Eleanor Amplified

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16:24 | Mar 25th

A galleon is a large sailing vessel used throughout Europe in the 16th to 18th centuries. This is important to know. Trust me. Note to listeners: due to production delays, we’ll be postponing the se...Show More

16:22 | Mar 18th

In an extreme business, it can get extremely personal. Show weakness to one of these sharks and you’ll end up like a goat (that accidentally wandered into the ocean).
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11:03 | Mar 11th

It’s like grandma always says: if you go nosing around in a rocket scientist’s workshop, you’ll probably end up electrocuted. That’s just common sense.

13:28 | Mar 4th

In their hour of need, our heroes reunite despite the clear and present danger of forced unemployment. And what is soup, anyway? No one really knows.

17:42 | Feb 26th

We’re back in the saddle with rollercoaster adventures to spare, mixed metaphors galore, and a thrill ride with a full tank of excitement! Just another season of Eleanor Amplified.
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