The Chronicles of Redick


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JJ Redick, iconic and legendary college basketball player from Duke University and current player for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers has taken his sweet shooting stroke behind the mic. The Chronicles of Redick will bring fans closer to the players and ...Show More
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New Team, New Podcast

1:01:30 | Jul 19th, 2017

JJ Redick is ready for new beginnings - a new team and a new podcast home. JJ is joined by UNINTERRUPTED CEO, Maverick Carter, to talk about the process of being a free agent as well as the new video project he completed with UNINTERRUPTED that docum...Show More
Candace Parker joins JJ Redick

47:37 | Oct 31st, 2016

Candace Parker joins The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick for a candid discussion that ranges from winning a WNBA championship with the Los Angeles Sparks, how Pat Summitt recruited her to play for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers and why t...Show More
JJ Redick takes your questions

47:18 | Oct 24th, 2016

In a special edition of the The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick, the Clippers guard goes one-on-one with his audience to entertain their most pressing questions: From life, ball and the routines of an NBA starting shooting guard. JJ delivers an enter...Show More
Jay Bilas joins JJ Redick

1:04:33 | Oct 20th, 2016

Jay Bilas joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast to discuss issues including the paying of college athletes, his own television career and their shared history at Duke under Mike Krzyzewski. Here are some key moments: 3:39: The origins of Bilas qu...Show More
Zach Lowe joins JJ Redick

55:33 | Oct 10th, 2016

Writer and podcaster Zach Lowe joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast to discuss NBA trends, The Vertical's report on a likely labor agreement and the upcoming 2016-'17 NBA season. Here are some key moments: 4:43: Lowe’s transition from covering ...Show More
Steve Ballmer joins JJ Redick

1:03:16 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast and discusses how his experience as Microsoft CEO has influenced his ideas in the NBA, the mistakes he's tried to avoid as a new basketball owner and how he sees the composition of ...Show More
Chris Paul joins JJ Redick

1:03:22 | Sep 26th, 2016

All-Star guard Chris Paul joins his partner in the Los Angeles Clippers backcourt, JJ Redick, on the Vertical Podcast. Chris and JJ discuss their early years as rivals in the ACC and how they didn't like each other, the process of moving past those o...Show More
Matt Barnes joins The Vertical Podcast

52:36 | Sep 19th, 2016

Sacramento Kings guard Matt Barnes joins JJ Redick on the The Vertical Podcast. Barnes, a 13-year NBA veteran, talks with Redick about everything from fatherhood to his travels through the D-League to the NBA and how dramatically different he believe...Show More
William C. Rhoden joins JJ Redick

1:00:13 | Sep 12th, 2016

Former New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden joins JJ Redick for a candid conversation about his career, turning the page on journalism and getting refocused and prepared for a new chapter in his life. Rhoden also talks about the current state ...Show More
Paul Shirley joins The Vertical Podcast

1:13:20 | Sep 5th, 2016

Paul Shirley joins the The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Shirley, a fun-loving journeyman player, talks candidly about never finding a way to fit into the NBA on a social level, the marketing of the team vs. the individual.Learn more about your ...Show More
Blake Griffin joins The Vertical Podcast

46:18 | Aug 29th, 2016

Blake Griffin joins JJ for a in-depth discussion. Griffin talks about his love of stand up comedy, how it led to him trying his hand at the craft and who was responsible for him breaking into the comedy game. The teammates also discuss how frustrat...Show More
Ben Winston returns to The Vertical Podcast

1:08:38 | Aug 22nd, 2016

Ben Winston, the Executive Producer of The Late Late Show with James Corden, returns to The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick for a candid discussion. JJ and Ben discuss JJ's desire to play for Team USA and how a phone conversation with Coach K almost...Show More
Bill Simmons joins The Vertical Podcast

1:03:46 | Aug 15th, 2016

HBO's Bill Simmons joins JJ Redick on The Vertical podcast. Simmons discuss his new HBO show, his evolution as a podcast host and talks with Redick about how social media has impacted professional athletes. Simmons and Redick discuss the relationshi...Show More
Jerry Ferrara joins The Vertical Podcast

1:13:18 | Aug 8th, 2016

Actor Jerry Ferrara joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast. Ferrara discusses his acting career, including his role as "Turtle" on Entourage and how that show impacted Redick. Ferrara discusses his New York Knicks fandom, including Derrick Rose's a...Show More
Joe Rogowski joins The Vertical Podcast

