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Yelp: Jeremy Stoppelman

1:02:18 | Jun 24th, 2019

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In 2004, two former Paypal engineers, Jeremy Stoppelman and Russ Simmons, were spit-balling new internet ideas. Out of their brainstorm came a site where you would email your friends asking for local ...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 19th, 2019

Always wondered how Yelp became Yelp. Did not know that Jeremy Stoppelman was associated with the "Paypal Mafia". This was a good overview about the birth of Yelp and all the ups and downs over the years. Good insight around community-building for a review site too (like Podyssey!).

mmJul 19th, 2019

@danny The story about Yelp starts at ~19:20. Listen to Stoppelman describe their first meetup.

lalarut recommended:Jul 21st, 2019

Makes me wonder why I didn’t move to Paolo Alto in the mid-late 90s

mmJul 21st, 2019

What makes you say that @lalarut?

lalarutJul 21st, 2019

@mm th way he described his interests and early jobs sounds like me. But I was stuck on the east coast in and endless cycle of layoffs.

mmJul 21st, 2019

@lalarut Ahh. But then there was also the dot com bust then too! Jeremy was so lucky to be part of that worked out. I've heard so many other horror stories. I wish I started a tech startup much earlier! Sometimes it's just timing, luck and life circumstances.