Notes From A Native Daughter

Notes From A Native Daughter

Raw conversations about life and culture with artists of and from the Pan-American experience. Creative worker and conversationalist, Soldanela Rivera hosts this weekly series.
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119: NFAND Episode 119 | Alex Rodríguez, producer and emcee

31:05 | Feb 9th

This conversation was recorded between Howard Jordan (professor, activist, journalist, and lawyer) and Alex Rodríguez a couple of years ago. Jordan was and continues to be the Chair of the Behavioral & Social Sciences Department at Hostos Community C...Show More
114: NFAND Episode 114| Julio Pabón, on amend The Jones Act

43:03 | Sep 30th, 2018

Words and reasonings flow out of Julio Pabón with rhythm and feeling. He’s a natural storyteller. Here he delves into the history and particulars of The Jones Act. The long-standing maritime law creates a lockdown in the ports that has and continues ...Show More
110: NFAND Episode 110 | Rita Cidre, Entrepreneur, Creative Artist, Founder Anda Pa'l

29:32 | Aug 25th, 2018

And so I come to Rita Cidre, who in a short talk brought me back to remember that little actions matter and the heart can take you places. Anda Pa’l her own business of canvas bags and pouches started out because she missed home.
108: NFAND Episode 108 | Modesto Lacén, theater, film, television, and radio actor

31:36 | Aug 11th, 2018

Modesto Lacén is one of Puerto Rico’s most saught after actors and a native son of the town of Loiza, the island’s Afro-Caribbean soul center. He makes Loiza and Puerto Rico proud for his talent, professionalism and kind demeanor.
100: NFAND Episode 100 | My First Book, View For Death Trina Bardusco talks with me

57:01 | Apr 14th, 2018

For episode 100 I asked my dear friend Trina Bardusco, writer, director, producer, entrepreneur, and duende to speak with me about the book project I’ve been working on for the past three years, “View For Death,” in memory of my late husband, Dan Lar...Show More
99: NFAND Episode 99 | Manny Pérez, actor

16:14 | Apr 8th, 2018

Manny Pérez es un Tigre. At craft for 28-years, Manny is one of the few Latino actors in Hollywood who has etched a place for himself hard-earned consistently for twenty, kinda’ under-the-radar, but very much there. We all know he’s there. I’ve seen ...Show More
91: NFAND Episode 91 | Sita Chay, violinist, Latin Grammy Winner

45:04 | Feb 17th, 2018

Sita Chay is the only Korean to ever win a Latin Grammy. Fancy that…Since I started this podcast project and on the website, you’ll see that Pan-American voices or Pan-Americanism is what I seek out. Who are we people of color? What is a person of co...Show More
88: NFAND EPISODE 88 | Mia García, author

37:11 | Jan 28th, 2018

I know Mia García as Marie Rosa first since childhood. Her sister is my sister.  Watching a person become their own is a beautiful thing. I acknowledge then, a young Puerto Rican author writing for young audiences, Mia García. As pre-teen girls do...Show More
87: NFAND Episode 87 | Women's March 2018 with Brick X Brick, again

05:20 | Jan 21st, 2018

“Brick x Brick is a public art performance that builds human “walls” against misogyny.” Last year we marched in D.C., here's last year’s post. This year, Brick X Brick held simultaneous walls against misogyny beginning at 1:00 p.m. EST, in 12 cities...Show More
82: NFAND Episode 82 | Alex Rodríguez, sound designer, Hostos alumnus

31:05 | Dec 10th, 2017

This episode 82, is a conversation/interview with the great Howard Jordan and Alex Rodríguez, and it was recorded as part of the Hostos50 Oral Collective. I’m still editing and re-editing interviews. The more time passes the more I realize the projec...Show More
81: NFAND Episode 81 | María Torres, dancer, choreographer

