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If there’s one thing Canadians avoid, it’s talking about race. This podcast is here to change that. Join hosts Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung for a new conversation on race in Canada. We won’t have all the answers but we do ask bold questions. Th...Show More

28:00 | Oct 4th, 2016

The number of mixed race relationships is growing in Canada. How do families negotiate race in the most intimate setting of all — at home, with the ones you love? We talk to: Globe reporter Sherrill Sutherland, who is biracial herself, Paul and Vict...Show More

32:14 | Sep 13th, 2016

In this conversation-packed episode, we ask two Canadian leaders, Cameron Bailey in the arts and Naheed Nenshi in politics, to share thoughts on the experience of being a visible minority in a high-profile position.
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54:08 | Nov 22nd, 2016

In this, our last episode, we are featuring questions, comments and critiques from our listeners. It's a look back at the series while considering how we can all move forward with the conversation — how to approach and cope with discussions of race a...Show More

47:50 | Nov 15th, 2016

Is anyone responsible for a hate crime beyond the person who committed it? Hannah and Denise visit Sutton, Ont., where a racially-motivated act 10 years ago resulted in a tragedy that changed lives forever.

27:35 | Nov 8th, 2016

Colour Code takes a break to share an episode of Gravy, a podcast by our friends at the Southern Foodways Alliance. The Cajun Reconnection explores the culinary and cultural connections between the Cajuns of Louisiana and the Acadians of eastern Cana...Show More
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