Trivia With Budds

Ryan Budds

Trivia With Budds is a weekly pop culture trivia show with two pals going head to head in a battle of topics, hosted by comedian and TV producer Ryan Budds. Play along with a variety of subjects and see if you could hold your own against comedians, a...Show More

11:19 | Nov 15th

Luke Mckay stepped in to write 16 fantastic Before and After Questions! Each of the two clue answers will combine in the middle to form a super answer, like A Time to Kill and a To Kill a Mockingbird=A Time to Kill a Mockingbird. Consider yourself sm...Show More

09:16 | Nov 14th

Happy Birthday Davich Harker! This episode is just for YOU. Play along with 11 questions on Star Wars Movies by naming the movie based on the event stated. If you miss them all, you could always turn to the life of bounty hunting.
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11:09 | Nov 14th

I AM CORNHOLIO AND I NEED TEE PEE FOR MY well you know you the rest. Enjoy our first ever episode on Beavis and Butthead as picked by Patreon subscriber Brian Salyer.

13:02 | Nov 12th

It's here! Disney+ is alive and well! As a pop culture fanatic, I'm very excited. Listen to this, our first Disney+ weekly ep! Every Tuesday we'll be doing something focused on something from the network, so buckle in for Star Wars, Disney, and Marve...Show More

12:49 | Nov 12th

If you like putting things in order this episode is just for you! I'll give you a few items in a list and you have to put them in order based on the instructions. Have fun with this one!
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