1:03:50 | Jul 4th, 2016

Paul Begala, adviser to the pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA, talks to David about his loss to Hank the Hallucination at the University of Texas, his years working for President Bill Clinton, his thoughts on the 2016 race, and more.

Ep. 62 - Sen. Susan Collins

50:17 | Jun 30th, 2016

Sen. Susan Collins, Republican from Maine, chats with David about her two decades on Capitol Hill, her relationship with Hillary Clinton, why she is not yet ready to endorse Donald Trump, and more.

Ep. 61 - Isaac Lee

54:57 | Jun 27th, 2016

Isaac Lee, chief news and digital officer of Univision News and CEO of Fusion, chats with David about his grandfather fighting the Nazis and later moving to Colombia, the death threats Lee received as editor in chief of one of Colombia's leading inve...Show More

Ep. 60 - Sen. Al Franken

1:02:06 | Jun 23rd, 2016

Minnesota Senator Al Franken talks with David about his journey from comedian to politician, his work on mental health issues, Congressional dysfunction, the Orlando shooting, and more.

Ep. 59 - Bill Walton

1:02:35 | Jun 20th, 2016

Bill Walton, one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history and former basketball announcer for ABC, ESPN, and NBC, chats with David about the importance of leadership, what he learned playing for John Wooden at UCLA, how his back troubles nearly drov...Show More

Ep. 58 - Beth Myers

58:26 | Jun 13th, 2016

Beth Myers, who served as senior adviser to Mitt Romney on his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, sits down with David to discuss her wide-ranging career from working with Karl Rove in Texas to Romney in Massachusetts, the state of the Republican ...Show More

Ep. 57 - Tim Phillips

57:35 | Jun 9th, 2016

Tim Philips, president of Americans for Prosperity, chats with David about growing up in South Carolina, his admiration of Ronald Reagan, and leading the conservative advocacy movement.

Ep. 56 - Tom Harkin

58:38 | Jun 6th, 2016

Tom Harkin, retired Democratic senator from Iowa, sits down with David to discuss his four decades in Congress, his work on the Americans with Disabilities Act, his take on the 2016 presidential race, and much more.

Ep. 55 - Jeff Greenfield

56:57 | Jun 3rd, 2016

Jeff Greenfield, an award-winning journalist who writes for the Daily Beast and Politico, chats with David about what it was like working for Robert F. Kennedy before his assassination in 1968, his views of the current presidential race, and much mor...Show More

Ep. 54 - Eric Holder

57:57 | May 30th, 2016

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sits down with David at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics to discuss his childhood in New York City, his tenure at the Justice Department, his views on Donald Trump, Edward Snowden, and much more...Show More

Ep. 53 - Ilana Dayan

1:02:25 | May 26th, 2016

Leading Israeli news anchor Ilana Dayan chats with David about her career as a reporter in Israel, her thoughts on Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, U.S.-Israeli relations, and the prospects for a two-state solution.

Ep. 52 - Katie Couric

1:06:18 | May 23rd, 2016

Katie Couric, global anchor for Yahoo News, sits down with David in her New York apartment to discuss her wide-ranging journalism career from 9/11 to “The Today Show” to her 2008 interview with Sarah Palin, her views on the current media landscape, a...Show More

Ep. 50 - Michael Nutter

53:24 | May 16th, 2016

Michael Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia, speaks with David about going from nightclub disc jockey to City Council representative to mayor of the country’s fifth-largest city, his views on how to improve community policing, and his take on a poss...Show More

Ep. 49 - Jon Stewart (Live)

49:34 | May 10th, 2016

Jon Stewart, comedian, author, and former host and executive producer of "The Daily Show," chats with David in Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago to talk about Donald Trump and the 2016 election, lessons from lobbying in Washington, what...Show More

Ep. 48 - Anderson Cooper

59:28 | May 9th, 2016

Journalist and host of CNN’s “AC360” Anderson Cooper talks with David about his new book, becoming a self-appointed embed in Burma and Somalia, Donald Trump’s relationship with the media, and more.

Ep. 47 - Frank Bruni

55:56 | May 5th, 2016

Frank Bruni, author and columnist for the New York Times, chats with David about his long and diverse career in journalism from New York to Detroit to Rome, Donald Trump's odds of winning the general election, gay marriage, and more.

Ep. 46 - Patrick Kennedy

50:01 | May 2nd, 2016

Patrick Kennedy, former Democratic congressman from Rhode Island and son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, chats with David about growing up in the Kennedy family, his battle with mental illness and addiction, his new book “The Common Struggle” and more.

Ep. 45 - Arthur Brooks

56:24 | Apr 28th, 2016

Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute and author of “The Conservative Heart,” chats with David about his time living in Europe, the U.S. Immigration debate, how to combat the current political polarization, and more.

