I Just Want To Talk About Star Trek

Mike McCafferty

Mixing the deep dive facts with absurd comedy, Mike McCafferty is relentless in his quest to talk about all things Star Trek with super fans, people who have worked on a series, or just a random person he meets on the street. Q’plah!

1:35:00 | Nov 9th

Uh oh. After 6 months of brilliant, deep dive movie podcasts (source: Mike), he organizes a roundtable of The Doctor (Kim Miller), friend of the pod Aaron Moles and cadet Andy Lowe to do a wrap up of the franchise.  At least that was the plan.  Then ...Show More

2:00:36 | Oct 24th

The last of the our Movie Dive series, Mike takes a look at the last film in the franchise and possibly the last of the Kelvin Universe.
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2:11:08 | Oct 10th

Mike faces his most dangerous foe - a deep dive of a movie he deeply dislikes. BUT! Will this close examination of all things Cumberbatch change his mind? Shall we begin?

17:36 | Oct 5th

Mini-episode! Mike and Kiernan break down the new Picard and Discovery trailers!

2:04:34 | Sep 25th

Continuing our deep dive into the movie franchise we turn to the JJ Abrams Kelvin universe for the 2009, 11th movie, "Star Trek." Join us on our Facebook page! (https://www.facebook.com/IJWTTAST/)
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