Still Buffering

Sydnee McElroy, Rileigh Smirl and Teylor Smirl

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Join real-life sisters Sydnee McElroy (Sawbones), Teylor Smirl and Rileigh Smirl as they help bridge the gap between the teenagers of yesterday and today. "How do you party?" "What do I do with all this hair?" Still Buffering has the answer.

40:05 | Oct 28th

Aaaand we're back! After a whirlwind weekend away in the greatest city in the world, the sisters are proud to present their most recent live show from Brooklyn, all about pictures and VSCO girls and sksksksk, and I oop?     Music: "Baby You Change Yo...Show More

1:01:58 | Oct 14th

CW: mental illness, self harm, suicide This is a serious episode, if any talks of mental illness will be hard to listen to or upsetting for your own mental health, maybe take a break from our show this week. In honor of the recent World Mental Health...Show More
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52:56 | Oct 7th

Rileigh used to be a BIG fan of sweepstakes contests growing up like that Danimals one where you could meet Zack and Cody, you know? So the sisters are all reminiscing on those too good to be true contests they never won, and maybe actually did somet...Show More

50:35 | Sep 30th

The older sisters realized that life got a lot more convenient for teens in Rileigh's generation with things like food delivery and ride service apps and online clothing website, so we want to figure out if they really make teens' lives easier or if ...Show More

53:19 | Sep 23rd

A Virgo, an Aries, and a Capricorn are dissecting how astrology affects our lives as teens and how we view ourselves based on our signs, and boy is it a fun conversation, so come join us!   Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas
Show More
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