The Mash-Up Americans

Frank Shyong Cares a Lot

31:28 | Sep 26th, 2018

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The Mash-Up Americans are back with another Mash-Up to Know—journalist Frank Shyong of the LA Times. He covers the San Gabriel Valley and the self-described Asian Beat, knows his way around the delis ...Show More


bychrischeung recommended:Mar 22nd, 2019

Very inspiring to hear from someone like Frank Shyong who likes to write about the things that I do but is further along in his career and is instantly recognizable for his unique storytelling.

mmMar 30th, 2019

Thanks so much for echoing this. I enjoyed listening to Frank Shyong! My new hero.

mmMar 30th, 2019

@bctcheung @kevinyshuang @ninjaccountant @knothappening @yllasnil - This episode about Frank Shyong of LA Times who writes about Asian diaspora is must listen!

mmMar 31st, 2019

@dbautista This episode is really good! Also all the gang's handles are ^

mm recommended:Mar 30th, 2019

Frank Shyong, columnist for the LA Times who writes about diversity and diaspora, is my new hero!

mmJun 15th, 2019

@ayan604 This one about Frank Shyong of LA Times is really good.