57:57 | Aug 2nd, 2016

NBPA Director of Sports Medicine Joe Rogowski joined JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Rogowski and Redick worked together with the Orlando Magic and laid out in great detail how health awareness for players has evolved through the years, and how t...Show More
Jeremy Lin joins The Vertical Podcast

37:56 | Jul 25th, 2016

Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Lin discusses the opportunity to become a starter again with the Nets and what attracted him to GM Sean Marks and coach Kenny Atkinson’s new program. Lin and Redick retrace t...Show More
Mike Dunleavy joins The Vertical Podcast

45:42 | Jul 19th, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Mike Dunleavy Jr., joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Dunleavy and Redick discuss everything from his Dunleavy's trade to the defending champions, the issue of parity in the NBA and whether true competitive balance ...Show More
Mike Krzyzewski joins The Vertical Podcast

53:43 | Jul 11th, 2016

Duke and U.S. National Coach Mike Krzyzewski joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. Krzyzewski and Redick discus their shared times and relationship together, the vast differences in coaching different skill levels of Duke teams through the years a...Show More
Adrian Wojnarowski joins The Vertical Podcast

47:17 | Jul 7th, 2016

Adrian Wojnarowski joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast to discuss NBA free agency. Woj and JJ discuss the Kevin Durant move to Golden State, the influx of a new cash from a $24 billion TV contract into free agency to Woj discussing how he does ...Show More
Lawrence Frank & Evan Turner join The Vertical Podcast

48:39 | Jun 30th, 2016

Clippers Executive VP of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank and Boston Celtics free agent guard Evan Turner join host JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast. Frank discusses his move from coaching into upper management with the Clippers, his quest to b...Show More
CJ McCollum joins The Vertical Podcast

38:53 | Jun 22nd, 2016

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum joins JJ Redick on The Vertical Podcast. McCollum and Redick were on opposite sides of the Western Conference semifinal playoff series in May, and reunite on the podcast to discuss everything from Blake Grif...Show More
Jason Day joins The Vertical Podcast

42:24 | Jun 13th, 2016

Jason Day, the world’s top-ranked golfer, joins The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick on the eve of the 2016 United States Open tournament. Day talks to Redick about the mental preparation it takes to prepare for a tournament and how that parallels...Show More
Tracy McGrady and Jared Dudley join The Vertical Podcast

1:06:17 | Jun 6th, 2016

Seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast for a candid visit on the state of the NBA. McGrady discusses his belief that the league has been watered down talent-wise since his prime years in the NBA, and how the sty...Show More
Jensen Karp joins The Vertical Podcast

1:12:12 | May 30th, 2016

Author and Comedian Jensen Karp joins JJ for an in depth look at their love of rap music. Both men tell stories of how they got into rap music and how a radio station contest landed Karp a music deal. During this candid discussion we learn that Jen...Show More
Stan Van Gundy joins The Vertical Podcast

1:03:03 | May 23rd, 2016

Detroit Pistons president and coach Stan Van Gundy reunites with his longtime shooting guard on The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Van Gundy and JJ have a close and long relationship, and go into fascinating detail about several facets of ...Show More
Ryan Anderson joins The Vertical Podcast

54:27 | May 16th, 2016

Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans joins the Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Ryan and JJ formed a strong bond as teammates with the Orlando Magic discuss a common love of beats, rap music and the formation of a rap supergroup called Waste Ma...Show More
Spencer Hawes joins The Vertical Podcast

53:14 | May 11th, 2016

Charlotte's Spencer Hawes joins the Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick to discuss a number of issues, including the future of NBA basketball in Seattle, playing for owner Michael Jordan and things that Hawes and Redick would change about the NBA. Learn ...Show More
Jamal Crawford joins The Vertical Podcast

51:04 | May 2nd, 2016

Three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year winner Jamal Crawford, joins his Los Angeles Clippers teammate JJ Redick for a candid conversation a day after being eliminated from the 2016 NBA playoffs. Jamal opens up to J.J. about the ups and downs of the sea...Show More
Aaron Rodgers joins The Vertical Podcast