37:15 | Dec 3rd, 2017

NFAND Episode 81 | Maria Torres, dancer and choreographer I was a dancer once, so my love and respect for dancers is a bit biased. But so be it, the discipline dancers have is mostly unrecognized and misunderstood. It’s not all games and play at...Show More
80: NFAND Episode 80 - Frank Marrero, filmmaker, director, media pioneer

48:59 | Nov 26th, 2017

IN SPANISH Episode 80 - After the storm no Puerto Rican is the same, at least I’m not. I am me, always deep, intense, reflecting, but something is different. A puzzle gets assembled piece by piece. Big stories are made up of pieces of lore. I realize...Show More
79: NFAND Episode 79 - Verónica Sanchis Bencomo, Founder Foto Féminas, Photographer

25:49 | Nov 19th, 2017

Who can put a price on memories? Pictures are precious for this very reason I suppose. We hold on to moments of moments. It is one of the ways in which we can capture time. In this is the age of citizen journalism and citizen photography, who and wha...Show More
78: NFAND Episode 78 - Malín Falú, journalist, radio personality, Puerto Rican media pioneer

29:24 | Nov 12th, 2017

Pride of ancestry comes in the form of poise. Such is Malín Falú. Incredibly poised. A Puerto Rican lady from the town of Santurce who apparently, according to her, came to this world with a bent for conversing with people. She explains that when she...Show More
77: NFAND Episode 77 - Marlena Fitzpatrick, musician, activist, director, writer, musical theater advocate Local 802

32:51 | Nov 5th, 2017

Episode 77 - #Poetsforpuertorico was a hit. Willie Perdomo, thank you, thank you, thank you. The room was packed. A historic night for the spoken. Without a doubt. A vitamin room. A space for solidarity and Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico. Poet Cyn...Show More
76: NFAND Episode 76 - Willie Perdomo, acclaimed Poet

11:34 | Oct 29th, 2017

This is a different time. I know it’s not specific enough, but it’s specific enough for you to understand. The colossal breakdown of morals and decency in government agency looks to me like we’re trapped and on track towards a worldwide holocaust. I ...Show More
75: NFAND Episode 75 - Congressman José E. Serrano, Representing 15th District

37:18 | Oct 22nd, 2017

This one is for Hostos Community College, the South Bronx, and Puerto Rico. Thank you to the Congressman.
74: NFAND Episode 74 Part II - Bobby Sanabria, Salsa Meets Jazz for Puerto Rico with Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Big Band

32:15 | Oct 19th, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, Bobby Sanabria is a master percussionist and musician. Straight from his bio, “drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer, filmmaker, conductor, educator, activist, multi-cultural warrior a...Show More
73: NFAND Episode 73 Part I - Bobby Sanabria, Salsa Meets Jazz for Puerto Rico with Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Big Band

32:21 | Oct 19th, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, Bobby Sanabria is a master percussionist and musician. Straight from his bio, “drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer, filmmaker, conductor, educator, activist, multi-cultural warrior a...Show More
2: NFAND Episode 72 - Rhina Valentín, artist, producer, mother, TV host - OPEN

50:45 | Oct 15th, 2017

Episode 72 | Uptown Manhattan has Rhina Valentin. For the past 11-years she has given creatives here a platform to be heard and seen from her weekly Friday show on Bronxnet, OPEN. Maybe this is why she is called La Reina del Barrio. She is from El Ba...Show More
1: NFAND Episode 71 - Yaraní del Valle, EcoKit Puerto Rico, actress, activist, producer

51:15 | Oct 14th, 2017

María Relief Effort Initiative: Yaraní del Valle is fierce. I’ve seen her sing her heart out. Etched in my mind. A unique interpreter she is. Bella. It is no coincidence that Yaraní, alongside Lady Onion, Aris Mejias, Lady Lanchonete, Isabel Gandía, ...Show More
NFAND Episode 70 Part II - Pete "Bariman" Miranda, baritone saxophone, master musician

26:25 | Oct 8th, 2017

Pete Miranda is one of the sweetest, coolest, funniest cats around. I've known him years from working in the Latin music circuit. For those of you who don't know who he is, Pete is a legend. Really. New York City and diaspora history in full glory. H...Show More
NFAND Episode 69 Part I - Pete "Bariman" Miranda, baritone saxophone, master musician