Ep. 44 - Mike Murphy

51:34 | Apr 25th, 2016

Republican strategist Mike Murphy sits down with David at the Institute of Politics to discuss his time at Georgetown as a member of the College Republicans, his time on the McCain campaign’s Straight Talk Express in 2000, his assessment of Jeb Bush’...Show More

Ep. 43 - David Plouffe

52:12 | Apr 21st, 2016

David Plouffe, former campaign manager for President Obama and currently a top adviser at Uber, chats with David Axelrod about his start in politics working for Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa, Obama’s election in 2008, the use of data in campaigns, and his ...Show More

Ep. 42 - Ben Rhodes

1:01:35 | Apr 18th, 2016

Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications and speechwriting, speaks with David about his road to the White House, the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11, working with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, ...Show More

Ep. 41 - Ron Fournier

49:32 | Apr 14th, 2016

National Journal Political Columnist Ron Fournier sits down with David to talk about his new book, "Love That Boy," and the lessons he learned raising an autistic son, as well as his time covering the Clinton White House, his assessment of Hillary, a...Show More

Ep. 40 - Abner Mikva

1:02:02 | Apr 11th, 2016

Abner Mikva, a 60-plus year veteran of politics and public service, including stints in the Illinois statehouse, Congress, and the Federal Court of Appeals, joins David to examine his journey through political history, how Congress has changed, the o...Show More

Ep. 39 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar

54:59 | Apr 7th, 2016

Democratic Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar joins David to talk about her unconventional path to public service, her father's struggles with alcoholism, the battle over the Supreme Court nomination, and her work to end the trade embargo on Cuba.

Ep. 38 - Jamie Kalven

58:08 | Apr 4th, 2016

Jamie Kalven, the award–winning journalist who broke the Laquan McDonald story in Chicago, speaks with David about the sexual assault on his wife, the city’s rampant gun violence, and what can be done to improve his hometown’s problems.

Ep. 37 - Dan Balz

43:34 | Mar 27th, 2016

Dan Balz, political reporter at The Washington Post, sits down with David to discuss his start in journalism at the University of Illinois, his career covering politics, and his thoughts on the 2016 presidential race, including why he thinks the even...Show More

Ep. 36 - Ron Klain

46:17 | Mar 20th, 2016

The refusal of Senate Republicans to consider President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland until after the 2016 election is an "unprecedented" move, says former Obama Administration official Ron Klain. Klain also touches on his work overse...Show More

Ep. 35 - Mark Leibovich

49:16 | Mar 14th, 2016

Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine and author of "This Town," chats with David about his start in journalism, his nearly two decades living in Washington, D.C., and his thoughts on Donald Trump's successe...Show More

Ep. 34 - Trent Lott

51:18 | Mar 7th, 2016

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott chats with David about his upbringing in Mississippi, his cheerleading days at Ole Miss, his concerns with the historic gridlock seen today in Congress, and his opinions on the ongoing Supreme Court confirmati...Show More

Ep. 33 - Lindsey Graham

38:56 | Mar 3rd, 2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spends his Super Tuesday talking with David on Capitol Hill about why he opposes GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, why he thinks the Republican Party is falling apart, and how his parents' owning a bar in a small South Carolina...Show More

Ep. 32 - Erick Erickson

52:32 | Feb 29th, 2016

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson sits down with David to discuss his childhood abroad, his opposition to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and his stance on the ongoing debate over whether Republicans should confirm a Supreme Court nominee before ...Show More

Ep. 31 - Gov. Jon Huntsman

56:32 | Feb 22nd, 2016

Former Republican presidential nominee Jon Huntsman chats with David about his time as governor of Utah, ambassador of China, and 2012 GOP hopeful, as well as his views on the 2016 race, including why he is intrigued by Donald Trump and what impresse...Show More

Ep. 30 - Joe Trippi

54:25 | Feb 15th, 2016

Joe Trippi, Democratic campaign strategist, media consultant, and FOX News contributor, chats with David about his work on the tech-savvy Howard Dean campaign of 2004, his assessment of the 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries, and more.

Ep. 29 - Joel Benenson

47:36 | Feb 8th, 2016

Joel Benenson, senior strategist for Hillary Clinton, chats with David in Manchester, New Hampshire, about his journey from working for a beer distributor in New York to being a top campaign strategist, Clinton's chances in the Feb. 9 primary, the ar...Show More

Ep. 28 - Jonathan Martin

48:11 | Feb 4th, 2016

New York Times chief political correspondent Jonathan Martin sits down with David in Manchester, New Hampshire, to discuss his journalism career and the upcoming Granite State primary, including Donald Trump's vulnerability, Bernie Sanders' appeal, a...Show More

Ep. 27 - Juliet Macur

51:39 | Jan 28th, 2016

Juliet Macur, a Sports of the Times columnist at The New York Times, chats with David about her father's amazing journey from a Nazi concentration camp to New Jersey, her widely acclaimed book on Lance Armstrong's rise and fall, and hot-button issues...Show More

Ep. 26 - Jennifer Jacobs

44:08 | Jan 28th, 2016

Jennifer Jacobs, the chief political reporter for The Des Moines Register, speaks with David about the uniqueness of the Iowa caucus process, how candidates on both sides of the aisle are faring heading into Monday's voting, and who might be rethinki...Show More

Ep. 25 - Patti Solis Doyle

47:27 | Jan 24th, 2016

Patti Solis Doyle, the first Hispanic woman to lead a presidential campaign, chats with David about her family's immigration to the U.S. from Mexico, the 17 years she spent working for Hillary Clinton both in the White House and on the campaign trail...Show More

Ep. 24 - Sen. Dick Durbin

39:51 | Jan 18th, 2016

Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, speaks with David about his start in politics, his toughest votes in Congress, his support for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, and the legacy that President Obama will leave behind.

