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Unlocking Games

Chad Haefele and Brandon Carper


A show about social impact games and how they provide a new way to explain the things you care about. Every week we cover how a game applies (or misses) the lessons of our work and research in instructional design and user experience. You'll always l...Show More


0:00 | Apr 3rd, 2017

First, an important note: This will be our last episode for a while. Brandon and I have both developed outside commitments that keep us from spending the time to do more episodes right. We might be ba...Show More

0:00 | Mar 31st, 2017

Released in early February, We Are Chicago is a serious game with serious goals: to put players in the shoes of a teenager amid the problems of Chicago’s South Side. As Aaron you navigate the landscap...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

0:00 | Feb 17th, 2017

The game is more than two years old and based on an event from the 90s, but This War of Mine still feels fresh and relevant. This War of Mine drops you in the middle of a city under siege. But you’re...Show More

0:00 | Feb 3rd, 2017

With immigration and a border wall in the news this week, it’s a good time to look at 2013’s The Migrant Trail. Released as a tie-in for Marco Williams’ documentary The Undocumented, The Migrant Trail...Show More

0:00 | Jan 20th, 2017

Welcome back to season two! We’re slightly shifting focus to social impact games: games that explore social issues like elections, climate change, homelessness, and immigration. Each episode will ev...Show More
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