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21:41 | Jul 31st

As more data about the impact of the pandemic becomes available, it is increasingly clear that the coronavirus is affecting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in the U.S. the hardest. ...Show More

20:44 | Jul 23rd

The coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across the country – and contact tracing is one of our best tools to slow the spread. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Bloomberg Ph...Show More
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20:01 | Jul 17th

Bloomberg Associates – the philanthropic consulting arm of Bloomberg Philanthropies – has been working with the City of Houston, Texas, on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and with other key partner...Show More

21:53 | Jul 9th

As mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg started working on gun safety and co-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns – a coalition that grew to 1,000 current and former mayors. And when he left City Hal...Show More

19:04 | Jul 1st

Cities and states are reopening, even as coronavirus cases are surging in the United States. Dr. Tom Inglesby and his team at the Center for Health Security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Pu...Show More
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