I Tell My Husband The News

USA Today | Wondery

She's a journalist. He’s a comedian. They make the news fun. Tune in each Monday for, as one listener puts it, “the perfect amount of news and silliness to lighten up your day.”

25:59 | Oct 15th

Find out if your company is spying on you and Nobel prize winning technology we all benefit from.

13:27 | Oct 8th

New moons discovered orbiting Saturn and why you shouldn't pre-wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
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20:22 | Oct 1st

Airline lets you know where potential babies are sitting ahead of time and the answer to the question "over or under?" with regards to the toilet paper roll.

18:48 | Sep 23rd

Man plays anthem at all major league baseball parks and Washington monument reopens.

20:40 | Sep 17th

Seal stops drug dealers and meet the strongest women in the world.
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