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24:54 | Mar 17th

Every year, the Art of Education University conducts a nationwide survey to take the pulse of the art education world. Today, Tim talks to AOEU Senior Editor Megan Dehner about the 2020 State of Art E...Show More

25:04 | Mar 10th

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread and schools around the world being closed, it is time to discuss how these events might affect our classroom. Today, Tim talks to Libby Beaty, a teacher in So...Show More
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19:32 | Mar 3rd

We talk often about how we want our kids to be more creative with their ideas, and how we can get them to think more creatively. But how do we foster that type of development? In this episode, Tim sha...Show More

21:29 | Feb 25th

Classroom management is the neverending challenge for so many art teachers. How do you help your kids find success when there is chaos everywhere you turn? Listen as Tim shares some of his best strate...Show More

23:41 | Feb 18th

It is an age-old question in the art room . . . do you let kids listen to music while they work, or do you make them put their earbuds away? Today, Tim talks with Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired ...Show More
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