26:39 | Oct 8th, 2017

Pete Miranda is one of the sweetest, coolest, funniest cats around. I've known him years from working in the Latin music circuit. For those of you who don't know who he is, Pete is a legend. Really. New York City and diaspora history in full glory. H...Show More
NFAND Episode 68 - Rosalba Rolón, Artistic Director Pregones/PRTT - relief drive for artists - OCTOBER DRIVE

28:09 | Oct 4th, 2017

Rosalba Rolón is an actress, dramaturge, writer, producer, lyricist, grant writer, mentor, leader, and the world is a better place because she is in it. God is my witness. Like so many, soon after María passed the questions became, what can we do to...Show More
NFAND Episode 67 - Howard Jordan & Humanitarian Cheat Sheet

57:32 | Oct 1st, 2017

Episode 67 is the great Howard Jordan - he's a perfect match for today's times and Puerto Ricans. Fierce and gracious both, the Mayor of San Juan. It appears true the administrations don't care if we die. It is so grotesque and real, it's unbelievab...Show More
NFAND Episode 66 - Danny Rivera en Collores

03:24 | Sep 23rd, 2017

Dad sent me this video back in March. Danny en Collores... If you are Puerto Rican then you know El Valle de Collores by Puerto Rican poet Luis LLornés Torres. Mrs. Higuera, one of my school's Spanish teac...Show More
NFAND Episode 65 - Aris Mejias, actress and clothing designer - Skin Onion

36:20 | Sep 17th, 2017

Going indie as a designer was not in her plans. Necessity came knocking and she took her sewing skills and put them into action creating Skin Onion in 2012. Lady Onion, as I now call her, is also an actress and appears in the upcoming (October 26) P...Show More
NFAND Episode 64 | Bill Aguado, art leader, Bronx legend

26:56 | Sep 10th, 2017

Episode 64 | Five small community-based arts organizations: BronxArtSpace, Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA, En Foco, Inc., Literary Freedom Project, and Puerto Rican Institute for Development of the Arts make up the Urban Arts Cooperative - UAC. Bill...Show More
NFAND Episode 63 - Adriana Teresa Letorney, Founder | CEO Visura

42:54 | Sep 3rd, 2017

Episode 63: In the eye of the beholder. Photography. Silence. Song of Myself. A worldwide network and a one stop shop for creatives and media producers. Visura. For better or for others (her own words). Her purpose. A beauty. Family.
NFAND Episode 62 - Fernando Guzzoni, Chilean filmmaker

21:59 | Aug 27th, 2017

Chilean filmmaker Fernando Guzzoni is a poet. His film Jesús is a powerful coming of age film with a different bent. Inspired by a true event Fernando writes to slash your viser off your face. Jesús is raw, real, beautiful, and devastating. This is ...Show More
NFAND Episode 61 - Kim Sanabria, Professor ESL

22:28 | Aug 20th, 2017

I have spent most of this summer editing. Listening again, to all the people I spoke with this past year and who make up the Hostos Community College community. I spent another chunk of time editing interviews with people close to Evelina López Anton...Show More
NFAND Episode 60 - Melissa Rendler-García, global public health and policy consultant

46:25 | Aug 13th, 2017

This is episode 60. One of the awesome things about doing this podcast/program for the past sixty-weeks has been the chance to speak with and listen to a lot of wonderful people. It’s kept me present to the fact that there is a lot of goodness despit...Show More
NFAND Episode 59 – Manny Vega, painter, illustrator, printmaker, muralist, mosaicist

40:27 | Aug 6th, 2017

Talk about real. Manny Vega is super real. Legit all the way. All the way. Praise the Lord. Before recording our conversation Manny showed me this spectacular book he’s been working on for 4-years. It’s a fantastical sight of black ink drawings ov...Show More
NFAND Episode 58 - George Emilio Sánchez, Chairperson and Professor, Dept. of Performing and Creative Arts College of Staten Island (CUNY)

