S3E11 - Solo by Frank Ocean

44:22 | Aug 7th, 2018

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We dissect "Solo" by Frank Ocean, a series of narrative vignettes expounding on loneliness, freedom, and the heaven and hell within us all. Listen to Dissect on Spotify and get episodes a week early a...Show More


theresagao recommended:Dec 27th, 2019

dissect will always be one of my favorite podcasts & this episode is an amazing example of why. dissect made me appreciate solo’s lyrics / message, blonde, and frank ocean for his artistry, creativity, genius, and depth. would always listen to this episode again 10/10

alicekoDec 28th, 2019

Omg this podcast sounds amazing! I love song explorations. Check out: Song Explorer: https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes788236947-Song-Exploder Switched On Pop: https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes934552872-Switched-on-Pop (and if you're into Broadway, Seth Rudetsky's 'Deconstructed.'