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Music is Music

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Join Music is Music host Ria Misra for revealing conversations with unexpected musicians. Featuring new compositions, surprising collaborations -- and a refreshing take on the sounds around us.

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09:31 | Jun 27th, 2017

You can find Emily Howell's music all over the internet, but a search for the person comes up empty. She plays no concerts, attends no events, has no email address, and not a single photo comes up und...Show More

10:11 | Jun 20th, 2017

Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano--the composers who wrote the music for the videogame, Everything--join host Ria Misra for a conversation about games, music, and how to build a musical world for a...Show More
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11:32 | Jun 13th, 2017

At times, listening to Manu Delago play music, you might think you hear him play a steel drum, a harp, or a tabla--and yet all of those sounds are actually coming from one instrument: the hang drum. D...Show More

22:07 | Jun 6th, 2017

Music is Music host Ria Misra visits composer and pianist Vijay Iyer at his home in Harlem to talk about the secret lives of instruments, the everyday art of improvisation, and also just to hear some ...Show More

14:12 | May 30th, 2017

International Space Orchestra founder Nelly Ben Hayoun and NASA Ames Flight Director (and saxophonist) Rusty Hunt are here for part 2 of our music in space series. Join us as we meet a band where you ...Show More
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