28:03 | Jul 30th, 2017

In a few words. Here in this share, George Emilio Sanchez talks about being committed to social justice and its fusion with the creative arts. At a time when the relevance of the Humanities is being questioned, George gets doing it and from its very ...Show More
NFAND Episode 57 - Bronislaw Czarnocha aka Dr. C, Professor of Mathematics

25:15 | Jul 23rd, 2017

I’ve been thinking about Math lately. The course that we must all take and that many of us, later in young adult life think it’s useless, only it isn’t. In many ways it’s true, the saying, youth is wasted on the young. But I digress. Dr. C is all...Show More
NFAND Episode 56 – Rosary Solimanto, interdisciplinary artists activist

37:48 | Jul 16th, 2017

Have you ever gone under water searching for silence? Do you focus on staying under a bit longer to think and to feel the peace? Or, do you grow desperate and go for air? Are you thankful you can come up for air? Do you go out there and live? For ...Show More
NFAND Episode 55 - Jose Morales (aka Fofito), promoter, producer, owner of La Respuesta

19:31 | Jul 9th, 2017

'Tis the summer of Despacito... There’s this music club/performance space/art space in Santurce, Puerto Rico called La Respuesta, that mostly presents the local indie rock scene. I learned about La Respuesta in 2008 when I was down in the island for...Show More
NFAND Episode 54 - Hon. Fernando Ferrer, iconic New York City Leader and American Politician

23:49 | Jul 2nd, 2017

For episode 54 I wanted to bring back the Hostos Oral Collective. Perhaps because I’m searching left and right for people who’ve gone out and made a difference, perhaps because of the symbolism of the weekend celebrations, perhaps because I can’t sto...Show More
NFAND Episode 53 - Rosie Berrido, bilingual acting and diction coach, actress

33:45 | Jun 25th, 2017

Sitting down with a vocal coach is a humbling thing. In this conversation both of us demonstrate our Spanglish sharpness, other than that she’s the pro. Rosie holds the distinction of being one of the audiobook voices for the United States Library of...Show More
NFAND Episode 52 - Jane Gabriels, artist, writer, poet, cultural champion

49:33 | Jun 18th, 2017

This is episode 52 and Jane Gabriels as a guest is sort of poetic. Wasn’t planned. NFAND began as an experiment to save my life and the journey has been bountiful, but more on that some other time. For now, know that Jane and I are kindred in spirit ...Show More
NFAND Episode 51 - Angel Manuel Soto, filmmaker, La Granja

25:38 | Jun 11th, 2017

I struggled to watch Angel Manuel Soto film La Granja (The Farm, Happiness is Hard) not because it was bad, but because it was so good. He had me at minute three. Bravo to him. The film is a scathing socio-political commentary. To me, the consequence...Show More
NFAND Episode 50 - Charlie Vázquez, author, editor, Director Bronx Writers Center

52:44 | Jun 4th, 2017

Charlie is an autodidact. He knows what he knows because he taught himself. And he’s sharp and witty and he reads, reads, and reads. I asked him how he became a writer and he went off on a story, many stories, connected stories about his life’s journ...Show More
NFAND Episode 49 - Fran’ Ferrer, music producer

51:17 | May 28th, 2017

This is a Spanish language episode with an English intro. My background is imbued in music. My entire life has been informed sort of like a doll cut out from the Latin music scene in its many forms. Though I cannot sing or play an instrument to sav...Show More
NFAND Episode 48 - Jorge Merced, actor, activist Associate Artistic Director Pregones/PRTT

36:49 | May 21st, 2017

An actor prepares… After a ten-year hiatus, Jorge Merced returns to reprise the role of “Loca” la de la Locura in El Bolero Fue Mi Ruina - El Bolero Was My Downfall - the brave character created by Puerto Rican author Manuel Ramos Otero. In a nuts...Show More
NFAND Episode 47 - Lew Levine, professor of English

