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The Edtech Podcast

Sophie Bailey, @soph_bailey


The Edtech Podcast gets behind the personalities in global education innovation & edtech. Join 1500+ listeners each week, from 109 countries, to hear from educators across early years, schools, higher and further education, plus investors, startups, ...Show More

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35:34 | May 11th

This week's episode is all about how economies and industry are transitioning into a new world of work. We throwback to a recording from last year with Jane Oates from WorkingNation where we talk abou...Show More

54:44 | Apr 20th

In this week’s episode, we throwback to a recording with Dr. Peter Shukie, Academic Group Leader, Creative and Digital at University Centre Blackburn College. Peter was the 2019 National Winner of the...Show More
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1:03:45 | Apr 13th

Our podcast collaboration with Bett, What Matters in Edtech, is back, this time with a focus on global education. In our first episode, we focus on Asia and the current challenges and insights from...Show More

45:51 | Mar 30th

This week’s episode is with Daniel Baril, Institute for Lifelong Learning at UNESCO learning. We chat about institutions forced to become agile in the age of coronavirus plus individual or collective ...Show More

44:40 | Mar 15th

This week we throw-back to a "pre-coronavirus" recording with Hector MacAulay, Managing Director at international infrastructure and manufacturing company Balfour Beatty. We chat about talent pipeline...Show More
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