Revisionist History

Puzzle Rush

38:24 | Jun 20th, 2019

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Malcolm challenges his assistant Camille to the Law School Admissions Test. He gets halfway through, panics, runs out of time, and wonders: why does the legal world want him to rush?


zing recommended:Aug 6th, 2019

Everyone who has taken the LSAT will think differently about the test after listening to this and the following episode.

jend recommended:Aug 18th

Why are Americans so obsessed with time? It’s fascinating to think about.

emaomil recommended:Jul 30th, 2019

Fun listen as someone preparing for the LSAT!

mmJul 30th, 2019

Wasn't this such a great episode? Good luck on your LSAT! 🤞

mm recommended:Jul 22nd, 2019

What’s wrong with standardized testing when you time it? Who do you privilege in the system? The tortoises or the hares? What’s wrong with privileging one over the other? Entertaining and insightful two part episode on the issues with timed standardized testing.

mmOct 13th

@jvaill re: chess blitz. Excellent listen

mcu recommended:Jul 21st, 2019

Part one of research around time constraints and the LSAT. Fascinating.

mmJul 21st, 2019

Always a question I had about standardized testing. Will give it a listen!

mcuJul 21st, 2019

@mm He ties it to the world of competitive chess and, given Malcolm’s ability to tell stories, really ties it all together very nicely. I hope you like it!

mmJul 21st, 2019

@mcu Listening right now and I chuckled when Gladwell was warned that his mind can't meander and digress, and he's like "But meander and digression is my IMO. It's what I do for a living. Where do you think this podcast comes from?!?" 😂

mmJul 21st, 2019

@mcu I also love how he raises the stakes on LSAT scores in a whimsical way. "If you get under 175, your life is over! No Mercedes! No boxes of expensive wine for you!" Thanks so much for echoing it. I used to listen to Gladwell a lot and haven't lately, so this was a good re-introduction!

mcuJul 21st, 2019

@mm LOL I was walking my dog this morning when I listened to that line and I genuinely LOL’ed 😂😂😂

mcuJul 21st, 2019

@mm The meander and digression line, that is 🙂

mcuJul 21st, 2019

@mm I’ve found with both season two and three of RH that I’ve delayed listening to the episodes because I think they’re going to be heavy and I almost need to “prepare” for the intellectual onslaught. But both times I’ve started in I forgot how good he is at putting the listener at ease while tellin...Show More

mmJul 22nd, 2019

@mcu This episode was especially fun though! Sometimes there’s a lot of talking and processing but this one was an easy listen just from how they crafted the narrative to keep you on the edge of the seat. Also, timed exams are so relatable! Also, glad you’re on Podyssey!