42:22 | May 14th, 2017

A good teacher can change you forever. Like my 11th-grade math teacher Ana. Something about how she taught opened me to the magnificence of Algebra. My awakening made me yearn for homework. I asked for more of it, I couldn’t get enough. By the time...Show More
NFAND Episode 46 - Rokia Diabi, student and aspiring lawyer

31:37 | May 7th, 2017

Comes in Rokia Diabi. A young woman and student with a promising future. The power of her promise nested in her dream of becoming a lawyer some day. She's so sincere. Goodness. Rokia has seen a lot, suffered a lot, but she overcomes. Here is a woman'...Show More
NFAND Episode 45 - Wallace Edgecombe, a k a Wally - Cultural icon

30:30 | Apr 30th, 2017

I stand with the students and allies of the University of Puerto Rico. For the next four weeks, I will share full episodes of the Hostos50 Oral Collective. As the repulsive PROMESA proposes to slash funding from the UPR there is no better tim...Show More
NFAND Episode 44 - Hostos50 Oral Collective - Tere Martínez, playwright and professor

26:36 | Apr 23rd, 2017

If the legendary Puerto Rican educator, writer, and patriot Don Eugenio María de Hostos were alive today, I wonder what he’d think of the community college in the South Bronx named after him, that no one thought would make it. Alas. Just this past T...Show More
NFAND Episode 43 - Julia Solomonoff, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and director

27:01 | Apr 16th, 2017

Julia Solomonoff rocks. She’s cool, serious, candid, and it appears like she glides from one great thing to another great thing. At it for many years, Julia has some really beautiful credits. As director, those include, The Last Summer of la Boyita (...Show More
NFAND Episode 42 - Joseph and Gloria La Morte, creative producers and filmmakers

1:00:12 | Apr 9th, 2017

Joseph and Gloria La Morte are a special husband-and-wife creative duo. They’ve etched a place for themselves in the creative economy. Combined, Joseph and Gloria have produced films, documentaries, web series, public service announcements, special s...Show More
NFAND Episode 41 - Javier E. Gómez, actor, producer, journalist

47:13 | Apr 2nd, 2017

Javier started his career in communications way back when his parents built him a playhouse, that at one point he turned into a studio news station. He wrote scripts and broadcasted the news. I can picture him clearly, little, doing his thing. He rea...Show More
NFAND Episode 40 - Daniel Maldonado, filmmaker

40:36 | Mar 26th, 2017

Episode 40. Towards the end of our conversation Daniel Maldonado says that “dealing with rejection is soul crushing and it never’s about managing expectations." In this matter, I feel Daniel’s next of kin. What do you say? Doesn’t the match...Show More
NFAND Episode 39 - Maria Nieto, writer and producer

34:41 | Mar 19th, 2017

Maria taught herself how to write in formulas, that’s the Hollywood way, and she takes to it. She’s working on a couple of horror and Sci-Fi scripts. Maria has a whole lot of profound and sensible things to say about being, writing, surviving, the po...Show More
NFAND Episode 38 - Native Nations March - MNI WICONI

09:03 | Mar 12th, 2017

Once, many, many years ago, I had the honor of playing Spider Woman / Spider Grandmother in Murray Mednick’s The Coyote Cycle. The culmination of performing this play meant we did seven acts through the night beginning at dusk and ending at sunrise. ...Show More
NFAND Episode 37 - #DayWithoutAWoman #IStrikeFor

06:43 | Mar 5th, 2017

I loved the movie Gladiator. Memory tells me, I went to see the film anywhere from 6 to 8 times on the big screen. I was mesmerized by it. Such a colossal spectacle in every single way – the music, the opening battle sequence, the costumes, the plot,...Show More
NFAND Episode 36 - Alfonso Díaz, Senior Entertainment Correspondent NTN24

