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Trivia With Budds

Ryan Budds


Trivia With Budds is a weekly pop culture trivia show with two pals going head to head in a battle of topics, hosted by comedian and TV producer Ryan Budds. Play along with a variety of subjects and see if you could hold your own against comedians, a...Show More

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09:22 | May 19th

Climb the ladder with listener Luke McKay as he quizzes you on random knowledge with connecting words! Every answer contains a word from the previous answer. Can you make it to the top?

11:43 | May 18th

Luke McKay came up with a fun What's the Theme, so we're doing that today! See if you can figure out what all the answers have in common in this seemingly random round.
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10:53 | May 14th

We did this with movies a few weeks back, so now get ready for TV show titles that share a word in the middle! It's like Before and After style rules, but with show titles. See if you can get em' all ...Show More

10:17 | May 13th

Finally, it's the showdown of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin! If you've watched the insanely captivating documentary series Tiger King, you're in for a treat, because we've got 11 questions on the hit s...Show More

07:37 | May 11th

Friend of the show Stewart Wattson sent me these questions on all things hard-related. See if you can figure them all out!
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