Swings and Roundabouts

Avery Edison

Avery Edison (the person writing this right now) is pretending that she's written software that turns her computer into a therapist. Obviously, that's not possible with today's technology, but it's a great way to have another voice on her podcast wit...Show More

24:34 | Apr 28th, 2016

Avery is tired of rehashing all the things she's done wrong. Now, she wants to figure out how she could have gone right. In this episode, she divulges the backstory of her messy puberty, and dabbles w...Show More

26:13 | Dec 14th, 2015

In previous sessions, we've heard hints about Avery's rough times at school. In this episode, she tries to come to terms with them by meeting one of her former bullies for dinner. He's surprisingly gr...Show More
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25:21 | Nov 15th, 2015

Your high school days are the best ones of your life, or–if you're Avery Edison–the most criminal. Broken by the system, and with nothing to lose, our plucky podcaster puts together a plan to relieve ...Show More

31:29 | Oct 29th, 2015

In 2007, Avery Edison flew from Britain to New Mexico, with the intention of using it as a starting point for a trip across the U.S. Instead, she mooched off a hippie, fell in lust with a sandwich art...Show More