Historically Black
Historically Black

NASA's Human Computers

19:35 | Sep 19th, 2016

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During World War II, a labor shortage obliged the military to hire African American women with mathematical skills to help make complicated computations for warplane designs. This small team of black ...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 11th, 2020

Who were the people who *manually* calculated logs and trigonometry for warplane designs and getting astronauts into space and on the moon and safely back? Black and white women who were human calculators who used stick rulers. One of them was even responsible for checking the computers calculations...Show More

mmMar 11th, 2020

Thanks @maven for this incredible listen! I loved loved loved it!

mmMar 11th, 2020

@aliceko @lrnbts @epekilis @michelle_ebooks @brendalouisek @write2tg This was an incredible story about women human calculators at NASA.

write2tgMar 11th, 2020

@mm Thanks for the recommendation. I loved the movie, Hidden Figures, and I am sure listening to this personal story will highlight the broader impact that women had behind the scenes at NASA!

mmMar 12th, 2020

@write2tg They talk about Hidden Figures in this episode!

epekilisMar 13th, 2020

@mm Thanks, I loved Hidden Figures too. Adding to my 2020 To Play list, which has 100+ episodes in it now. Podyssey certainly introduces a huge range of new podcasts to me that I just wouldn’t have the bandwidth to find on my own.

mmMar 13th, 2020

@epekilis That's the beauty of community! @maven was the one who recommended this one :) I've also learned so much from your recommendations too!

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