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Brave Little State

Vermont Public Radio

What if you could decide what stories Vermont Public Radio should be covering, before they're even assigned? That's the idea behind Brave Little State, a new monthly podcast where you ask the questions, you decide what VPR investigates, and then y...Show More

25:09 | May 3rd

This month on the podcast: Exploring the literary luminaries of Vermont, and why so many writers seem to thrive in the Green Mountain State.

34:36 | Apr 5th

We know the predictions are dire; we know there are urgent conversations to be had about policy. But to answer this listener question, we stay focused on the present.
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32:35 | Mar 8th

What are the causes of Vermont’s tight housing market — and why aren’t things getting better?

28:32 | Feb 1st

Now that Democrats control the U.S. House, we head to Capitol Hill to get a sense of how Vermont's Congressman is approaching things.

32:17 | Jan 11th

Who doesn't love a cozy fire? There are benefits to heating with wood — but some drawbacks, too.
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