35:24 | Feb 26th, 2017

Alfonso Díaz, is the New York City arts, culture, and entertainment reporter and red carpet correspondent for the Colombian channel. As publicist he and I have worked in a variety of projects throughout the years. Put succinctly, debonair, in the tru...Show More
NFAND Episode 35 - Claudia Norman, International Arts Producer and ED of Celebrate Mexico Now Festival

34:07 | Feb 19th, 2017

In the realm of music and international arts relations, Claudia Norman is a legend. Period. Sweet as pie and as serious as any true diplomat out there Claudia is a risk taker and a champion of culture. Some of her fierce credits including working w...Show More
NFAND Episode 34 - Arnaldo J. López, Development Officer Pregones/PRTT

48:51 | Feb 12th, 2017

Arnaldo J. López is brilliant. Brilliant. His capacity to synthesize the underpinnings of almost any topic you present to him is uncanny. Now, all this brilliance I talk about, would never-ever-ever be spilled on you as condescension, which is what s...Show More
NFAND Episode 33 - Judy Mam and Beatríz Ramos, DADA (dot) NYC

44:49 | Feb 5th, 2017

Beatríz Ramos and Judy Mam rolled-out DADA for the digital age with DADA (dot) NYC. The original DADA movement, galloped onto the scene in the early 20th Century, to among other things, protest war and strife. Fancy that. DADA is stuff of myth for mo...Show More
NFAND Episode 32 - Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director, Women's March

23:10 | Jan 29th, 2017

Powerful, determined, stand-up, a woman of her word, an award-winning filmmaker, actress, and director, Paola blows people away. She does, she’s got that something…I met her back when I was with my Falco Ink family as a film publicity and got the cha...Show More
At the Women's March with Brick x Brick

05:23 | Jan 22nd, 2017

I marched with the Brick x Brick brigade. Brick x Brick is a public art performance that builds human “walls” against misogyny. We were a fabulous group of 120+ men and women and a marching band! Pictures of my instagram feed @soldanelarivera. B...Show More
NFAND Episode 30 - Sarah Sandman, experience designer, graphic designer, TED Fellow

32:07 | Jan 15th, 2017

In this episode 30, I speak with the profoundly creative Sarah Sandman. My heart simply opened up to her as soon as I met her back in 2011 at Hostos Community College. She works with big concepts. She creates experiences, through games and specia...Show More
NFAND Episode 28 - Carlos Gutiérrez, Executive Director Cinema Tropical

32:45 | Jan 8th, 2017

One of my favorite projects ever is Cinema Tropical. Equally a favorite of mine, is Carlos Gutiérrez, its co-founder and executive director. In this episode 29, I welcome him with sincere gusto. I admire him tremendously and love him with a bit of t...Show More
NFAND Episode 27 - Danny Rivera, beloved vocalist and Caribbean icon

35:58 | Dec 24th, 2016

This episode 26, is a Spanish podcast with an English intro. Here is my mom, pops and I sitting around mom’s dining table a few days ago. In this episode dad and I talk about one of my theories on why I’ve lost my “joie” for holidays in general, h...Show More
NFAND Episode 26 - Louis Perego Moreno, arts advocate and producer

38:37 | Dec 18th, 2016

Here in New York City Louis Perego Moreno, also known - far-and-wide - as Tio Louie, is a staple character of the hustle and bustle Latino arts and entertainment scene. He supports and champions filmmakers, actors, and musicians, but really all the a...Show More
NFAND Episode 25 - Trina Bardusco - artist, creative director, producer

36:06 | Dec 11th, 2016

Innocence and wisdom shine out of Trina’s eyes when she speaks. Trina is an American, Venezuelan, and Italian extract, who from dancing to cycling to producing, does it all with gusto and bravado. El flamenco is one of the greatest loves of her life....Show More
NFAND Episode 24 - Elba Cabrera (part two), Puerto Rican Pioneer

18:51 | Dec 4th, 2016

Episode 24 is part two of two, of my conversation with Elba Cabrera. Here In New York City, Elba Cabrera is an esteemed figure of the Puerto Rican diaspora. Of strong stock, with strength and honor, she’s of one of those people everyone here knows. H...Show More
NFAND Episode 23 - Elba Cabrera (part one), Puerto Rican Pioneer

