Anansi Storytime

Legendsmith Productions

Telling Fairy Tales and Folklore from cultures all over the world as audio plays.

31:08 | Oct 19th

Culture: French Based on a story by: Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve Summary: A story about a beautiful girl falling in love with a cursed prince, and helping uncover the beast in both of them. Production: Writer - LJ Donnell Director -...Show More

00:48 | Oct 11th

Come and enjoy this sneak peak into our third season. This time we present less commonly known versions of famous fairy tales. Please Enjoy.Special Guest: Max Baskin.Support Anansi Storytime
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20:09 | Sep 29th, 2018

Culture: Uncultured An Original Story, based on classic characters (and wacky parodies) Summary: Hi! I'm Coyote and I'm... Gonna step in for a second to talk about what happened. You see, I was trying to come talk to my friend Anansi when... well th...Show More

06:45 | Aug 4th, 2018

Culture: Celtic Based on a story collected by: Joseph Jacobs Summary: A story about a man who abandoned his search for wealth, when he discovers it’s all a crock. Production: Writer - Will Burghart Director - Hank Romanesco Engineer - David Al...Show More

05:35 | Jul 7th, 2018

Culture: Persian Based on a story translated by: Hartwell James Summary: A story about a clever fisherman who nets a quick profit with a minnow-mum of effort. Production: Writer - Sam Tynes Director - Hank Romanesco SFX / Final Cut Engineer - D...Show More
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