Ep. 23 - Stuart Stevens

1:02:47 | Jan 14th, 2016

Republican political strategist, media consultant, and writer Stuart Stevens, currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, chats with David about his upbringing in Mississippi, his work for Republican presidential n...Show More

Ep. 22 - Arne Duncan

38:41 | Jan 11th, 2016

Arne Duncan, who stepped down as U.S. Secretary of Education at the start of this year, chats with David about his childhood in Hyde Park, his tenure as a member of the president's cabinet, and the gun violence and education problems facing the city ...Show More

Ep. 21 - Mary Kay Henry

50:02 | Jan 7th, 2016

Mary Kay Henry, international president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), sits down with David to discuss her leadership of the 2.1 million member union, her concerns about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the future...Show More

Ep. 20 - Aneesh Chopra

46:49 | Jan 4th, 2016

Aneesh Chopra, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, chats with David about his work for the Obama Administration, his run for lieutenant governor of Virginia, the importance of innovation, and more.

Ep. 19 - Sec. Thomas Perez

54:21 | Dec 28th, 2015

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez talks with David about his work with the Obama administration, the Department's efforts to help disabled workers, and more.

Ep. 18 - Husain Haqqani

54:24 | Dec 21st, 2015

Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to the United States, talks with David about the U.S. foreign policy struggles in Pakistan, his imprisonment at the hands of the Pakistani army, his views on dealing with ISIS, and his take on the 2016 race...Show More

Ep. 17 - Joakim Noah

47:21 | Dec 14th, 2015

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah sits down with David to discuss Chicago's gun violence problems, race relations in America, and his Noah's Arc Foundation, helping children through arts and sports.

Ep. 16 - Sen. Claire McCaskill

52:41 | Dec 10th, 2015

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, chats with David about her time on Capitol Hill, the Laquan McDonald case in Chicago, and her thoughts on the 2016 presidential candidates.

Ep. 15 - Reihan Salam

55:47 | Dec 7th, 2015

Reihan Salam, executive editor of National Review, chats with David about the future of the Republican Party, the debate over immigration reform, and more.

Ep. 14 - Sheriff Tom Dart

50:59 | Dec 3rd, 2015

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who oversees the nation's largest single site jail, speaks with David about his path to public service, Chicago's reaction to the Laquan McDonald shooting, the current state of our criminal justice system, and more.

Ep. 13 - Spike Lee

49:43 | Nov 30th, 2015

Spike Lee, one of the leading African-American filmmakers of all time, speaks with David about his new movie on Chicago gun violence CHI-RAQ, race relations in the U.S., and his love of the New York Knicks. Warning: This episode contains some expl...Show More

Ep. 12 - David Maraniss

46:08 | Nov 23rd, 2015

David Maraniss, an associate editor at The Washington Post and author of six best-selling books, sits down with David Axelrod to discuss his acclaimed new book Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story, his coverage of then-presidential candidate Bill Cl...Show More

Ep. 11 - Jon Favreau

46:13 | Nov 16th, 2015

Jon Favreau, former Director of Speechwriting for President Obama, speaks with David about his nerve-racking first meeting with his future boss, what it was like writing speeches in the White House, and the state of political speech-making today.

Ep. 10 - Mark Holden

50:25 | Nov 9th, 2015

Mark Holden, senior vice president and general counsel at Koch Industries, chats with David about working with the Koch brothers and their push for criminal justice reform.

Ep. 9 - Jorge Ramos

53:12 | Nov 2nd, 2015

Jorge Ramos, anchor for Univision and Fusion, talks to David Axelrod about his incident with Donald Trump in Iowa last summer, his assessment of the GOP's chances of winning the Latino vote, and his frustration with President Obama not pushing harder...Show More

Ep. 8 - Eliot Spitzer

36:23 | Oct 29th, 2015

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer discusses his work as the Sheriff of Wall Street, his 2008 resignation, and his opinion of 2016 presidential contenders such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Ep. 7 - Jessica Yellin

44:37 | Oct 26th, 2015

Jessica Yellin, former chief White House correspondent for CNN and current Fellow at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, talks to David about her career in journalism, how covering political news has changed, and her upcoming new book.

Ep. 6 - Rep. Nancy Pelosi

33:48 | Oct 19th, 2015

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi chats with David about her childhood in Baltimore, her tenure as Speaker of the House, and President Obama's legacy.