40:26 | Nov 27th, 2016

Here In New York City, Elba Cabrera is an esteemed figure of the Puerto Rican diaspora. Of strong stock, with strength and honor, she’s of one of those people everyone here knows. Her sister, the beloved and legendary leader hailed as the mother of t...Show More
NFAND Episode 22 - Inés Mongil, filmmaker and Unit Production Manager

26:53 | Nov 20th, 2016

Lucía Castellano Vega and Inés Mongil Echandi is the team of directors behind the lovely short doc., Clubman 13.3.13. The piece trails one man whose work ethic, dignity, and elegance reveals itself by his own words and actions. For over sixty-years, ...Show More
NFAND Episode 21 - Melissa Montero, artists, activist, filmmaker

39:40 | Nov 13th, 2016

Melissa Montero is an Ecuadorian-Puerto Rican warrior, activist, filmmaker who dances the hustle. Automatic five stars, in my book. Her moral compass directs a lot of her creative efforts. We talk dance, the hustle, salsa, discipline, Oscar Lopez Riv...Show More
NFAND - CODA, Letter to President Barack Obama

05:20 | Nov 5th, 2016

If last week I smiled, this week I cried. Not sure which of the drops was the last drop that kicked it out me, but inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” and during my sleepless night of Thursday I wrote. And, a letter to President Barack Obama ca...Show More
NFAND Episode 20 – Kisha Tikina Burgos, actress, writer, filmmaker

32:32 | Nov 5th, 2016

This is episode 20 of Notes From A Native Daughter. My guest is Puerto Rican award-winning actress, writer, and filmmaker Kisha Tikina Burgos. In our second go at recording, we end up having a heart-to-heart philosophical conversation about creativit...Show More
NFAND Episode 19 - 123 Andrés, musician, children’s music artist and 2x Latin Grammy nominee

35:51 | Oct 29th, 2016

My dear Francisco Serrano, who is one of those people I consider a genius, calls me up a few weeks back to tell me I have to listen to the guy that his little daughter Isabel (3) is obsessed with. “She just can’t get enough of him.” Parents and love,...Show More
NFAND Episode 16 - Eduardo Alegría, performance artists, writer, dancer, band leader

55:33 | Oct 8th, 2016

There’s so much I want to say about Eduardo Alegría, and yet I'm out words. Eduardo’s artistry was the first light I saw at the end of a dark tunnel. A performance artist, writer, dancer, vocalist, philosopher and band leader. Una Estrella, a star. H...Show More
NFAND Episode 15 - Gaston Solnicki, filmmaker

25:21 | Oct 1st, 2016

From the personal to the universal or from the universal to the personal – I believe that’s the quest of all artists. To nail that very thing that grabs at us in our core. A hit and miss type of thing, but the noblest of efforts. Argentinean filmmake...Show More
NFAND Episode 14 - Ivonne Coll, actress and performer

33:30 | Sep 25th, 2016

Ivonne plays a fabulous Alba Gloriana Villanueva, abuela, on The CW hit show, Jane the Virgin. Ella es una gloria puertorriqueña / a Puerto Rican glory, with a career path of many years. I offer a heartfelt introduction about her and to her, for all ...Show More
NFAND Episode 13 - Rosal Colón, actress and performer

39:54 | Sep 17th, 2016

Rosal Colón is a real thoroughbred of the theater. Serious stuff. This kid has credits. Some of those are: Alumna of the Conservatory of Theater Arts, SUNY Purchase; Member of the acclaimed Labyrinth Theater; Freeman of Color (Broadway); The Motherfu...Show More
NFAND Episode 12 - Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda, textile maker, artisan, craftswoman

