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Court Junkie

Jillian LP

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Imagine being wrongfully convicted for a crime you didn’t commit, or imagine your child's killer is still on the loose even though there’s enough evidence for an arrest. I want to help shine light on the injustices of our judicial system. I delve int...Show More


1:38:10 | Oct 9th, 2017

20-year-old Holly Bobo went missing from her home near Parsons, Tennessee, on the morning of April 13, 2011. For years, her family was in the dark as to what happened to her, until finally, progress w...Show More

1:19:13 | Jun 5th, 2017

In October 2011, a 32-year-old Ohio teacher went on trial for sexual battery, accused of having inappropriate relations with 5 of her students. Her plea? Not guilty by reason of insanity. Sponsors:   ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

1:28:10 | Oct 1st, 2018

On August 20, 2008, a tragedy occurred at the football practice at Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville, Kentucky. A 15-year-old boy lost his life and a 37-year-old coach would soon face char...Show More

1:06:11 | Sep 17th, 2018

In January 2015, a call of an unconscious female came into the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office in Palo Alto, California. Deputies responded to a fraternity house on the Stanford campus and found a...Show More

1:27:34 | Jul 23rd, 2017

When Dalia Dippolito returned home from the gym in the early morning hours of August 5, 2009, she came home to a scene that would be anyone's worst nightmare - police officers were waiting for her and...Show More
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