Love Me


22:57 | Jan 1st, 2019

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A woman goes to an ornamental shrimp society meet-up on a one-of-a-kind first date. Plus, the former president of Kiribati worries for his island nation's future as sea waters rise. And a poem about f...Show More


cbcpodcasts recommended:Jul 18th, 2019

"Once again, this CBC series brings together literal and figurative poetry to show human connection in all its confusing, glorious forms. This installment somehow finds a throughline between an unusual shrimp-themed first date, a former Kiribati president’s sorrow for the island nation’s possible fa...Show More

dannyJul 18th, 2019

oh thx!. Just added to my queue. Here's the full list from Indiewire if anyone else is interested: