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Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

Krish Mohan


Taboo Table Talk is a podcast hosted by Krish Mohan, Comedian & Social Vigilante. Each week Krish will talk to guests about a topic they are passionate about that you won't hear about everyday. These conversations about bringing some of these taboo s...Show More


1:49:48 | May 13th

We continue to talk to small businesses and venues. This week we’re talking to Blank Slate Elyria’s Eddy Marflak & Varsity Center’s Nathan Columbo! They talk about how they are coping with the pandemi...Show More

1:37:12 | May 7th

Nick Brana from a Movement For People’s Party talks about how they plan on starting a brand new party in America! Plus the importance of rent strikes, UBI & how the Democratic Party has failed working...Show More
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1:51:38 | May 6th

We continue our Small Business series as we look into how this pandemic has affected small businesses in America. This week we talk to L.b Wilson from the Wayward Kraken, Jay Gunn of Business Class Cl...Show More

45:20 | Apr 30th

We look into results of corporate bailout, loopholes and why it’s important more than ever to support the labor movement. NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES May 2: Virtual Pittsburgh Fringe Festival...Show More

1:41:53 | Apr 29th

Each week we’re going to talk to small business owners and venue owners to see how things are affecting them during quarantine. This week we talk to Church of Satire’s Jim Bryan & Jennie Stencel of th...Show More
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