42:47 | Apr 25th, 2016

Green Bay Packer superstar QB Aaron Rodgers joins JJ Redick for an in depth discussion on being one of the best QB's in the NFL and what characteristics the new crop of NFL QB's need in order to succeed at the next level. JJ, who hit his first game-...Show More
Ben Winston of The Late, Late Show joins The Vertical Podcast

1:06:21 | Apr 18th, 2016

Ben Winston, the Executive producer of The Late, Late Show with James Corden, joins The Vertical Podcast for a candid interview with JJ. Ben and JJ discuss how their families met while on vacation and how there is usually a weird amount of pressure ...Show More
Brandon Roy joins The Vertical Podcast

46:52 | Apr 11th, 2016

Portland Trail Blazers great Brandon Roy joins The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick for a compelling interview. Roy goes deep on a career that ended far too soon because of chronic knee injuries, discussing his thoughts on how great of a player he co...Show More
Adam Morrison joins The Vertical Podcast

44:25 | Apr 4th, 2016

The elusive Adam Morrison, the No. 3 pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, joins the Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Morrison and Redick discuss their days as the co-national players of the year at Gonzaga and Duke, where they had a parallel partnership in ru...Show More
Adonal Foyle joins The Vertical Podcast

1:04:02 | Mar 28th, 2016

Adonal Foyle, a 12-year NBA veteran, joins JJ Redick on the Vertical Podcast. Foyle and Redick -- once teammates with the Orlando Magic -- have a candid conversation on several topics, including the process of managing money as an NBA player, In the...Show More
Jay Williams joins The Vertical Podcast

36:52 | Mar 21st, 2016

Jay Williams, a college basketball analyst and former national player of the year, joins JJ Redick for a candid conversation. The discussion includes playing for Mike Krzyzewski at Duke, life lessons learned under the Hall of Fame coach and how Duke...Show More
Chris Collins joins The Vertical Podcast

1:07:27 | Mar 14th, 2016

Northwestern University head coach, former player and assistant coach for the Duke Blue Devils, Chris Collins, joins JJ this week. The two reminisce about getting JJ to Durham, North Carolina and how Chris had to use landmarks and a cell phone in or...Show More
Kyle Korver joins The Vertical Podcast

39:32 | Mar 7th, 2016

Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks, one of the best shooters in the NBA, joins JJ Redick for a fascinating conversation on what it takes to be one of the planets best shooters. Korver and Redick -- two of the best three-point shooters in recent NBA his...Show More
DeAndre Jordan joins The Vertical Podcast & The Duke Villain

41:29 | Feb 29th, 2016

Los Angeles Clippers star center DeAndre Jordan joins his starting shooting guard on The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. Jordan goes deep with Redick on the psyche, inner-turmoil and relentless determination that marks his free throw shooting woes....Show More
Kyle Lowry & Spencer Hawes join The Vertical Podcast

58:06 | Feb 22nd, 2016

Toronto Raptors All-Star Kyle Lowry & Charlotte Hornets big man Spencer Hawes join JJ this week on The Vertical Podcast. Kyle and JJ get into the trade that didn't happen and kept Kyle in Toronto. JJ also fills us in on "Skinny" Kyle Lowry and what...Show More
JJ recaps All Star Weekend in Toronto and Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista joins The Vertical Podcast

40:07 | Feb 15th, 2016

All Star Weekend took place in Toronto and JJ was there participating in the 3-Point Shootout. JJ speaks candidly about his performance in the competition and how "Netflix and Chill" was taken very literally during his stay in Canada. Also, while i...Show More
Steve Nash joins The Vertical Podcast. Plus, Jamal Crawford stops by to hang with JJ

48:33 | Feb 8th, 2016

Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash joins Los Angeles Clippers guard J.J. Redick for a revealing conversation on the Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick. JJ’s teammate with the Clippers, Jamal Crawford, jumps on the podcast for an entertaining ...Show More
Not even a power outage can stop JJ Redick. Jared Dudley joins The Vertical Podcast.

53:33 | Feb 1st, 2016

It's finally here. JJ Redick's inaugural podcast. JJ addresses the Blake Griffin situation and has a very candid discussion with former teammate and friend Jared Dudley of the Washington Wizards. You'll also hear JJ and Jared discuss what things t...Show More
The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick Teaser

00:29 | Jan 27th, 2016

The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick launches Monday February 1!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit