A History of the United States

Jamie Redfern

A History of the United States. A podcast charting the history of the United States of America from the foundation of Jamestown to the end of the cold war, covering political, military, economic, social and cultural history.

18:44 | May 6th

This week we turn to 1758 in the colonies as Pitt's Chathamite system begins to take effect. The British try to push up the Lake Champlain corridor by attacking Fort Carillon.

11:34 | Apr 28th

This week the British have a major course correction as Pitt redesigns the Brittish approach to the war.
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13:07 | Apr 22nd

This week we look at more things going wrong for the British as they try take Louisbourg.

18:10 | Mar 10th

This week we the British set out their plans for 1757, and suffer another disaster at Fort William Henry.

15:59 | Mar 3rd

This week we look at military disaster for Prussia, political turmoil in Westminster, and I go on a pointless digression about Kaliningrad.
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