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Iroquois History and Legends

The Iroquois Confederacy. An Indigenous North American civilization with equal rights and representative government that left Europeans in bewilderment. Their influence affected the American free spirit and the modern day woman's rights movement. ...Show More

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05:44 | May 28th

Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children by Mabel Powers [1917] Fox and Raccoon are at it again but this time it will work out well for some bland looking birds. Recorded with Ezra Guite Cotter an...Show More

54:06 | May 6th

This is an interview that Andrew did in 2018 on the award winning One Dish, One Mic radio show. The name comes from the idea of One Dish and One Spoon. An ancient concept going back at least to the fo...Show More
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15:17 | Mar 31st

Fox and Rabbit cause a lot of mischief. Learn how fire, and war came to man.  Find out how rabbit received his split lip. Adapted from the story as told by Arthur C. Parker (Seneca)

06:27 | Mar 25th

How the Boy Got His Name is based on "How an Indian Boy Got His Name" an Iroquois tale as told by Mable Powers (Yen-Sen-Noh-Wehs) in 1917.

05:50 | Mar 23rd

This update is a snapshot in time.  Monday March 23, 2020.  The world is in the midst of a global pandemic.  Known at this time as COVID-19. This highly contagious virus has force governments around t...Show More
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