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The Polyglot Developer Podcast

Nic Raboy

Software Engineer and Developer Advocate, Nic Raboy, shares all his tips and tricks to becoming a polyglot developer. Learn about the latest trends in web, mobile, and game development and how you can quickly get ahead in becoming an incredible deve...Show More

35:21 | Apr 10th

In this episode I'm joined by Ben Mears who works for SideFX, a visual effects company for the gaming and film industry. The focus of this particular episode is around Houdini, a popular tool used within both industries. However, we're going to put a...Show More

43:28 | Mar 2nd

In this episode I'm joined by Luke Walker who is a Solutions Architect at Yubico, the company that creates security hardware tokens such as the YubiKey. Security is a big deal in for both end users who are supplying data and developers who are worki...Show More

40:16 | Feb 12th

In this episode I'm joined by first time guest, Rob Lauer, and repeat guest TJ VanToll, to talk about securing mobile applications from multiple perspectives. Both Rob and TJ work for Progress, the core contributors of the mobile development framewo...Show More

44:19 | Jan 25th

In this episode I'm joined by Nolan Erck who is a freelance developer consultant and is the owner of South of Shasta Consulting, located in Sacramento, California. The focus of this episode is to dive deep into freelance development and some of the ...Show More

45:18 | Oct 2nd, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Matt Groves, Senior Developer Advocate at the NoSQL database company, Couchbase. The focus of this episode is to become familiar with NoSQL and where it makes sense to use it in your projects, both new and old. Matt and...Show More

45:03 | Sep 10th, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Matthew Revell, founder of the Developer Relations consultancy organization, Hoopy. Developer Relations, Developer Advocacy, and Developer Evangelism, are relatively new roles at many organizations, but are critical for...Show More

56:04 | Aug 7th, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Lee Byron, former Facebook employee, who is one of the co-creators of GraphQL. Coming from RESTful API development, I've run into many pain-points that GraphQL works to alleviate, and is one of the reasons why I've beco...Show More

46:25 | Jun 2nd, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Jim Clark who works as the Chief Architect at Atomist. Jim and I spend a lot of time discussing how the pipeline model to software delivery can be improved by making it a workflow and event driven model instead with a s...Show More

42:06 | May 15th, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Tara Manicsic who works as a Developer Advocate team at Progress Software. Tara and I spend time discussing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and how you can be effective building them with service workers, among other...Show More

42:44 | Feb 19th, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Carlos Santana who works on the Cloud Functions team at IBM. Carlos and I get all your questions answered when it comes to what serverless is and how you can create your own very scalable functions that can be deployed ...Show More

37:31 | Jan 30th, 2018

In this episode I am joined by Brenda itReverie, a fellow application developer that I met when I was at NativeScript Developer Days 2017. Brenda and I shift the focus away from software development for a moment and focus on hunting down and locking...Show More

35:18 | Aug 2nd, 2017

In this episode I am joined by Ryan Chenkie, Developer Advocate at the internet safety company, Auth0. Ryan and I discuss OAuth and how it can be used for authorizing third-party access to your data. If you've been keeping up, you'll remember that ...Show More

31:50 | Jun 14th, 2017

In this episode I am joined by Krishna Srinivas, engineer at the open source object storage company, Minio. Krishna and I discuss object storage which is different than database storage or plain filesystem storage. A popular object solution is Amazo...Show More

32:09 | Mar 27th, 2017

In this episode I am joined by Matt Holt, creator of the very popular web server known as Caddy. Instead of focusing on Caddy in this particular episode, we focus on the Go programming language, which was used to make Caddy so successful. The Go pro...Show More

12:53 | Feb 9th, 2017

I record a lot of programming videos and write even more tutorials. With all this content comes a lot of questions from my subscribers, some questions being better than others. This brought be to the topic of explaining how to ask a good question a...Show More

24:43 | Nov 4th, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Ivan Nemytchenko from the open source company, GitLab. Here we take some time to explain what continuous integration and deployment is and how to get started with it in your development process. GitLab offers a free C...Show More

39:09 | Oct 3rd, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Terry Ryan, Developer Advocate at Google. Here we discuss the Google App Engine platform, what it is, and when it is a relevant solution to use for a major web application. A writeup to this episode can be found via h...Show More

46:14 | Sep 3rd, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Tracy Lee, owner of Modern Web and advocate of Ember.js, as well as Taras Mankovski who runs Ember Sherpa. Here we discuss a very popular JavaScript framework called Ember.js and the conveniences it offers in compariso...Show More

32:28 | Aug 13th, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Ben Lesh, a senior software engineer at Netflix. Ben is one of the lead developers for RxJS, a reactive extension set for JavaScript, and a core component in the software stack at Netflix. Here we discuss everything f...Show More

30:31 | Jul 29th, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Jen Looper, a software developer and advocate for the Internet of Things (IoT). We discuss everything from the basics behind IoT, what is some good hardware to get started with, what programming skills you need for IoT...Show More

38:09 | Jun 10th, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Nolan Lawson, one of the main contributors on the PouchDB open source project. We discuss everything from what is PouchDB, what does it do under the covers, what development platforms are supported, and what does it ai...Show More

50:30 | May 10th, 2016

In this episode I'm joined by TJ VanToll, Developer Advocate at Telerik, where we discuss the cross platform mobile development framework NativeScript. We cover everything from what is NativeScript, what do you need to start developing NativeScript ...Show More

31:45 | Apr 2nd, 2016

In this episode I'm joined by a former colleague, and friend, William Hoang where we discuss a lot of jargon that comes up with modern software development. I've broken this episode into a few parts. We're going to discuss mobile first development,...Show More

50:49 | Mar 5th, 2016

In this episode I'm joined by two of my good friends Simon Reimler and Ray Camden where we discuss some of the software, tools and services available that can boost development and marketing productivity of your next big application. I've broken thi...Show More

31:20 | Feb 7th, 2016

In this episode I talk about my experience as a mobile developer and some of the native and hybrid apps that I've published to the various app stores like, but not limited to, Google Play and iTunes. As a developer that has used both native and hybr...Show More

19:07 | Jan 2nd, 2016

In this episode I talk about what I feel to be requirements in developing mobile applications. I've broken these requirements into three main categories, being, the planning requirement, the execution requirement, and the post release marketing requ...Show More