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Happy Campers

Sammy Moskowitz and Julia Lindon


Figuring out what it means to be grown-up campers in the world


11:00 | May 25th

Scott Newman stuck around to talk to Sammy and Julia about some of his favorite traditions from Camp de los Ninos, and about some of the ways the camp has started to change the language around talking...Show More

50:20 | May 18th

Sammy and Julia chat with Scott Newman about his many summers at various diabetes camps, including Camp de los Ninos! We learned a lot about Type 1 diabetes and all the physical and emotional strength...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

10:00 | May 11th

Music publicist Rebecca Shapiro is back this week to share her ultimate 90's summer playlist!! Rebecca shared some of her favorite 90's summer jams with Sammy and Julia - check out the episode and the...Show More

35:00 | May 4th

Rebecca recounts a story that was published in the book Camp Camp about her relationship with her first boyfriend, a 20-year-old university student from Amesbury, England, when she was a counselor at ...Show More

48:45 | Apr 27th

Julia and Sammy chat with Randall Klein, one of the staff members and stars of the upcoming new Bravo reality series "Camp Getaway" about her time at camp as a kid and her experience of working at Cam...Show More
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