The Lean Startup and the Long-Term Stock Exchange (with Eric Ries)

1:19:03 | Dec 30th, 2019

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Acquired closes out Season 5 and 2019 with a radical look into both the past and future decades of startup company building, investing and - yes, exiting - in conversation with legendary Lean Startup ...Show More


mm recommended:Jan 12th

Terrific episode with Lean Startup guru Eric Ries about building the Long-Term Stock Exchange that’s a place where companies and investors can succeed together in the long-term vs quarter to quarter. I love the concept of progressive dividends. It’s not unlike getting a higher interest rate for prog...Show More

mmJan 12th

@lrnbts @aoneill @acserrano I think you’d all really enjoy this episode about the Long-Term Stock Exchange that the Lean Startup guy Eric Ries is creating. Great episode.

mmJan 12th

I also really enjoyed the bonus mini episode at the end with the Webflow co-founder.

kimwaudio recommended:Jan 11th

Great insights from an expert entrepreneur and successful startup founder and best selling author. Check out his new solution and perspective on investing. Along with his insights and robust experience he shares a few effective tools to use when hiring employees (or accepting job offers) regarding s...Show More

mmJan 12th

@kimwaudio Really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for recommending it! Probably going to listen to it again. I’m thinking this would be a great episode for the Podyssey Tech Entrepreneurship Podcast Club.

mmJan 30th

@gilbert Welcome to Podyssey! I really enjoyed this interview and just a big fan of the podcast in general. cc @kimwaudio @danny @ian @aria - Acquired's podcast host @gilbert is in the house!

dannyJan 31st

@mm @kimwaudio @gilbert oh wow! I just listened to the WhatsApp episode. You guys do such good research.

gilbertJan 31st

@danny @kimwaudio @mm Thank you!

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