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Maybe you haven’t analysed it enough? Calculated Choices. Carefully Considered. Absolutely Analytical.


12:04 | Apr 11th, 2019

Whilst Pivot is a more recent terminology often used in the context of a startup, it applies equally to many aspects of our lives, our endeavours or our own groups within companies of all sizes. We lo...Show More

12:02 | Mar 31st, 2019

When you're asked to direct a group of people sometimes you aren't their direct manager. In those cases you're expected to influence without authority. We look at how it's different, why it's hard and...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

11:17 | Feb 28th, 2019

Steve Jobs once said, the best ideas have to win. We unpack what that actually means in practice and ultimately look at how you can tell what the best idea actually can look like.

13:45 | Feb 17th, 2019

When you're delivering a project understanding who the actual owner is or owners are is crucial. We look at how to figure that out, and how to tell projects that can't figure that out.

11:56 | Jan 20th, 2019

We dive into why familiarity seems to breed contempt, why first impressions are the most misleading and demonstrate my Latin is terrible.
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