Masters of Product Management

Steven Haines | Sequent Learning Networks

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22:25 | Sep 9th

You’ve likely heard of the Jobs to Be Done theory, popularized by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. Jobs to Be Done is a framework for better understanding customer behavior.  The theory being that customers don’t buy products, t...Show More

20:25 | Aug 26th

Regardless of industry, size or age of an organization, or the type of products built, understanding customers and markets is the bedrock of successful product management for any company. Without that understanding, frankly it doesn’t really matter h...Show More
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27:45 | Aug 22nd

Consumer subscription business models are sometimes quite difficult. Consumers – and we’re all guilty of this – expect so much for free these days when it comes to content, technology and online services, that it can be a steep mountain to climb for ...Show More

21:16 | Jul 22nd

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, etc.) to other areas, such as business, marketing, healthcare, or education for the purposes of changing behavior for positive outcomes....Show More

22:53 | Jun 24th

Cybersecurity is a scorching hot topic these days. Of course, there are products out there singularly focused on cybersecurity, but the impact of cyber threats goes far beyond the target of those products and touches a plethora of others. Think of al...Show More
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