35:21 | Sep 10th, 2016

Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda, her name sounds like the great Latin American novel, à la Anna Karenina, less the tragic ending. Her name befits her. She’s an alchemist artisan. Dexterous with her hands, Zaida Adriana creates textiles from natural and...Show More
NFAND Episode 11 - Tony Chiroldes - actor, singer, voice over artist

40:44 | Sep 3rd, 2016

Solid, supportive, soulful, singular and a superb professional with one of the most beautiful smiles ever, that’s Tony Chiroldes. He loves to sing Out There from the film The Hunch Back of Notre Dame for his cabaret show. Out There is all about c...Show More
NFAND Episode 10 - Paola Lázaro - writer, playwright, performer

36:05 | Aug 27th, 2016

Paola Lázaro is fierce. Here’s a young, talented and emerging wordsmith, in a very crowded landscape, standing as a unique voice. Recent credits: Selected by the Atlantic Theatre Company to be its Tow Playwright-in-Residence as part of the Tow Fou...Show More
NFAND Episode 9 - Harry Nadal, designer of costumes, sets and environments

26:51 | Aug 20th, 2016

Harry Nadal is a creative a mind and consummate professional. His next gig - Arena Stage in D.C. to work on A Raisin in the Sun. Harry does what he does because, “it’s the talent that God gave me and it is what I was brought into this world to do.”...Show More
NFAND Episode 8 - Balún, the band

1:17:25 | Aug 13th, 2016

Members of the band Balún, Angélica Negrón, José Olivares, Noraliz Ruíz, Raul Reymundi and Lawson White, head of Good Child Music, talk about their upcoming album Prisma Tropical (Tropical Prism). Balún is an electronic, dreamy, pop, daze. All of the...Show More
NFAND Episode 7 - Roberto Busó-García, Roberto Busó-García, Director of the Film and Media Masters program and Director of the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film & Media at Johns Hopkins

39:04 | Aug 7th, 2016

In 2015, Roberto designed and launched a new graduate program in film production at Johns Hopkins. The Film & Media Master of Arts Program focuses on the areas of business, writing, sound design and production and emphasizes experiential learning. In...Show More
NFAND Episode 6 - Leticia Peguero, Executive Director Andrus Family Fund

37:43 | Aug 6th, 2016

Leticia Peguero is the Executive Director of the Andrus Family Fund. As a woman of color in the philanthropic sector, Leticia is a rare leader. Her work in social justice requires her to talk race, equality, and gender all day long. Exactly what she ...Show More
NFAND Episode 5 - Desmar Guevara, music artist, keyboardist, theater music composer

36:21 | Jul 31st, 2016

Guest Desmar Guevara is a music artist, keyboardist, a theater music composer. As musical director and composer of Pregones Theater/Teatro Rodante Puertorriqueño for the past 10 years, Desmar has created over 20 full-length, original musical scores f...Show More
NFAND Episode 4 - Noemí Segarra, artist and dancer, mover, improviser

31:51 | Jul 20th, 2016

Noemí Segarra Noemí Segarra is an incredible artist and dancer. I’ve known her to be super skilled since childhood. A few years ago I wrote two pieces about her that appeared on the Huffington Post, Latino Voices’ vertical. I promised her a third pie...Show More
NFAND Episode 3 - José García, actor/singer/performer

45:15 | Jul 19th, 2016

José García has a beautiful voice. I can always tell when he’s singing even if I’m not watching. I particularly admire that he’s been part of Camp Winnarainbow for the past 23 years. We met many years ago through our shared tribe of Pregones Theater ...Show More
NFAND Episode 2 - Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Associate Director of Arts & Media at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

43:11 | Jul 18th, 2016

In my estimation, Marlène has one of the coolest jobs in the entire national and perhaps even global landscape, of arts and culture. Really. She’s a powerhouse of incredible talent as actor, artist, creative worker, cultural advocate, producer, write...Show More
NFAND Episode 1 - Soldanela Rivera, creative worker and multi-disciplinary producer

06:35 | Jul 17th, 2016

The first episode is a 5-minute piece of just me talking and explaining what NFAND is all about.