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Inspirational art making interviews with artists, makers, manufacturers, and retailers of art supplies. Discussion Forum

52:51 | Feb 4th

Shirley Peters is internationally known for painting cyclists during Le Tour de France. She also paints landscapes, urban scenes and figurative works.

37:36 | Jan 21st

Kirby Plessas is an artist and cyber investigator. Kirby talks with Kim about her paint pouring art, and the importance of having your own domain name and website as an artist.
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51:22 | Jan 7th

Rachel Greig started her career as a travel photographer. She soon began pasting ephemera from her travels into scrapbooks, which led her to mixed-media journaling. Today, Rachel teaches art and trave...Show More

52:58 | Dec 16th, 2019

Sarah Nelson creates artistic embroidery containing swear words. Sarah talks about her reasons and people's reactions.

40:40 | Dec 3rd, 2019

Kim took part in a sumi-e ink painting workshop and interviewed the founder of Kami Paper in Melbourne, Australia. Kami specialise in handmade papers. They stock over 1,000 different papers, mainly fr...Show More
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